Asking $195 shipped! Please dm me for photos.

Hey all, I got like 20 of these in a huge sale a year ago. The seller told me one of them had a small leak from the reg and he THOUGHT it was this one. I have never tested it. Either way, I’m including a brand new reg with it. Born date 9/18 mint condition $100 TYD

Used one time here this weekend at nxl sunshine state open. Asking $200 and willing to sell at the event if your here. Dm me if you would like pictures with number to send them too.

I have one newer standard adjustable 4500 reg (uses ball valve) and one brass pro reg. The gauge on the brass reg is cracked but both work perfectly fine. These were replaced by powerhouse regs so I have no need for them. They should both be set at 450psi. I don't have the extra shims. $65 shipped/ppd for both. Please don't gift. These won't be shipping in the fancy little box in the picture. They will be wrapped in bubble wrap and bagged.

FSO The tank is still in "like new" condition and has only been used 4 times. Comes with thread saver and tank grip. $200 shipped USPS PRIORITY FIRM

FOR SALE ONLY. Ninja SL2 68/4500 Born Date: 03/2020 Comes with: - Powerhouse Regulator 450psi - PE Regulator Extender - HK Army Nipple Cover x 2 - HK Army Regulator Cover - HK Army Tank Covers x 2 - Valken Case - All threads are in perfect condition. $300 shipped. You cover fees. Post & PM. USPS PM.

Empire 48/4500 stubby tank just hydro tested 12-20. The coating on the tank shows cracking but the regulator looks great. Holds air perfectly. $100 shipped.

looking for a 45ci, 48ci, or 50ci/4500psi in hydro and under $100.

Ninja 68/45 F/S/T Ninja 68/4500 Tank (born date 11/13) UL Reg with the Pin + Ball Bearing Bonnet Included as well (last pic) Hydro good until 02/2024 Bunkerkings Illuminati Tank Cover (a crease/tear is there so you can peel it back to show the hydro sticker) A couple dings on the bottle, but nothing substantial/structural The UL Reg is like new, has a mini guage, e

Looking to buy a ninja super lite 50/4500 or if the price is right a 68/4500. Output pressure has to be under 550.

1. Black SL2 68/4500 with HK bottle cover Hydro date 12/2017 125 shipped 2. Silver SL2 68/4500 with HK bottle cover Hydro date 9/2017 125 shipped

I have a brand new in box ninja sl2 with pro v2 reg. Asking $250 shipped.

Message me if you got one 808-250-0361 PayPal ready

HK Army Aerolite 80/4500 with Ninja SLP Pro V2 regulator (80 cubic inch “Extra Lite” bottle w/ 4500 psi Capacity). Born date of 5/2019...This tank was purchased new (bottle only) and has never been played with on the field (was in storage) -- it's paired with a Ninja Pro V2 SLP regulator in good shape. There's a rubber fill nipple cap, lanyard style. If I get asking price the Exalt tank case will be included. $175 -- I cover shipping, you cover PP

Looking to sell my Ninja SL2 and another out of hydro ninja tank. Would prefer to sell together. Looking for $210

Looking to sell my Ninja SL2 and another out of hydro ninja tank. Would prefer to sell together. Looking for $210

Ninja cerakote SL2 77-4500 tank with Ninja Pro v2 regulator. Priced to sell. In great shape. I cover shipping, you cover PP fees. $145 ===== =====

Paintball gun, ammo and accessories, barely used, some still in packages. No piecing out, $330 firm for whole lot, no personal checks 1*Tippman*98 Custom Platinum .68 caliber w/manual, wrenches, hopper 1 box*w/approx 1700 DraxxusTriumph Woodsball & Recreational Play X-Ball paintballs 3Skull paintball harness w/6 pods 2*Core Reversible Camo/Black Chest Protector 2 JT Premise Face Mask/visor clear thermal replaceable*lens, protective bag, instruc

This is an old-school stainless steel Air America Apocalypse regulator with adjustable output pressure. It's been rebuilt and works great; just needs gauges and hoses. This is perfect if you are setting up a tech bench with a scuba adapter and want a solid adjustable reg for bench-testing markers (which is exactly what I was using it for). Just combine it with the tank reg adapter from CP:

Please Post First then PM Rules: •Sorry but only U.S. shipping •For Sale Only •Will not ship first •Shipped via USPS Priority Mail •Paypal only Forsale: Ninja Lite 50/4500 Tank with standard Reg Born Date: 03/18 Price: $120 shipped Pictures:

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