Fellow Nationers, With the recent passing of Tim Montressor, I find myself wanting to commemorate him. Tim was my idol growing into paintball. Starting in 04 watching videos if Philly winning back to back NXL titles, to the merger of the leagues and Philly winning the super cold Texas Open. Being from Edmonton Alberta, when he came to Edmonton Impact, I was beyond excited, but the 2nd places kept chasing him it seemed. Moving to Damage, those players really embody

Looking for a Hydro testing facility that can do an ISO tank? I'm in LA I heard there was places in Cali when I moved here. Or I'll ship if I need to.

Is there a place to get hydro done on some tanks in houston rn?

Hello Everyone I used to do a lot of work back in the day to a variety of markers and equipment. Looking to get back into it as I have a large amount of free time now. I am located in a small town in Manitoba Canada, I am capable of almost anything with the exception of anodizing and some machining (can do tuning, repairs, restorations, builds, polishing, machining,etc.). So if you have any requests just inbox me and we can talk. P!ease see the below for my resume: - MQ2 p

Looking for a metal eye pipe for the PM8/DM7, Ill start off by saying I know this has been done by ccluff2 on the forum. However after checking eBay and PMing multiple times, sadly I don't think he is around or makes them anymore. I'm looking to see if there are any machinists out there that could pick up where he left off. We can negotiate price as I know this would be a limited run thing. However I would rather pay up front to have a permanent solution than drop

I can rebuild your Gen 1 Invert Mini ASA. $35 includes return shipping PM me for questions.

Hi friends, my name ist Tobi, and you can hire me. I travel from Germany to report about the NXL in Las Vegas. To finance my trip I offer you professional video support in every division. You are interested in raw data of 2-4 games or want to have a finished highlight video of your team. I am your man. You need for Instagram 8-10 videos of you or your team. Directly at the NXL in Las Vegas you will get what you need. Just contact me. You're loo

I work as a graphic designer and manufacture stickers signs etc I have attached some of my teams artwork that I fully created I do sublation with a 25 shirt minimum stickers with 50$ minimum and graphic design at 25$an hr banners etc I can recreat your teams logo or we can start from scratch I have attached some examples of my work https://imgur.com/a/1KqNHH8 Phone 843-nine07

I am going to play paintball on saturday, and I need two of my markers fixed up and ready to go. About markers: 2004 Autococker (bolt is stuck in the main body and I can't get it out). 2007 Autococker Trilogy (put a pump kit on it and I havent really been able to get it to stop leaking air. I would like this to be taken care of, with the pump kit still installed. Please send me a private message if any techs are interested. I will drop my marker

Anyone do logo design? Have an idea of a simple logo but would need it in vector format. Thanks!

I have this pe etek 5 with oled I purchased new a few months back. I’ve only used it like 2-3 times, worked great no problems. Then out of no where the gun went into setup mode and will not exit the mode, the marker will not shit off either. I have to take the battery out in order to shut it down. When battery is put back in marker still is in setup mode. Anyone have a solution to fix this problem

I have a JRAB LV1.5 and a set of parabolics. I sent in a quote request to Blizzard but my conversations with them 2 years ago was slightly negative towards the Parabolic barrels being cheap china metal. What other anodizers are out there that I can get a quote from? Has anyone else annod Parabolics? Who did you use and how was the quality?

Looking for someone to repair my Trilogy pump autococker and my Mink. Details below: -Ever since I put a slash pump kit on the autococker, I haven’t been able to air it up and try it due to a pretty big leak (from grip frame and barrel). -I took apart my Mini in order to reset the solenoid, but I cannot unscrew the third screw on it. So basically I want a leak fixed on the Autococker, and as for the Mini, I’d like its solenoid to be serviced/rese

Im looking for someone to custom make a barrel that can accept freak xl inserts. Msg me if you can and for more details.

Does anyone know how to fix a mini GS shoot down issue?

I am offering a service to repair/tune 2k11 and 2k12 g6r's. Have a leak? Have problem with your marker not shooting? Have a problem with high pressure settings to get it shoot 300fps? I can guarantee to get your g6r shooting phenomenal. Pressure settings will vary but I have gotten stock markers with no lp poppit very low. For example, totally stock g6r 155 hpr and 60 lpr 290 to 300fps. Dwell at 6 shooting super consistent at + - 5. Keep in mind this is with a quality paint and a good bore

Have a bad board that needs to be fixed up. Check out Zero X Technologies. https://zeroxtech01231.wixsite.com/z...FJhmVTxB_zXaDM https://www.facebook.com/

Looking for custom decals work. Need logo printed and team name. Please contact if you can do it.

I need to get a insepshon designs retro hornet cocker serviced and need to get some stuff repaired on a 06 ego that I or My local pro shop caint figure out. Any recommendations. I know ANS gear does repairs but I don't know how reliable they are.

I am coming up on 10 years in the paintball industry owning and teching guns, I have owned many guns in various brands, and have teched all my own guns and help tech guns at my local field, I have started fixing guns locally and I want to offer this service to others, I am familiar with: Dye: DM 7-15 NT 10-11 Planet Eclipse: Geo 1-3.1 Ego 5-11 Etek 1-5 Etha Proto: All models Azodin: All mo

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