"Unicorn Vomit" F2 Box, matching headband, clear Dye panels, matching alum grips, BPS stuff, freaked Stella will include a nearly complete insert kit (missing .679) $2050 shipped - PM me! Will accept trades with cash [IMG][/IMG]

Standard EMEK with all factory parts plus the following upgrades: Toxic Red ID FLE Body Kit Red Fang Trigger DW Hair 45 PE Pops ASA PBG Customs Back Cap PE GX2 Soft Case – Fighter Red https://imgur.com/a/Ie2mqjA If you guys want any more pictures I'll gladly provide.

1 of 10 Legendary Adrenaline Nicky Cuba CVO 1500 OBO no trades Now that I have an Adrenaline Luxe it doesn’t get much use. Electro parts are unused - only ever played Mech. Comes with everything in pics. https://imgur.com/gallery/ZFsm8kC

Hello Adrenaline Shocker for sale CVO only Freak XL barrel with 1 insert Both Feednecks Does not come with the case 900 Shipped + fees. Won't last long at this price. Not interested in trades, need to sell for rent/bills

It won’t see the use it deserves with me. Shooting well and ready for the field. Upgrades include: Drop forward Dye XCel barrel. video in link https://imgur.com/a/crJ8rrC $200

I don't know if this is the proper sub-forum for this, but seemed the best option. Metadyne Havoc Launcher (shoots nerf vortex for tanks in big scenarios). breech loader. Stock is attachable & comes with it. Clean condition. Hasn't been used in almost a decade. Price: $500 No Trades Edit: I have a barrel condom for this I can throw in as well.

Black Xvalve mag with ULE body, rail that has been machined to adjust foregrip placement. Valve is in excellent condition as is the rest of the gun, ASA is a CP. I installed a quick release for the braided hose for easy valve cleaning. This gun was my mech baby for 15+ years. But, as I haven't played in a few years & it is unlikely I will again, she's up for grabs. Barrel is a Palmers brass, paint is a bit peeled towards the end, but the barrel itself is cherry

Just tuned this guy up a little bit. After a quick run through and an assessment of how many cocker rebuilds I had left I decided that this one didn’t need a rebuild so it’s timed tuned and ready to rock. My bore is pretty tight, so I’d expect this to drop to right under 300FPS with a normal fit. Video in link As an added bonus you get to see me scared of getting hit by a back block. Pretty much stock besides the barrel, drop, and bo

Picked up a stock 03 prostock awhile back as as a project marker. As gorgeous as it is sitting on my desk, other hobbies have consumed my time and it doesn't get any use. All o-rings were replaced and it was timed/leak free as of last summer. I do not have any air presently to test it to make sure that is still true. I assume so, but it is an autococker. Details: - Nummech threaded feedback adapter + Nummech no rise feedneck - Inception slider frame, beaver tail, an

$350 shipped and PayPaled. US only. No trades. No barrel bag included. Used two o-rings from the spares kit - a barrel o-ring and a bolt o-ring. Extra hammers, sleds, barbs, and pneumatics hose added to the spares kit.

Up for sale is my gx3 autococker gray to black fade 45 frame Dye grips Ans pneumatics All American 2 piece 350 no barrel 400 with barrel Text for pics 9145892282 Thanks!

Beautiful condition mini works in rare factory color. Fully functional with no issues Stock barrel has been bored for standard freak inserts $1050 shipped paypal

Or the Z-WF mag… for short… The Official Sale Thread. This bad boy was built and tuned by Luke AO a month or two ago. I used it in a scenario game a few weeks back and she performed flawlessly. I’ve decided to go a different route, however. Listing for $1000 shipped as you see it (without hopper*) Build list below, items with prices next to it are for sale separately if full marker doesn’t go. Feel free to ask question

Mostly stock Dark Cocker with: Bob Long Signature Series Frame Inception Pneumatics I haven't tested the marker with this reg. I run a CP reg on it but that isn't included. No leaks, no issues - not sure about the HPR though. Feedneck can be taken off by hand, thankfully. $800

Used Trilogy body and frame. What you see is what you get. $60

Anyone have one for sale?

Bought this thinking I’d use it as a reliable backup or loaner, and maybe I will. Depends on if anyone buys it It’s an older style A5 with Flatline barrel Low pressure kit WGP HPR Stock regular barrel also includes 2 loaders remote line (untested but what can go wrong?) pack that can hold a tank if I can find it scratches throughout just tested and it’s shooting 260-280 with some l

Selling my Emek comes has cs1 aluminum feedneck and double trigger.

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