Hi all, I have a Carbon IC barrel with a .687 back for sale. Pretty good shape with some wear on the tip. Not looking to trade. Asking $100 shipped, you cover fees. Also have a Deadlywind Fibur X8 barrel (FreakXL one) with no insert. $80 Pictures! https://photos.app.goo.gl/7tDfJh8VFAtZNtYo6

HK LAZR Barrel Kit Black with black inserts Autococker thread. HK Army LAZR KIT Like new in box condition 175 shipped

Got the barrel in a lot years ago, never had an autococker threaded marker so it's just been sitting in a box since then. I'm actually only like 99% sure it AC threaded based on pictures, I've been unable to test it and it's the unlabeled barrel so research says that makes it .688. Tried to sell it locally but had no biters, what is this thing even worth anyway? Probably will be willing to ship if it's worth it.   submitted by  

Used a handful of times but is still in great condition. Asking price is $90 or best offer I’m in Orange County, California

This barrel was used twice and is in original box. Fires beams and is in new condition. PM me and I'll send you the pics. Selling for $40 or best offer. Retails right now for $80.

I have a brand new Infamous Silencio one piece barrel in gloss silver. It's AC threaded and takes standard freak inserts. Brand new still in the tube. $80 shipped or trade for Freak XL kit. At work right now so if interested text 9126221322 for pics.

Wtb Hk Army Autococker Threaded Lazr Barrel Kit W/ Black Inserts - Dust Black.

Aluminum Shaft FL - .689 - AC threaded - $70 Dye CF-S Boomstick - .680 - AC threaded - $80 Freak barrel - .689 insert - AC threaded - $75 Looking to sell complete barrel, not parting.

Like the title says. Photos and prices   submitted by   /u/jmcdonald0719 [link]   [comments]

Like the title says, I'm looking for a 14in Apex 2 barrel cocker threads if someone has one they're willing to part with. Thanks

Barrel Bonanza!!! 98 Thread Stock 98 Barrels $10 each PMI Razzor 14" big bore (.695+) $20 Dye Boomstick Stainless Steel 14" big bore (.695+) $40 A5 Thread Pi chrome 12" big bore (.695+) $15 Stock Pro Carbine/Lite barrels $10 each J&J 14" .692 bore $25 Cocker Thread JCS gloss black 6.5" .691 appears to have linear rifling $30

looking for a purple luxe x accent kit - eager buyer -

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