I've come to accept that MagFed isn't my playing style, but I know there are lots of people out there who like it. I have an M17A2 for sale with the 13cu hpa tank and 3 mags (one is First Strike capable). I'm in Utah, but pay $20 shipping along with the $350 price and it's yours. Pics in comments.   submitted by   /u/mtnbkr1880

For sale: GI Sportz Race Pack, 4+7, camo A bit tattered, but the velcro and elastic work fine. These are some of the best strapped packs out there imo, mainly because of how the belt straps attach to the center of the back of the pack, instead of on the ends. Only selling because I just got a black one, which I prefer. Price: $32, buyer pays shipping! [IMG]http://i.imgu

https://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=5982865 https://imgur.com/gallery/dqWDGJr 1300 or trades & cash   submitted by   /u/bagley2010 [link]

Please message me if you have any of these markers. Can be fully working, missing a few things, or totally non working, any condition is fine. PayPal is ready.   submitted by   /u/SweetSweetGaben [link]  

Hey I have a pair of exalt T4 pants size large. These pants were used 3 times with no tears or damage to pants. I’m asking $90 OBO.   submitted by   /u/R_Kaplan11 [link]   [comments]

Have an acquaintance interested in buying all my old paintball gear. What would be a fair price for all? https://imgur.com/a/[paintball](https://imgur.com/a/GRCdnlK)   submitted by   /u/bwc6y5 [link]

Hello everyone thanks for reading, I have two black Draguns and a Snyper for sale and they both have 45 style grips and they are fully electronic guns with semi automatic, automatic up to 30 balls/s, and multi burst shooting modes. Needs a 9V battery The problem with them is that they’re discontinued and the o-rings are bad. I tried to play with one of them 4 years ago and it froze up after I used a new one, so there’s a few problems with the guns the

Got an extra 5 cases of unopened G.I three star manufactured this year and kept in cool dry storage. $45 for a case or $200 for all 5. Obviously 2000 ct/case, 68 cal. Been using others from the same shipment throughout this season, no oil in bags. Pickup in Bethesda, MD. Not going to mess around with shipping.   submitted by   /u/BoiOfBethesda

Howdy! I have two tippmann a5s. Asking 400 shipped and paypal'd for everything OBO. One just has upgraded cyclone paddles and is missing the cyclone body screw (like 50 cents to replace) -75 The other has the flatline barrel with rails, a magpul vertical grip, upgraded power tube, rap4 stock rap4 cyclone feed with paddles. - 250 Misc parts: Low profile hopper - 10 Low profile hopper with hk speed feed and rain lid - 20

Local pickup only $60 https://letgo.onelink.me/O2PG/926e0acf   submitted by   /u/JetEngineKyle [link]   [comments]

Looking to sell Smart parts impulse w/lpr mod And smart parts freak kit. Impulse ($100) Freak kit ($100) Both as a package I’m willing to let go for $180 Sellingpics of items   submitted by   /u/dadSMASH

Looking for a Luxe Ice in good condition/'low-ish' shot count, preferably in black, red, or blue. Let me know if anyone is willing to part with one...   submitted by   /u/TheDailyBean [link]  

I'm looking for a replacement solenoid for an SP1 I just picked up. The little rubber nubbin on the armature is trashed, so it leaks like crazy. Unfortunately, these things appear to be unobtainium at any of the usual online retailers, and even GOG doesn't seem to carry them anymore. I don't really want one of the mechanical "solenoids" GOG seems to put on all of their guns nowadays. I'll do a mech conversion if I have to, but I'd rather avoid

I recently got a 2011 Proto Rail in non-working condition, but that was all I knew about it. When I opened up the package I saw there were no buttons visible on the back of the grip. So I started taking it apart and found out that someone had robbed all the internals out of the gun. I think the regulator is the only thing with the internals intact. So, if anyone on this sub has spare 2011 Rail internals lying around please comment or message me. I'm sure

http://imgur.com/gallery/bPEr9xn Pictures ^   submitted by   /u/siilentz1 [link]  

I have some stuff I'm trying to get rid of from a LONG time ago. Most of it is stuff that isn't worth much, but you may find something you want. Album of pics at bottom Non-working Ion- it needs some internal hoses replaced and TLC. Its got a Shocktech body, stainless freak back, firebolt, Blackheart board, QEV upgrade, CP on/off ASA on an Empire rail, stock barrel, barrel sock, screw kit, small parts kit, comes in origina

Evo2 Shell, Evo2 Half Shell (right), Evo2 Rotor, Evo2 Y-Board (Not Z-board), Sly Barrel bag, 32 degrees gloves, Phantom Barrel Condom, Random shirts and stickers. All Evo2 parts together $22 OBO * Sly bag $8 * Gloves $5* Phantom Condom $5* Everything for $30* *Plus shipping Purchase one item and you get your pick of a shirt or the stickers. First come first serve. http://imgur.com/a/v4Vf0DT

Hey guys I'm selling a brand new Tippmann Cronus which was never opened. I'm asking for $40 +Shipping which is an excellent price. The only reason I'm selling it is because I'm facing eviction in my apartment and need the money ASAP. If you would like to buy it, I need your address and name so that I can get the shipping price quoted. If you like I can send a picture of the shipping receipt. https://imgur.com/

I’m looking for the old school it team pants (nostalgia getting the best of me). Looking for large, dm me   submitted by   /u/Hibye_23 [link]   [comments]

Prefer a PL or a homebrew body.   submitted by   /u/bagley2010 [link]   [comments]

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