Not saying this for sure, but it could be possibly one of the last of its type in the world. A brand new, unused, Tippmann C3 still in its original packaging. This bad boy has been sitting in our Australian warehouse hiding in the shadows for several years. The marker is located in Australia and we can ship anywhere in the world. This is my first post on the forum, so I apologise if it is not correctly entered. I tried to see via this and other forums what it might be worth and I am happy

Gorgeous f5 for sale. Comes with original goodies. Gun is timed/ tuned and leak free. Box & paperwork Pump kit Freak bored UL barrel, 14&10” tip Stock grips Both stock trigger plate and the drilled one shown Stock grips ( dye grips can be included for $40 more) $1825 shipped/ppd

I noticed these are selling like hot cakes on here so I figured I'd post it up. I honestly do not know much about these. I don't think this one has been aired up in years. Assume it will need a tune up and possibly a rebuild upon possession. This is one of the first 1000 R/Ts ever made. It will include all the original accessories and documentation. Original manual, VHS tapes, pretty much everything just like how it would come brand new. I do have the sight rail and other thin

Hey guys selling one of my SL markers. It’s a SL8R. Mint condition for its age. Comes with the box and complete barrel kit. Marker was just completely restored, rebuilt and tuned by Tim Firpo at PaintballTek. She even got a sonic bath. The marker rips and shoots amazing. Asking $600 Firm. You pay PayPal fees, I’ll pay shipping. Pics

Hey guys I’m selling my mint Dark SL74. Dust white and gold. The gun has recently been completely restored, rebuilt and tuned by Tim Firpo at PaintballTek and shooting amazing. She really rips! Comes with the original case, and complete barrel kit. The case is a little beat up but it’s overall in good condition. Asking $600 Firm. You pay PayPal fees and I’ll pay shipping Video

Hey guys, This gun has been sitting in its box since 2006. The gun was maybe used one time before it was retired until now. The gun is in 10/10 condition. It comes with the original box / barrel / tool kit / barrel bag etc... The 2006 evil minion is a Private Label PM6 by Evil. This is a special edition team gun in all black. I will get more pictures for it soon upon request. I do not need to sell the gun and wouldn't mind keeping it because it is ex

I know this isn't a gun post, but figured the rare/Old forum was a better place to post. I got a small stash of new old stock ts1/at-85 front loaders/mags. They are $35 shipped each. Post here if interested and I will reach out. Thank you!

Hey guys, Part of getting rid of my old collection. Bob Long Ripper 2.5 Intimidator Gloss Black Hybrid Ram Cap Low Rise Clamp Feedneck Virtue Board Hybrid Rail / Bob Long ASA Marker has super rare Violent Delrin LPR and HPR pistons. I will not part them. $415.00 Shipped and Paypaled.

Hey guys, Part of getting rid of my old collection. Bob Long Ripper 2.5 Intimidator Gloss Black Hybrid Ram Cap Low Rise Clamp Feedneck Virtue Board Hybrid Rail / Bob Long ASA $415.00 Shipped and Paypaled.

Hello all, here is a working and really nice shape bushmaster. Need this gone so 185 shipped, for an extra 10 I can throw in a 12 gram changer

RULES: - Post here before pm'ing me. If you pm me first, I will ignore you. - I will not message you my lowest, I know what it is, and it's up to you to open a dialogue. Why would I counter offer myself? - I will not, under any circumstance, accept anything other than Paypal, and I will ONLY ship to the address described within it. - Do not bother offering me any trash guns. (guns that sell/sold new for 400) - In the

I am selling my recently rebuilt Evil Omen 2.0 with upgrades. I have replaced all the orings, added a new hyper3 reg, clamping Reds feedneck, CP ASA and sly carbon fiber 16" barrel. All you need to do is add a tank and hopper and play. It also comes with a oring rebuild kit. It has $180 in upgraded parts alone. Looking to get $140 plus shipping.

This kit might be the definition of vintage paintball. Picked it up with the intention of modifying it, but quickly realized that i was in way over my head. I've gone through and cleaned / oiled it, but thats all. It will come as pictured with left handed grips, the two tanks, stick feed and hopper, and of course a "rain cover". :old: Let's start at $150. obo + shipping. Pick up available in Orange County Ca.

Just built an awesome mag and feeling I need an autococker in my life. Figured I'd put up my A4 Fly to help offset the cost or for a swap. A4 Fly enoch board freak back wdp to cocker coverter long med short dust red voli, long and short clear stock feedneck and maybe inception feedneck new angel laser eyes in red MR trigger and stock trigger Magnetic trigger return conversion infinity barrel, lapco barrel, freak front for the rig

Selling a custom Sheridan kp2 with pirate stock for $530 usd. Bought it off kdoan2k2 and used it a few times. Hasn’t seen much action so hoping to give it to someone who will treat it right. Cleaned her up inside and out and can supply shooting vids for. Shipping included if within Canada

Looking to sell my Meteor M1, marker is timed works great. - Meteor Internals - Meteor Frame - ID pnuematics (V1) - Dye Boomstick - Belsales Beavertail - CP Regulator V3 - Pops Asa w/ Rail Price: $715 Shipped Trades: No thanks

$25 to your door. It's all stock as far as I can tell. Safety is missing. I haven't aired it up in about 8 years. But I oiled it the last time I aired it up. Didn't have any leaks back then and was shooting at 265fps with an 800psi output hpa tank. I'm sure these worked better on CO2 but this thing is from before my time.

One was working the last time I aired it up and shooting about 250fps. The other is mainly for parts. The parts marker is missing ths CO2 "grip plug", the barrel isnt in the marker, and it may be missing other parts. And if I recall correctly the threads for the grip plug were stripped on the body. $30 to your door for the pair.

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