PGP with constant air adaptor, RVA, 2K feed, and PMI Rubber Grips - currently chrono'd for C02. Shoots great with no leaks. $150 WGP 2k4 with ID reg, ID lower internals, ID Detent, ID Cocking Rod, ID V2 pneumatics set, WGP front block, WGP banjo bolt, timing rod, CP ASA, and autococker pump arm. Comes with full CCM EZ pump kit, as well, in semi-gloss black. $410 Please PM me as I don't check the thread often but i'll do my best to keep an

Three Phantoms for sale Black Phantom - Stock Class - Clear Parts - Dye Grips - Ghost Ring - Open Class Body with 50rnd hopper - You can slightly see this had a T stock in the photo but it does not anymore - $310 Shipped Blue White Acid Wash Phantom - Stock Class - ClearBlue Parts - Matching 12gram adaptor - $325 shipped Black Red Phantom - Custom Made wood pump handle and stick feed - Undercocking Kit - Stock class body - Matching 12gram Adapto

Ignore. I am dumb and posted in wrong section

Clean CCM T2F freak kit .679-.693 smart parts carbon barrel $1k ppd shipped

Hello, im looking for a KP3 to buy. Paypal ready!

Like new. Dip your toes into pump paintball. Loan it to a friend. Let me know if you have any questions.

Carter Boxgun w/ Carter 12 gram changer and Pachmayr grips - $1000 VKC Redux w/ 12 gram setup, CA adaptor, and Carter Machine Grips - $1100 Line SI Bushmaster w/ Freak Bored Barrel and Stock Barrel - $225 Empire Sniper w/ ID Drift Kit, ID Hammer, and PE POPS ASA - $325 PPS Super Stocker w/ 12 gram changer - $375 Sheridan PMI-II - $90 - slight leak but still shoots Empire Super Freak Kit w/ 5 inserts - $80 All prices are shipped and Paypal'd.

WGP sniper pump - 04 model. It has a WGP pump kit, System-X regulator, chrome slider frame w/ ANS trigger plate, delrin bolt, threaded feedneck and Empire .688 2-piece barrel. Overall it's in good shape and fires without leaks. I have not chronographed it since converting to a pump. Tank not included. Empire Sniper - Has a freak barrel with two inserts (.682, .684), padded Freak case and an Eclipse POPs ASA. There is some white paint substance around the feed and in the Empire

Empire sniper with universal hammer and drift kit from inception designs, cp reg adapter and all OEM parts. 350 shipped only used once in great condition

Prostock Pump: Condition: 8/10, very good. There are a few small marks here and there but good shape overall Includes: Check-It 2pc

Cleaned, lubed, timed and chronoed It has a freeflowbolt, tippmann a5 pin for a bolt pin, newer style ccm reg, burnt ccm cocking rod (was heated to try and adjust it but ano got too hot) no barrel included, I have tons of pics in the link. $650 ppd shipped

Once again my time to play is rapidly decreasing. The pump group that I used to play with at my local field has moved to another location that does not allow me to play easily with them. I took out my pump marker last weekend and enjoyed it, but know that I probably won’t play again in 2020. with a heavy heart I have to offer up by TCI phantom with a blue/black acid wash in the following options… Barrels: (both matching anno) with gauge rings to prevent roll outs...

1. Please post, then PM. 2. I only accept PayPal. 3. I ship USPS Priority only and is included in the listed price unless noted. If you want something else, you are responsible for the cost. 4. Please be respectful. 5. Must be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase. 6.Shipping only to US residents. (sorry, but it's not worth going through all the trouble of shipping internationally) Haven't played paintball in forever and don't think I'll be

Autococker rf pump with inception designs pivot frame, pump kit, vasa blank, on/off asa, ccm bolt and internals, cp reg. More pics available upon request. Looking for 425 OBO. Post then PM for fastest response.

Came across another Phantom that needs a home. Super clean and ready to goop faces. Its a dust/gloss black build with RF open class body, VSC air kit with bucket changer, standard 11" barrel, dual rod pump kit. The trigger frame, trigger shoe, barrel, and bucket changer are dust black. The body, vertical air kit, and dual rod pump kit are gloss. This marker only saw a couple days of play and is an easy 9/10 condition. Only visible marks on it are a few scratches on the barrel from the

Looking to sell my kp3 pump in good condition just need some extra funds.. asking $150 or will trade for nice gear bag or spire 3 thank you!

Works great I've never used it at the field just in my backyard. Looking to sell for $200.00 via paypal. Comes with everything it would new.

Works great I've never used it at the field just in my backyard. Looking to sell for $200.00 via paypal. Comes with everything it would new.

Looking for a PMI Trracer, had one for my first gun 20 years ago and just got back into playing and would love to paint some masks again with one.

Looking to buy a KP3, I have a Vanguard Creed for trade with case and barrel kit. Not looking for blues, reds, or greens but any other color combo will be looked at. I had an old account t attached to a email address. Ot used any more and for the fact that I have few posts to prove I am willing to pay and ship first. PM for pics of Creed and offers!

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