I bought this gun brand new in 2006 from punishers paintball. It is rare, not sure how many are out there exactly but I have never seen another like it, not to mention all of the upgrades that are rare in their own respect. It has a ton of upgrades added that I will list lower. I have always used this gun to shoot in the yard and has literally seen a hand full of games as I have always kept a bunch of markers to play with and this was my sort of trophie gun that I wanted to time capsule, he

Don't see too many of these come around. Super fun little shooter. Lots of compliments at the field, a lot of us (you) old school ballers remember these but have never actually seen or shot one. Sovereign 1. Received it kind of in pieces and got it up and running. Not much to say, but watch the video of the build. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv5fP

Infamous sl74 Johnny Cash takes priority.

hardly willing to let this go. taking offers just to see. comes with F1 soft case. 685 and 688 barrel backs with matching anno front. annodized by Arnolds in CA. some masking imperfections along the flames only noticeable up close. https://ibb.co/thcvQHJ

Looking to buy Proto Reflex Rail PGA, preferably (2012) "Eagle Dust" or (2014) "Raging Bear" if possible, but still open to other PGA designs! I already have a CSR as my main, but I loved the unique graphic designs and look of the Proto Reflex Rail PGA markers, and would like to get my hands on one as my backup. Thanks!

Want to buy anything Naughty Dogs

Looking for Angels, Speeds, A4's and IR3's

VERY old pump marker for sale... PMI Piranha. 20+ years ago I worked great, but the seals in the valve are likely shot....however I am not able to test it. Everything on it is in great shape. Looking for $100 for it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OIa...ew?usp=sharing

I have a PMI-III VM-68 for sale. It has a 16" All American Barrel as well as two original brass barrels. The internals have been modified with a new upper bolt, a lower rear spring installed, and a machined valve, as well as an expansion chamber. I haven't fired it in nearly 20 years...so the seals will likely have to be replaced and I don't have any way of testing it now....but these things are built like tanks!

Aloha, As the Title states, I am looking to Adopt a Panther CSL. Depending on the Condition, I have up to $1,400 in Cash for Adoption Fees. Give a Lonely, Neglected, CSL a New Home and make Us both Happy...;) EveningIce

hey guys, just had my alias fully rebuilt so its ready to go. shoots amazing and has 0 issues. i looked over the gun and its in amazing condition, i only found one spot with marks *in picture comes with: -Virtue Board -hyper 2 reg + stock torpedo -cp asa+rail -stock barrel(could add 14inch ultralite for right price) https://imgur.com/kQIVFuf

Preferably hk legend but I really want one bad and I can’t find one anywhere please pm me if you have one, that you are willing to get rid of. Thanks

Hi there, Today I have for sale a Dust Orange Shocker NXT with an included (never installed) Trinity feedneck. This shocker was sold to me a few months ago as New condition, but it does have a small scratch on the tip of the barrel (see pictures). Outside of this, it is probably the cleanest NXT Shocker out there in this colorway. This marker has also never been fired. Because of this, it will most likely need new seals! Please be aware of this!

Hey all, Cutting my collection down a bit, have this neat piece up for sale. The sticker will be removed and any residue cleaned before shipping. Specs:99 Shocker V-sportDual detentsZummech Vertical AdapterAKA SidewinderPE 2009 OOPSFreak-bored AA (no insert included)9v modDoc Nickel triggerMatching HoguesRear frame-mounted power switchCerakote done by VooDoo Cus

geo pow mint condition. send phne number for pics. want 450.

Selling an Evolution autococker ready to take to the field. Not looking for trades at this time. Asking $750 for the marker.

Under 5k shot count 2450 Shipped OBO Triggers 25 each [IMG]https://imgur.com/i15f1JI[/IMG] [IMG]https://imgur.com/U0iWpnS[/IMG] [IMG]https://imgur.co

Hey guys, I'm looking to sell this sexy Impulse or possibly trade for a cocker Upgrades include: Eclipse trigger Jackhammer 2 LPR Mint Freak barrel with .684 insert NDZ clamping feedneck $105 shipped/PPd

Looking to move a project that I have no time to get to currently. $400 I got shipping, you cover fees. 05 Dynasty SFT -All black has both jewels -16" All American Barrel(I do not have the original stock barrel) -Has a CP ASA I believe(Not stock) -Has a non HE Free Flow bolt guide I just bought a oring rebuild kit for the bolt. Last I aired it up one of the orings were bad so im trying to find the time to replace the

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