Paintball, especially at the highest tournament levels, requires you to not only practice strategy every week, but perform the same level of physical training (sometimes more) than most competitive mainstream sports. That being said, not many teams are willing to make the commitment to the physical end of things, and suffer from a future of mediocrity

Looking to get me Nt11 anno dipped. best place??:runaway:

I am coming up on 10 years in the paintball industry owning and teching guns, I have owned many guns in various brands, and have teched all my own guns and help tech guns at my local field, I have started fixing guns locally and I want to offer this service to others, I am familiar with: Dye: DM 7-15 NT 10-11 Planet Eclipse: Geo 1-3.1 Ego 5-11 Etek 1-5 Etha Proto: All models Azodin: All mo

3D Printed NXL Bunker Set for 2016 1:60 to scale can design PSP/NPPL field layouts upon request. Design charge will be added. Includes new for 2016 "W" and mini "W" for NXL layouts 4-Maya Temple 4-Temples 4-mini Cakes 4-Tall Cakes 6-Snake Beams 4-Cylinders 6-Large Doritos 2-Small Doritos 4-Mini "W" 1-Center "W" 8-Tree Pillars 10-Player

I am a full service angel specialist. If Your looking for a lube and tune or a full teardown and upgrade I can do that. I also offer full detailing if your looking to get your gun the cleanest it will ever look. Angels are coming back and If You want yours to be at the top of its game , you have to choose EastCoastAngel. I offer a1 frame conversions- LCD 90 frame conversions- pretty much anything you can think of angel related.

Hello my name is Tony Ocoro and I am a graphic designer. Also I am also known for designing paintball jerseys under TYKOON DESIGNS. Also if you need jerseys you can contact me I will be adding the most recent jersey design that I am designing for many teams. here is some info and teams that I have done in the past. IF YOU HAVE JERSEYS DESIGNED By Tykoon Designs Please feel free to post them. I have designed for and can design deisgn

Hey PBNation. I'm an Electrical Hardware & Software Engineer and repair paintball marker/loader/etc electronics on the side. If you have damaged boards or parts that are in need of repair or upgrade, feel free to send me a PM and we can discuss. Located in Orange County, CA. Ben

Check out for all your paintball service needs.

I will be starting a marker repair service, fixing almost anything and everything from leaks, to non working parts etc. I have coming up on 10 years in the industry total, from playing/owning close to 45 markers, and teching my own/other people's markers locally. I am a ref at 2 different fields, picking up a 3rd reffing spot, and have many people/stores to vouch for me. I am familiar with the following: Dye, planet, empire, autocockers/pumps, dlx, everything

Hey everyone! I'm offering tuning and repair services to people who need it! $20 a marker plus return shipping method of your choice! I can work on Dye, Proto, PE, Machine, Vanguard, Bob Long, Empire, Smart Parts, and DLX. I have plenty of experience with the above markers and lots of feedback! I can provide the info of previous customers who are willing to vouch for me! I turned two markers around in 1 DAY!! If you like a speedy turn around with great communication, I'm your man! Every mar

Have two tanks that just ran out of hydro. Where is the best place to send them to?

I have a karni with a mq2 valve that I want to send off to someone better than I am with cockers to get properly timed, sweetspotted and I have a leak from the solenoid gasket that I can't find a replacement for. If anyone works on cockers and is willing to take on work pm me. Thanks.

Hey Everyone, This is a new post to accommodate both my logo and jersey design services within the paintball community. I have both an Associates Degree & Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I handle every project with a design agreement and price depends on level of effort required. Quickest way to contact me is via email: [email protected] Feel free to check out my website: