2k12 Bob Long G6r Pink/Blue splash. Field One pink grips Field One black grips Thumb drive bolt LP poppet 4C eyes Tech-T zero-ing ram (pretty sure I have the stock ram as well) Stock 2 piece barrel Spare o-ring bag No bag/case Will try to post pictures tonight. You can PM me for pictures. $700

Up today is a dust red PMR in excellent shape. It looks basically new. It's bone stock except for the trigger, and comes with the stock UL trigger and stock barrel. Trigger is a delrin Violent Scythe roller bearing. I also have a red Dye UL for extra. The tip is close, but doesn't match the gun. Also, I have a BNIB, never used Techt L7 I can throw in for extra. I'll get pictures of it. PMR w/ stock barrel - $170 OBO Dye UL barrel - add $20 Techt L7 bolt - add $50

Please post before pm'ing Midnight fade and neon fade cs1.5 up for grabs. Both come with what is pictured below. Price includes shipping, you add for fees or gift. Can provide more pictures upon request. No trades please! Midnight Fade cs1.5 $700 missing barrel and barrel cover, has csr feedneck and asa

I'm looking to trade my 160r for a cs1 or luxe ice. I don't know how to post pictures so please contact me thru my phone number 805-953-5098.

Just seeing what's out there for trade. Mostly interested in mint condition LV1's + Cash or LV 1.1's straight trade, but I'm open to offers. No downgrades and not really interested in adding cash. I'm fine keeping this if nothing good pops up. Bought it brand new from a seller on the BSTs. Played with it once and has ~ 3,000 shots on the counter. Not a single scratch or mark anywhere. Can pass as brand new. Comes with original box and all stock goods. Stock barrel

Rules 1. Be Respectful 2. If you don't like my prices offer 3. Lowballs will be ignored 4. All prices are OBO 5. I pay shipping, you pay fees or gift 6. All trades will be worth my time to resell, so they will be highly in my favor. Planet Eclipse CS2 You read the title right CS2 $500, there is not a scratch on this gun anywhere; it is mint,

I have a 2005 WGP autococker with an E2 frame on it for sale or trade. It has a Dart LPR, black magic reg, SP on/off with drop forward and is otherwise a stock gun. I went through and replaced all the o-rings and it does not leak. Just getting back into the sport and figured someone would appreciate this gun. Interested in all planet eclipse markers as well as axe 2.0’s and any of the latest SP guns on trades. Looking for $425 shipped and PP’d. Thanks!

Looking to trade this marker and tank together for a mid range gat. Willing to look at anything but things that interest me the most are BLACK markers. Something like an Empire Syx, Luxe 2.0, Vanquish 1.5/2.0, Dye DM14/XX, or anything else fun. ---Bob Long Vice (Red with Black accessories)--- *Only noticable blemishes is on the left (driver's side) eye cover, just slight scratched from tech work it appears and the feedneck (very slight scratches/wear) -.691 Stock B

Hello all, Looking to move my LV 1.5. Asking $1,200 shipped, I take PayPal & Venmo. Gun is in fantastic condition and only has a few cases through it. (missing allen keys) Pictures: https://imgur.com/UDtKqgD https://imgur.com/2XINFAO

Black and gold Ego 11 for sale with case. -Has a few small scratches on the tip of the barrel but otherwise its in great shape! -Comes with a Techt Hush bolt. $500 OBO Shipped Paypal

Have a blink Ego 10 for sale has only 12xxx shot on it and comes with everything it would stock except for grease. Also comes with a brand new hush bolt and can throw in a 68/4500 and a rotor for the right price. Text for quick reply and pics 647-966-0198

The gun is in 8/10 condition, no mechanical issues the price is $500 we can talk shipping and Paypal fees through PMs or you can text me at 571-489-3880. I also have an all black Freak XL kit that has been used once if you are interested in that the price is $600 total.

Interested in purchasing a Luxe ice. 862-59six-8411. Send pictures w/ price. Or post your thread here. Also possibly interested in the X if the price is right. Thanks for looking.

Up for sale is Dye M3+ PGA Blackout. This is essentially new, shot a few cases through it in the backyard. Including a few extras: - Extra dye multitool - Dye advanced lube tub (use this in gun) - Dye lube tube (this is older lube, it is thicker, good for barrel/tank threads) - Exalt rubber orange barrel sock - collapsible gun stand $1500 shipped. Does not include hopper and tank, but those are both for sale as well.

Luxe Carbon Oled F/S Or F/T $600obo Great condition. Comes with case, charger, spare parts and 2 freak inserts. Will trade for Shocker XLS or Geo 3.5 http://imgur.com/Ypef2f9 http://imgur.com/RUKVu9S

Pre-owned Planet Eclipse Geo2 Dynasty Edition Black w/Blue comes with: matching shaft barrel with 2 back PE grease O-ring kit includes PE POPS asa on/off & factory twist knob on/off ***$400 OBO trades welcome***

Pre-owned DLX Luxe Oled finished in Pink & Purple comes with everything pictured PLUS a complete set of freak inserts (pictures to be uploaded) ***$550 obo trades accepted*** I am a long time eBay seller with over 4400 feedback who is just getting back into the sport after a long layoff

PE GTEK 160R midnight. Wow! Less than 7K on the counter, honestly looks new. Price: Trade Value $650 Cash price: $525 shipped/gifted Includes: Cardboard box Black "Game On" Case (best one) Marker Stock barrel Manual Spares bag Allen keys Trades: LV1 M2 MOS Etek 5+$$ Offer up ===== =====

Midnight 170R, basically new, only 2300 on the counter! Price: Trade Value $750 Cash price: $680 shipped/gifted Includes: Cardboard box Case Marker Stock barrel Manual Spares bag PE grease Allen keys Trades: LV1.1 M3+ 160R+$$ Offer up ===== ===== FULL

Dye DSR in Dyecam. Comes with upgraded CF barrel back and a full Dye multi-tool! Less than 3K on the counter! The display is fine that's just how the phone camera captures it with the refresh rate. Price: Trade Value $750 Cash price: $540 shipped/gifted Includes: Case Marker CF back Stock tip Spares bag USB cable Dye multi-tool Dye lube Trades: 170R LV1.1 M3s 160

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