Up for sale is my beloved 170R. Looking for $1025 with everything. Don't want to part it. Would prefer to keep this all together. Included: 170R with all stock goodies. White grips and white Shaft FL sleeves. Two Shaft FL backs. 677 and 689. Infamous Silencio Tip. Infamous Deuce Trigger. Mech Frame. Deadlywinds Hair Valve. Let me know if you have questions. White/Silver 170R

Have a set of slightly used JT Proflex in GREAT condition. Prizm 2.0 lens, black frames and bottoms. Semi-rare “Bukkake Gangbang” strap, has some yellowing but easily cleaned. Will also include the OG black/white JT strap. $130 OBO shipped or trade for i5’s. Proflexproflex2   submitted by   /u/Gh

It is pretty much in perfect condition. I was thinking around $350. What do you guys think is the max I can sell it for?   submitted by   /u/EggAtDeath [link]  

  submitted by   /u/jdwmp5 [link]  

Selling a planet eclipse etek 3 with a dye rotor and a valken pod pack which price is the best View Poll   submitted by   /u/Upbeat_Papaya_6816 [link]  

Comes with all stock items. I have an st3 bolt I can include. $375 with the hard tip, $400 with both. etha2   submitted by   /u/Basic_Pomegranate402 [link]  

I'm looking to buy an Invert mini Virtue Oled board because my dads screen broke on his unexpected, he has his this mini since I was around 7 right when they came out. For my 20th birthday I want to get him a present cause he was the one that got me into the sport. Any help finding one would also be appreciated!   submitted by   /u/notareddituserreally

Red/Orange Planet Eclipse no issues. Comes with what’s pictured. Barrel has .677 Freak XL insert. Asking $600 TYD or any reasonable offers. https://imgur.com/a/aBZde98   submitted by   /u/Something_CHUNKY [link

NOTE: Shipping included pictures Bunkerkings Fly Elbow Pads (Size S/M)- $40 Unused, Test fit Gopro Hero + (Plus)- $45 Never been hit, for $10 more will include SD card and an HK mask mount (includes the camera screw, 2 short mounting screws, and 2 long mounting screws + more if i can find them) Bundled- $80 edit: price reduced   submitted by &#

Images Bob Long Onslaught - Works great, bought recently and never ended up using it. Does not have original case, a few small scratches, and bolt release area pretty beat. Recently checked by a Bob Long tech, 4c eyes, upgraded feedneck, one piece barrel, F1 grips - $380 TYD comment before pming please   submitted by   /u/TrueeM

Long shot, but I really want a Dye I5 blackout version. If anyone has one that they are will to part with lmk. Edit: Just to clear up any confusion this is the Dye I5 blackout version, it is not just black. It was a limited edition mask back in 2019? and if anyone has one for sale please lmk.   submitted by   /u/FitzChan

  submitted by   /u/steppaoppanag

pictures NOTES: Fees are included in price, this mask was used for AIRSOFT only. Dye i5 Onyx- $110 shipped Fielded 10~ times. Great condition. foam is still soft and in good condition. it didnt see more than 2 summer games, so the foam wasnt exposed to much sweat. ratchet strap works as expected. a slight bend in the left ear due to storage, this is purely cosmetic. lens has a few small scratches unn

Looking for 850$ shipped perfect condition https://imgur.com/VF49M4f https://imgur.com/4DTSTJk https://imgur.com/pgqliUO https://imgur.com/mG7p9h7   submitted by   /u/cuscus7

As the title says. Thank you   submitted by   /u/AschruteBuck [link]   [comments]

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