Fully Functional with minor cosmetic flaws. Goes for 80 retail. Looking for 47 Shipped/PP’d.   submitted by   /u/chris12131405 [link]  

  submitted by   /u/Funnymex98 [link]   [comments]

Looking to primarily grab one of the titled markers firstly -- 68cal, EMEK pref. After that, hoping to acquire a tank, remote, vest, pods. Local to NYC.   submitted by   /u/ColdestCore [link]  

Hey all, I’ve got an amethyst virtue Vio contour in great condition asking $65 TYD I also have a ninja 68/45 born 10/14 (needs hydro) asking $60 TYD Will sell together for $110 Vio and ninja   submitted by   /u/KennyP0wersMullet

Hit me up with prices and pics   submitted by   /u/wackinshakin [link]   [comments]

Anyone have one?   submitted by   /u/jpinzolo [link]   [comments]

Looking for a luxe 1.0 with encore, a vanquish, geo 3, etc. older used high end that I can start back playing with. I pay with PayPal and yeah. Post up pics if you have anything, thanks!   submitted by   /u/thesidler2000 [link]  

I have two guns that I can trade one of those or both and have money if someone has one of those please pm me, thanks.   submitted by   /u/yavi_201 [link]  

If someone is selling one of those please leave a comment or contact me I would appreciate, I have to guns I can trade or money if that is what you want, thanks.   submitted by   /u/yavi_201 [link]  

WTB any pump guns but prefer and am looking for those two in particular, hmu with offers. Paypal ready   submitted by   /u/TehConsole [link]  

Azodin Blitz 3 /// Mad dog 48ci 3000psi Tank /// Empire Halo Too Electronic Hopper /// Exalt Barrel Brush/// Gen z Global Vest /// 3 Tippman Paint Tubes (filled with paint) Condition: Used-Like New   submitted by   /u/jgchristie77 [link]

Prefer a dye attack pack or a camo gi sports 4+7, but ill consider other stuff   submitted by   /u/wackinshakin [link]   [comments]

Hello. I want to purchase a luxe ice any color.   submitted by   /u/Parzival12145 [link]   [comments]

Up for sale is my Empire Syx 1.5. It has about 7 cases through it and has zero issues. Just looking to liquidate to make room in the ol’ gear bag. Cosmetics I would rate 9.5/10 simply because it has been used. ASA threads and barrel threading are in great shape. Comes with: Syx 1.5 .688 2pc driver xx barrel OEM parts kit (missing allen keys) GI Sportz carrying case 3x O-ring rebuild (some already used to color code)

Prices shipped and OBO. If you don’t BO, you won’t know. CP reg - $40 Shocktech bolt - $40 unknown bolt. Rough condition. - $25 Palmers LPR - $40 Chrome Ram - $25 Kapp frame - $100 CCM Lower Guts - $50   submitted by   /u/po

Awesome gun, played with it a few months and now I’m downsizing for a move. - $225 OBO Shipped in the US. Take this to the field and watch the old timers crawl out of the weeds to tell you about their guns of yesteryear. 2 games with this gun counts as a full day at the gym. OTP Barrel/melee weapon ANS pneumatics Stabalizer reg? No markings on it, but it’s got the shape. Brandless Venturi volt Fat, metal trigger shoe Shroud

Hmu with prices and pictures   submitted by   /u/wackinshakin [link]   [comments]

Would anyone be interested in buying a pair off me. I got the wrong size. Only time they were on my body was to see they weren’t the right size.   submitted by   /u/njack28 [link]  

  submitted by   /u/Andreaskou10000 [link]   [comments]

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