As the title suggests i'm in the market for an Angel A1 inline regulator, I have a beautiful A1 that i'd like to restore to functional condition and this seems to be the only piece messed up. I'd LOVE some help finding one

looking to buy tcp extreme autococker. Cash in hand. Pm me

For sale is an ATCI TM-11A. Freshly disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. It holds air without leaks and fires paintballs nicely. I don't have a crono so can't tell the velocity. The bolt does have some sear wear as pictured but the hammer still locks in nicely. The bolt in the top of the back bottle asa is not original and is long. That said it tightens and has been on there a long time, doing it's job. $85 shipped from Canada. Description: This build is absolutely one of a kind! Body has been tapped for 4-40 set screws to allow to switch between the standard feedneck paired with a sconi elbow, and the 45 degree pressfit with threaded feedneck. Everything is matching ano(just came back from blizzard) custom light blue acrylic handle from Brett Garrington. Parts list: R/F BM body

03 viking WAS board, eyes work ccm feedneck, some other feedneck scm lpr and stock lpr sidewinder jmj trigger and stock trigger javelin barrel aka bag, worn does have a tear inside. im sure this thing could use some freshening up, but she does shoot. shooting video at the bottom. $400 ppd shipped out the door.

Selling [S]8[/S] 5 markers total along with some spare parts. Not looking for any trades, prices are firm as I've already bumped the prices down. Markers that are non-functioning will be labeled and reduced in price. I will provide all the knowledge and spare parts that I have to offer! Prices are in USD and INCLUDE shipping from Canada to North America, paypal only (overseas buyers PM me)

$900 obo shipped and pp'd

delete please- decided to keep

delete please- decided to keep

2006 XSV Ego The 06 was only produced for a couple months as Planet Eclipse started selling the XSV SL66 in March of 2006, therefore the 06 XSV Egos are more rare than the 05 examples. Jack Wood himself said to consider the 06 XSV a "Collector's Item." The gun is olive with dust black parts. There is a NDX (New Designz) trigger installed with a nice rake. There is also a Planet Eclipse clamping feedneck. A Nexus bolt was also installed along with a Tadao Mushash

Never thought I'd sell these three..if you're looking here, you know what these are all about and I don't need to spend lots of time explaining the rarity of each. First up I'm gonna let you know I'm overpricing (esp the ironmen) because I don't want to sell, but rules are rules) in my signature and so are my trade interests. anything else I will consider, but it'll have to be something special (think PL Egos, Intimidators) Ironmen Matrix: $1,500 CP Tri

I have more rifles than I find myself using. Even though this is a neat piece, I find that it only hangs on the wall. Specs: Stock Class Vertical ASA Phantom threaded Rear velocity adjuster Phantom site rail Phantom ghost site Pics: (I will work on getting some more up here)

What we have today is a pure gold origin ego8. It has a full matching SL barrel kit (3 backs as well as 14" and 16" tips). I just picked this up from a buddy that hasn't played in a while. I took it out to the field last weekend and shot a hopper through it. No leaks but velocity was a bit low. I could tell it could use a rebuild just haven't gotten to it yet but shot paint fine so putting it up for sale now in case anyone wants to pick it up now. Cosmetic condit

Not sure I actually want to let this go, but I'm trying to keep the collection mean and lean. So up for sale is my Line SI Bushmaster. Barrel has been freak bored and shoots nicely. On the barrel and rail you'll see I've added a pair of vintage iron sights, which work nicely. Attached is an unknown brand L Stock that I got from Bacci. Includes Hogue grips and the Ammo box hopper, as well as a few extras. The safety is a bit stuck, but at least its stuck in in the Fire postition.... ;)

Gun is in excellent shape. Has CS2 Grips and original grips Factory Case and everything that comes with it like new. Want to trade for Luxe Ice (looking for one in good condition) Pm me! Thanks

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend bought a box of paintball markers off of Craigslist. One of the markers was this purple/pink Dark Angel one. It does have the original charger and barrel, and seems to be in pretty good shape. It looks like it may have been lightly used but probably sat in a box for a good while too. Does anyone know anything about these? There doesn't seem to be very much information out there.

It is with a heavy heart but it is time for this beast to move on. Been used quite alot in my possesion but brass is fine! Stock has abit colour change around the grip from me using gloves. Easy fix if needed. .690 bore and tubes hold 15 paintballs each. On/off asa. It is a heavy thing this! Looking for 1500$ shipped and PayPal is prefered.

Gun is in excellent shape. Only missing the rubber from the front reg - but I have a line on getting a new one. Brand new battery - gun airs up and shoots great. Must see to believe! Factory box and everything that comes with it like new. No trades. Asking $800.00 OBO Buyer pays PP 3% and

PMI Long Back Direct feed. No leaks or issues, SMooooth lil pump stroke,, Needs nothing.. Seems to shoot up to speed. 150.oo all inclusive USA

Sold eBay 160.00 PMI Long Back Direct feed. No leaks or issues, SMooooth lil pump stroke,, Needs nothing.. Seems to shoot up to speed. 150.oo all inclusive USA

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