Hi all! for sale is my ID Predator. This thing is ready to rip from me to you. I've had it for a little while, she works 100 percent as should and looks fantastic. Only used it a handful of times. $1000 shipped to your front door, priority mail with tracking. Feel free to message me any time for additional pictures or a video. Thanks! -Troy

Gen-E NYX Matrix w/Eyes OG Evolve high efficiency bolt kit Tadao Board - (Ramp) 20+ balls per second AKA 2 Liter HPR AKA SCM LPR Other Extras: Dye Grip, Trigger Frame, CCM low rise and bottle valve. $975 Shipped

Good Day, Selling my AGA62 markers with holsters and belts. They are all complete including magazine tubes. One has a broken rear sight (shown in one of the pictures below). The actions all function; when I pull the trigger in double action the hopper raises and the hammer falls. However, these have not been used in over 20 years and a safe assumption is that they all would benefit from some maintenance. $180 for everything including shipping which will be via UPS with adult sign

Re-prioritizing my collection more towards matrix stuff only. All of these guns have sat for a year or more and will likely need to be teched and tuned. I don't have the time to go through each one of these and do it so they are sold as is. All guns will have the working parts they need to run unless otherwise noted.

Fulcrum is dust red. I bought this marker from its original owner on a whim and unfortunately cannot keep it. The marker’s beavertail got bent during shipping, it will be replaced with a new one from Freeflow. Comes with the original certificate and box. Price is $1050 Shipped and PayPal’d Trades: other mech autocockers or Karnivors with cash. It will be tilted in my favor. PM me with your email/cell for picture

Dye Autococker for sale. I am not sure exactly how many of these were produced, but my knowledge is that this is an original Dye Anno. The photos are within this link, I apologize for not posting in an easier manner: https://photos.app.goo.gl/jWfusyBLhEvG5e3w6 Here is what I know about them: Dye Acid Wash Autococker Matching

For sale is a used ANS Generation-X Autococker. This thing is in remarkable condition for it's age with only minor signs of breach & bolt wear, and has likely only seen the field a handful of times in it's life. It's 100% original with the addition of a stock WGP beavertail (they didn't originally come with one). It air up and cycles, but will need some timing/tuning. Asking $225 shipped and PayPaled for this beauty. Read Ravi's Review:

Nice CSL ( for sale only ) White/Gold ( Was Spectre ) with DART Kit fitted. What you see in the overall picture is what you will receive.

This is a Stan Russell Annihilator. Gun shoots great, no leaks. Very little wear at all, finish is amazing. Barrel is tight bore, like .685. Very few rollouts with today’s small paint. I can’t find the steel braided line and I can’t bring myself to put macroline on it. I will get a replacement steel braided line and include with sale. Asking $500 shipped and paypal’d. Gun comes with - Thermo valve 10oz tank Custom rain cover AGD Sharpshooter sight Wh

$1100 with Yak (working oled) $900 with stock board Its super mint and ready to hit the field. All the stock parts plus i put on ccm fittings and a derlin wave trigger. Txt me (925)785-8111 I have shooting video and pics upon request

I love this gun, its still my work horse. But I am thinking it is finally time to update my arsenal. Shoots great, ton of extra parts (eyes, bolts, triggers, grips, wiring) Body is in great shape, only thing that shows its age is the CP reg. Just to post an outrageous price I'll say $400. Make an offer. I'll consider trades for newer guns. No DLX please.

Located in Canada Add 20$ for shipping PayPal only Red Nasty Sft shocker -absolutely mint. Used 4 times approximately -all stock including freak barrel No wear 9.5 / 10 condition. 0 breach wear Trades - offer up Price - $400 Msg with any questions Pictures-

Selling my black magic autococker. Shoots great. No leaks. Great condition. Just have to many markers. Marker comes with stock wgp barrel (not pictured) Stock lpr (wgp bullet installed) Kaner barrel kit with all 3 tips Very good condition nickel hinge frame Very good condition slide frame Mint eblade (installed) Good 3 way and timing rod/coupler I can throw in a set of wgp grips for the hinge/slide frames 565.00 fo

Angel Speed for sale, comes with a deadlywind CF freak barrel, Enoch board, body not drilled, eyes for the board if you want to add them OG battery would not hold charge. It is roughed up but did clean up pretty decent. Asking 300 OBO Angel speed https://imgur.com/gallery/NwgrTtF

Selling Warped Sportz Heavy Metal Dark Shocker. Works great, has virtue board and new trigger. I will be sending old trigger and board with it. $300. https://imgur.com/a/4aKAt2H

I purchased this Duck here about 4 years ago. There were some Issues, so I sent it off to the man himself to make it right. Unfortunately, this coincided with him getting out of paintball, and moving, so it was in Earon's possession for about 3.5 years. Since then, life has changed a lot, and I just can't justify hanging on to this beauty with the amount and style I tend to play. Hopefully someone here will give it a great home and lots of field time. - This Duck was built in

Looking to make some room, I have way too many markers floating around. all of these are for sale or trade, will be adding more as time goes on. Will trade for other old school/rare markers, or sell out right. will trade all of them for something truly awesome. All of these have been wall hangers for a while, may need basic attention(lube, rebuild, etc). trades of interest- Holy grail guns( entity matrix, dc2, gmax, prototype ripper, hellwood, etc...) rare au

I'm putting up my gorgeous F5. Purchased it from an individual who didn't use it and sadly it's the same with me. Primarily the only paint shot through the gun was for tuning purposes and preformed by Nathan at Moody PB. I've put about 400 balls through it shooting in the backyard. I had Nathan modify the gun to be much more lightly sprung (both in the valving and also in the gunfighter frame) than the stock F5. It is absolute dialed in and will not disappoint. These are the Lapco milled Tw

Selling some of my vintage/rare markers to fund my world cup trip. I'm from Belgium, so if we do a deal we can do it at the event. Up for sale: -Freeflow DM3 Pink fade (complete) -Freeflow DM3 Grey (in pieces) -Various DM parts

Brand New Green PT Extreme in the Box. Nice collector's piece since I doubt there are any others out there that are still in the box. Not sure on a value here so feel free to offer. Asking $150 shipped

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