I have this great 68 Classic Automag set up that I am looking to sell for $225. This Automag (circa 1993) is very clean with only the minor scuffs you see in the pictures. I checked all the seals in the bolt assembly and they appear to look OK and are properly lubricated, but I don't have any CO2 to check functionality. The last time it was used the rig performed beautifully. Shown is the pictures: 68 Classic Automag with:Beautiful wooden grips

Bob Long Intimidators for sale All appear to have early WAS boards, eyes function, no leaks guns work as they should. Black to Red GZ - $155 Black to Grey GZ - $175 2k2'd Classic - $125 prices obo, grab all 3 for $400 pics located here - https://imgur.com/a/NZASuDx

#60 0f 150 urban acid wash camo 1 of 1 Anno(confirmed by Mike c.) Has all the goodies Feedneck 12 round feed tube 11in barrel Adjustable t stock Original pump handle(and aftermarket) 12 gram bucket changer Hose to run tank off the back All Pistons(to change volume for hpa or co2) Two bolt tips(one is for brittle paint) All barrel "detent inserts" A phantom to cocker thread adapter Total parts kit

Automag with shocktech valve and 2 barrels. Gun has been sitting in a closet for a while, but is in good condition. Airs up and cycles, but has a leak. I know it's an easy fix, but with my lack of free time I am not interested in working on it. $160 shipped in the US. Attached Images

Automag with shocktech valve and 2 barrels in good condition. Gun cycles, but has a leak. Has been sitting in a closet for quite a while, but is in good condition $160 shipped.

Looking to buy an A1 fly, I have cash in hand and am looking to make a deal as soon as possible. Gun must be an A1 fly, no thank you on g7’s and speeds. Please post/ pm photos and your asking price. Thank you

Don't need both of these, so would like to sell at least 1. One is a 2K1, one is older. Both are in excellent condition, but are untested as of now. $75 + Shipping/PP each

Unfortunately, Im giving up on my DM3 project. I think I have a noid issue, and don't want to dump anymore money into the gun at this point. If you have a noid lying around, this might be a quick fix. - CP Clamping Feedneck (new) - NDZ Breech - NDZ 15`VASA (new) - Volumizers - PBC LPR - Stock Board?? (not sure - turns on) - Red Aardvark Bolt - No Eyes *** Item will ship insured via USPS Priority *** All money tran

I keep buying and buying and can't stop myself, have so many markers i love but the opportunity came up to upgrade the old fishing boat so looking to sell a few to help fund it. Normally I don't mind trades but this time I need the cash (unless you have something in the autococker world I just can't live without). Will lost more later but will start with this Orange Dye Dreamsicle fade Reflex all stock. I am the second owner if this marker and it has been sitting for 10 years.

Like new VF Tactical that was rebuilt/timed within the last year or so. Comes as shown in great condition. https://imgur.com/TbRsVuR https://imgur.com/MYMr4F3 I also have a matching .684 Kaner back for extra skrilla. Price: $515+shipping

Laser- semi auto with lots of neat features. rifled barrel, on board velocity tool, and twist lock barrel. everything works as it should $70 F2 illustrator with bottom line air everything works fine. $45 F2 illustrator works as it should. $40 Brass eagle poison- leaks down the barrel. pull the trigger and it will fire once but not recock $70 original sniper 2 serial number 5335, bull barrel shoots fine $200 Sheridan Kp2 custom pump handle and pump

Looking for Dynasty Sft parts for a build. Needing upgraded bolts/guide. Trigger frames and dynasty tado board. Also need reg. Please pm if you have anything.

I have a Dye DM3 in great shape for sale/trade. It has a DM5 frame so it uses that style of board. It has a Scenario Dreams T-chip installed. The eyes work and it fires without any leaks BUT the Hyper 2 current installed on it doesn't seem to be letting air through. Maybe I didn't have it up high enough but it worked like a champ with a different regulator. The other issue is that the battery harness is worn and doesn't clamp down well on one side of the battery and needs to be taped in pla

looking to trade for ebladed cocker or sell for $350. works and board/lcd functions as it should. https://imgur.com/a/CfjnTL7

Hey everyone, i'm new here but i figured this was the best place to look. So i really like spyders, i just always found it a ton of fun to take them to a field and shoot people up and see their reactions when they saw it was a spyder that got them lol. Anyway, I'm looking for an EM1; if anyone has one I may be interested. Thankyou for your time!

Pro Edition Karnivor #0952 Perfect working order, no scratches but it does have wear from normal use. Zero B v1.10 8-piece Kaner barrel kit: .682", .684", .687", .689", and .691". 12", 14", 16" tips. CCM Barrel Case Will not part anything, it's as original as I believe they come. $1100 shipped. Buyer pays transaction fees. WGP Karnivor

Hey guys selling my red/black Karnivore barely used. Comes with matte black Dye ultralite barrel, black Planet eclipse E2 frame and solenoid cover, Tadao Yakuza board with dead OLED screen (they all die), upgraded trigger and asa rail. I just gassed it up and no leaks and shoots fine. What you see is what you get, as is condition. $1000 obo. PM or text me (six one nine)2544937.

AGD Tac one Longbow since i have to post a price.... 600 OBO - make off er, no trades. Marker is in good condition, Have pictures of both sides of marker message me for text pictures - will try to post up pics when I return home. Marker has not been aired up and do not have bottomline. No trades Lapco two piece barrel. Dye Sticky Grips.

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