Hi folks, I've never publicly advertised my services, but some of you have been using them for years. If you've seen Mike199's excellent "I fix Egos" thread, my routine is identical for my personal markers that I buy or for markers that I refresh, rebuild and rejuvenate. In other words, I'm highly detailed and hate grime/contaminants with a burning passion. However, my expertise is not limited to Egos (feel free to leave those to Mike), but to just about

I just ordered and replaced my OLED screen from ape and it's still not turning on. The board works fine. Just the screen won't light up. The repair went smooth(as far as I know) but it still won't light up. Anyway someone could be kind and point me in the right direction?

I want to restore a 2k2 shock tech Timmy. I’ve bought some parts but it may take a little more than what I’ve got bought. Hit me up if you know anybody that works on them or that point me in the right direction

Live in Baltimore there is no where to go to get paintball gun repaired couple yrs ago it was a spot name pevs paintball but closed down great techs wonder what happen to the techs I need yal

I have what i believe is a Proto PMR 10, im getting a flashing green light and dont know how to fix it. I've cleaned the eyes and no luck i believe they might be bad, being an older gun is that something that's still out there to replace?

I havent played for several years and want to get back into it... i have 2 guns that need to be serviced... Pretty much all the 3 guns needs complete overhaul and cleaning.. 1. Black magic needs a complete cleaning, tuning, sweetspotted etc.. 2. Automag that I want to get completely rebuilt... i want to upgrade the parts to ULE 3. Bob long Vice needs a proper cleaning please let me know whos available? anthony

I'm in the U.S. and have a buyer for something I put up for sale who is from canada, and since I have maybe only ever shipped internationally a couple times, last time being well over 10 years ago, I do not know how to find a reasonable quote when I use shipping calculators on usps, ups, and fed-ex. All I want to ship is a tank cover and it could easily fit in a bubble envelope, but Im having bad luck with those calculators and keep getting quotes from around $26-$80 wen I try to describe t

please and thank you. i’ve been watching vids but would like to hear from someone who’s shot/chrono one of these first so i don’t make any mistakes.

Hey PbNation! 👋 Need a new gun? We know...another trade-in program :rolleyes: ...but did you know that trading with a reputable company decreases your chances of getting scammed and costs no extra fees? We even give higher credit to return customers! :D That’s right, if you have previously done business with us, you

Hi, I'm Mike, and I specialize in working on 05-09 Egos, including the SL66/74/8R/94. I purchased (and still own) my first Ego in 2007 when I was 17, and I've been hooked ever since. I've been collecting, rebuilding, restoring, buying and selling Egos ever since. I have yet to encounter a problem I couldn't fix with an Ego. My services include: Restoring Have a rare Ego with non-original parts that you'd like to put back to stock? I pride myself

So guys, due to a horrible motorcycle accident 2.5 years ago and my left leg being amputated below my knee i've decided to go back 20 years and dig in to paintball again. Im starting a business check us out at www.PiratePb.com Seen* ducking autocorrect ;) :evilgrin: ;) :tup: :tup:

Just picked up a Shocker RSX and it’s leaking from everywhere. Anyone know of a reliable place to send it to get it serviced. I’m not to great at teching so I’d like someone else to help me out. Thanks

Get you marker serviced and a DYNO done on it. Yes I have opened my door to Marker Service and Tuning. Have an Azodin Reg and want to get the Best out of it? Look no further than Docfire. Want to make your marker run at its best, then get it tuned on a marker DYNO. https://docfirepaintball.com/

Fellow Nationers, With the recent passing of Tim Montressor, I find myself wanting to commemorate him. Tim was my idol growing into paintball. Starting in 04 watching videos if Philly winning back to back NXL titles, to the merger of the leagues and Philly winning the super cold Texas Open. Being from Edmonton Alberta, when he came to Edmonton Impact, I was beyond excited, but the 2nd places kept chasing him it seemed. Moving to Damage, those players really embody

Looking for a Hydro testing facility that can do an ISO tank? I'm in LA I heard there was places in Cali when I moved here. Or I'll ship if I need to.

Is there a place to get hydro done on some tanks in houston rn?

Hello Everyone I used to do a lot of work back in the day to a variety of markers and equipment. Looking to get back into it as I have a large amount of free time now. I am located in a small town in Manitoba Canada, I am capable of almost anything with the exception of anodizing and some machining (can do tuning, repairs, restorations, builds, polishing, machining,etc.). So if you have any requests just inbox me and we can talk. P!ease see the below for my resume: - MQ2 p

Looking for a metal eye pipe for the PM8/DM7, Ill start off by saying I know this has been done by ccluff2 on the forum. However after checking eBay and PMing multiple times, sadly I don't think he is around or makes them anymore. I'm looking to see if there are any machinists out there that could pick up where he left off. We can negotiate price as I know this would be a limited run thing. However I would rather pay up front to have a permanent solution than drop

I can rebuild your Gen 1 Invert Mini ASA. $35 includes return shipping PM me for questions.

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