On the fence about selling but I wish to seriously reduce my "paintball footprint" in house $725+ship from 60506 • Complete AGD Tac one with longbow kit, X Valve / L10. Very nice shape! • 2 longbow mags (total 3) with original/rare Spec Ops holster with the hard sleeves inside • Full qloader rig - mount, I believe 4 hoppers, winder, big bin (or subtract $90 and I'll sell off) Not parting, no trades, price firm it's worth a good a

E1 Board, full Karni Kit. Recently rebuilt and tuned. The original reg wasn't working when I got it, so I put an azodin one on it since I wasn't sure how to rebuild it. Also put on CCM fittings. The original regulator and hose will be included. The Bad: The ASA doesn't turn on and off, but it doesn't leak when you screw the tank on. I rebuilt the o-rings in it, and tried the parts on another Karni-Asa, but it seems like this ASA body was just out of spec.

Hello Nation!! I have for sale a Classic Dye ultralite body in good condition. Has original bolt, cocking rod and three way. No other parts included. Asking 300.00

Comes with everything stock in collectors condition. Absolutely amazing. Looking for 1500.00 text for pictures 8173048454

Like it says up for sale in my Mint A4 Fly in dust red. For the age this marker is pretty clean. It has a brand new battery and has been Fully serviced by ECA. All new seals and tuned. Comes with dust red barrel and original charger. Has a CP mini rail. Took it out and shoots like an angel should. Only noticeable imperfection is on the top solenoid cover. $400 Shipped with Fees.

Up for sale is my SL94 Krypton Limited Production Marker. $650 Shipped with Fees Marker is in perfect working condition. Was used in play recently and its a complete beast. It will shoot as fast as your hopper can feed it. Reason for selling is i don't really play that often and honestly prefer slower shooting markers. Cosmetically marker is clean. .693 barrel has minor wear as do both tips. Overall i would say 9/10

Trying to make room on the shelves for other stuff. Bought all this over the last 3ish years, most of it here. Anything that was rusting I scrubbed as best I could, naval jellied, and then rust converted, should hold up for another 20 years of being beaten up on. As far as I can remember, every part is present and accounted for (save 1 pair of grips in lieu of the chopped up crossman stock) and there are probably several parts spare. The one gun that is assembled works fi

First off, I will not be parting out anything! Angel A1 for sale comes with a Sly carbon fiber Barrel kit, Booster 2 Bolt, D-Lite Stim, Three Piece Eye Cover, & Extra set of laser eyes Angel Pictures

$250 or best offer. Autococker with Shocktech trigger frame. Shocktech 3 way, shocktech low pressure reg. Works but hoses on 3 way need to replace as the come loose sometimes.

Clean undrilled green fade Orracle. Barrel has no tip wear (doesn't look like it was ever used, came with an extra freak barrel). Very little amount of blemishes on the marker solid 9+/10. The nickel plated parts are very bright and in great shape for the age (the ram has a little area flaked off towards the inside, which is not very noticeable... and I'm pickey). Gasses up and fires with no leaks, but has not been used since 2012 when it had a professional tune up. Expect it to need a

Unicorn of mine just came up and well... Something's gotta go so I can afford it. the battery pack was dremeled to have those lines to match the body, I think it looks amazing and has a nice tactile feel to it. The Anodizing was done by Nu_Metal on AO and it's my understanding that this was his personal gun. The one negative is right now I'm having some issues tuning it, when running a force fed hopper it likes to chop paint, I think it's the detents but I'm not su

2k2 Dragon Intimidator - Black to Silver fade. Missing electronics, eye covers, and a few other random parts. $195 shipped & PPd. 2k5 Lasoya Intimidator - Black. Missing electronics, HPR, and a few other random parts. $190 shipped & PPd. 2k2 Lasoya Intimidator - Black to Red fade. Missing electronics, HPR, and a few other random parts. $140 shipped & PPd. Techna Razor Trigger (Carbon Fiber). $130 shipped and PPd. 2k5 Virtue Boa

I have a gloss red with black accents Darq Marq for sale. Has scratch on feedback collar and small nick on driver side of body. Nothing else notable that I could find. Has all of the stock goodies. QD pillow bolt. 4C eyes. VP trigger. 360 reg. Cam drive ASA. Tadao M8 board. Also has hybrid grips and a 16" Gloss red tip/dust black UL barrel. PM me for pics since pbnation will never, ever host pictures. Include a phone number I can text you pics to. $400 conus TYD Firm. I apologize

This marker was used as a display. It has never been on the field. In the original box and has the parts kit as well. Looking for move some of my gear to clear out space for new equipment asking $100 ONO https://i.imgur.com/j9KTYlJ.jpg

For sale: - 05 Gloss Black Dynasty Body - Gloss Black CCM Frame - Virtue Board - Fully functioning eye - Eigenbolts with spring - Delrin Can - Hybrid Bolt Guide - Gloss black eye cover / magnetic detent - CP Reg - CP Rail - CP ASA - UL Rail - Original Shocker Box. $400.00 Shipped and Paypaled.

Feeling nostalgic...anyone holding on to a 2006 Blue and Silver fade Infamous Intimidator? Hit me with pics and price

Mint black to blue fade Proto Pm5. Immaculate condition for its age. Eyes work. Gun functions perfectly. - Dye Ultralite Frame - STD LPR - Dye UL Barrel - Orange Carbon Fiber bolt - Hybrid bolt cap - CP ASA $200.00 Shipped and PP'd

In working order Hornet On gun. Velocity adjustable bolt. This is how I found it with the open class fitting on the pump handle as opposed to the copper elbow you usually find. Unibody, wgp trigger frame, line SI power tube This particular model is well used and has lots wear and scratches. $120 shipped

Hey Guys I have 3 vintage markers for sale today. All of them air up, hold air, and shoot. All 3 are in good condition with no major flaws, but have noticeable wear. 1. Red AKA Viking $600 OBO 2. Blue AKA Viking $600 OBO

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