Former tournament player from 20 years ago and my son is now getting into the sport. I’m looking for two complete set ups us. Obviously don’t have to both be from the same person. Preferably speedball style electros. Let me know what you have and how much, thanks!   submitted by   /u/jacbt99

Been out of the sport for over 10 years, and when moving recenlty I found out someone stole my old gear bag with my cocker pump and bob long marq6, tank, masks etc. Been getting nostalgic and thinking about picking it up again. Looking for a cheap pump and would be willing to buy more gear as well.   submitted by   /u/530farm

Honestly anything reliable. A full setup would be best but even just a solid Tippmann marker ect would be great   submitted by   /u/scrotesmuhgoats [link]   [com

As I I said I am getting desperate to get my first marker just shoot a me deal and I would prefer a mini gs or even an axe.   submitted by   /u/benderboi05 [link]  

I’m buying the bundle for the freak inserts and barrel kit, but these are included too. Trying to figure out if they’re worth anything/what they even are. Thanks! Image:   submitted by   /u/mermicide

Looking for any markers, electronic or mechanical, with a unique or custom anodizing, splash, gradients, textured, pretty much anything. Preferably nothing with text or words. Have my main marker and backup and now just looking for something fun. Planet eclipse, Shocker, Dye, and Luxe are all brands I’d consider. Pm me with what you have!   submitted by   /u/sisyphus6ix Hammerhead Battlestixx and .684 Battlestixx. Complete set of 98 sizers and .683, .679 Ion sizers. Tacamo Blizzard with Shaped projectile bolt, lock bolt, 5 mags, tank air thru stock (no tank), hand guard. Tippman 98 with Etrigger Tippman 98 Tippmann A-5 (no hopper) All the markers have been rebuild with new orings, valves, and springs in the last f

Looking for some gear and maybe a gun and some stuff and I have nothing and I am a beginner so I’m just looking for any old hand me downs or stuff people don’t want anymore that will suit me well. Thanks   submitted by   /u/benderboi05 [link]

I am getting into tournament ball and need a electronic marker. Looking for something pretty cheap. Lmk if y’all got anything. I only buy through paypal.   submitted by   /u/AustinElliott02 [link]  

I have 2 markers I'd like to move on to people who can put them to good use. First is a Dangerous Power G4 in Frost White with blue accents. Excellent condition, no leaks, noid functions as it should. I did not test with paint. Asking 200 shipped and PP. Second is a NIB Planet Eclipse E

Retails for $699.99-$649.99 and It is in mint condition with no scratches or dents and comes with everything it would brand new. I only played a few games with it before covid hit and the marker was left in my closet. The carry box for the marker and the barrels is a bit dirty and worn. The marker has an issue where it shoots perfectly slowly but when you rapid-fire it struggles to feed air. My local paintball shop said it needed to be cleaned internally but I h

Retails for $699.99-$649.99 and It is in mint condition with no scratches or dents and works perfectly. I’ve only played a few games with it. The carry case is a worn a bit with it being scratched up and dirty but other than that everything is used like new. PM for more info and pictures.   submitted by   /u/BigO

Like the post says, looking for a used mini or something of the nature. Needs to be shipped to East Coast of Canada. (I'll pay) Budget: $350-$500 range   submitted by   /u/Papa_Nox [link]  

Hey guys, looking for a new marker. I want something with a soft shot that is in pretty good and working condition! Prefer fun colors, patterns or annos. Pink is #1, but bright red, watermelon 2 tone, bubblegum 2 tone, bright green, bright blue, bright purple, any splash pattern are cool too I’m located in the US, pm me with what you have! Open to other electros with a soft shot   submitted by  

Hello guys, I am moving and can't bring all this stuff with me. So I selling all of my paintball gear, caveat being that I want to sell everything at once (as opposed to individual items). PRICE for everything: $700 OBO Most of these items were bought around 2012, used sparingly for the next two years, and then never touched again. All of my gear in is mint condition. As you will see in the pictures, I have original boxes, parts, and even do

Needs to be cheap but work pretty good. Wanna get into pump but don’t wanna go all in before even trying it. Thanks. Budget 100-150   submitted by   /u/NTG_BioHazard [link]  

Bring me deals I can’t pass up. For sure need a loader and a tank reg   submitted by   /u/gfmsfootball6560 [link]   [com

If you have any old smart parts gear, tanks, markers (shoebox, impulse, sft, nxt), private labels, parts, etc. I am looking to buy, message me with what you have. Thanks in advance   submitted by   /u/Mac_Adamia [link]  

Getting back into the sport, need everything. Open to offers, looking for a pump. I'd consider an emek though, seems like mechanical is the way to go these days. Have a pretty flexible budget. Could be tempted to pay more for the right gun, but looking for something semi budget friendly to get back into things. Thanks   submitted by   /u/csmoore

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