Having quit Paintball due to financial reasons, I’ve decided to take inventory of the rest of my remaining gear I haven’t sold. Everything on this list is for sale and I’m open to offers. If you are interested in a specific item, please private message me and I can provide photos and information on the item(s). As far as pricing goes, for everything OTHER than the markers, spire IR, and HK aerolite, I will honor 50% off the retail price of

Need speedball set up   submitted by   /u/max2x_x2 [link]   [comments]

Looking to buy an electronic hopper to pair with a mini GS. Something used and preferably around 50-60 bucks but that's dependent on what you have. Let me know what you have.   submitted by   /u/Icecreamman08 [link]  

Trying to pair with recently acquired original Axe marker. Functional used condition preferred. Thanks! Looking to be in that $50-60 range.   submitted by   /u/rcocca [link]  

GEO 4: Condition: 9.999/10 (has less than 5 cases through it) Comes WithGeo4Parts kitTools (only if trade comes with toolsBoth boltsBarrel BagManual.689 Back + Stock FL Tip Price: $1100 shipped Trades: - 170r + $400 - LV1 + $400 - Luxe X + $300 - Geo 3.5 + $450

  submitted by   /u/rightsnotrules85

  submitted by   /u/jdo118

  submitted by   /u/SurfSoundWaves

Up for sale I have some stuff from my gear bag I’m cleaning out. See photos in link below shipping included in price would love to send everything in one shipment so willing to strike a deal on everything. All prices obo and PayPal only First up very good shape G.I LVL loader in lime green. Has speed feed and rain lid. $50 8/10 condition Bunker kings CTRL hopper in carbon fiber. Has ramps, speed feed and rain lid. $170 Invert Halo Too is

https://imgur.com/a/VyIP3Ua I bought it anticipating me going to use it but decided otherwise, this is $25 cheaper than if you were to get the 40% off every item and is literally brand new. It will not come with the rain lid (I stole that for my other loader lol) I will get you tracking within 30 minutes of purchase and it will go out same/next day. PayPal/Venmo goods and services only the price includes sh

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