Dye CF-S Boomstick - .680 - AC threaded - $120 Looking to sell complete barrel, not parting.

https://imgur.com/a/xt0QsxS Pm me with any additional questions. DW comes with a 689 standard freak insert. XL does not come with insert but I’ll throw in a 687 for $10 if you buy it. Freak XL barrel and tip- $65+ ship deadlywinds carbon fiber- $40+ ship

Looking for an Evil Pipe kit in good condition to go into a collection. Willing to go up to $100 shipped for excellent condition backs. Looking for blue/black fade Ultra tip, but willing to go for a kit with any color/condition tip as long as the backs and case are in excellent condition.

I’ve got a dust red freak xl autococker back as well as a dust red freak xl 14 inch tip. They’re brand new but the color doesn’t match perfectly and my ocd can’t handle it lol 40$ and you pay shipping. https://ibb.co/6rFfy7Y https://ibb.co/x301sfR

Looking for a 10" or 12" freak front tip in dust red

WTS J and J Edge CCI Phantom Barrel Kit. It comes in dust black. Only one back was used. Kit still in excellent shape. Asking price $108 shipped. Buyer pays fees if using PayPal.

Full Shaft FL barrel kit. Gold backs, carbon fiber tip. Sizes: .677, .681, .685 and .689. Used the .681 back once for less than a case of paint. None of the other backs have been used. No wear on the carbon. $175 to your door. http://imgur.com/gallery/Z2pP9BT

3 Barrels For Sale! A) CP 1 Piece (Original) 14" Barrel - Gloss Black $24 after fees, shipped. B) CP 1 Piece Advantage 14" Barrel - Gloss Black $36 after fees, shipped.

Price: $90 after fees, shipped to you. Includes: .679 .685 .691 14" Tip Threads: Autococker. Color: Dust Black. Minor finish irregularities (see photos, no impact on performance). Condition: Light wear on outside; inside bore is flawless mirror.

Hi there I have two of these brand new and still in box. Looking for $40 shipped each. or $75 shipped for both. For trades, Id be intereste

I have a full freak classic kit up for sale. The barrel front and back are dust black and in great condition. Inserts included are: .679 .682 (x2) .684 .687 .689 .691 .695 Price: $110 shipped, you cover PayPal fees. Can get more pictures on request.

Have a dust black HK army LAZR barrel kit. Bought a new gun and decided I want to use a matching PE FL barrel instead. Only used a handful of times. Price: $180 shipped obo Will get pictures up tonight.

9 piece TechT iFIT sizer kit . Has a Tippmann A5 / X7 back . Backs to fit other guns are available through TechT. They also have converters to use say a Cocker barrel on an Ion and more. Sizes: 667 670 673 676 679 682 685 688 692 . Comes is the storage case. $80 shipped https://paintballcity.org/image/techt-ifit.HHi0

Smart Parts/GOG Freak Insert Kit Stainless Steel w/soft case. $90 ***NO barrel included*** Inserts are in great shape. No dents or nicks. Case is in great shape. Zipper is in good shape. Buyer pays for the PayPal and shipping fees. Shipping only to the lower 48 states.

I’m looking for the 6 inch freak tip that can mount an Apex barrel. Apex Ready Freak Front   submitted by   /u/Knight4612 [link]

I have a full Warped Sportz Lucky 15 barrel kit for sale or trade. 685, 689, 691, 693. All barrels are 15” and come with the case. Sell price is $90. Will trade for Spire IR SF’s, size medium jerseys, infamous silencio tip, FL backs, infamous or hk arm pads, etc.

Have an extra used impulse/ion freak barrel back. Asking $45 shipped obo https://imgur.com/a/kapGc1I https://imgur.com/a/rJX5mHo https://imgur.com/a/x

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