​ Comes with GI barrel kit and case. PM for more photos!   submitted by   /u/Matt_kellz [link]

Ideally I’m looking for ones that are new that people never used and want to sell but I’ll consider slightly used stuff also but really only looking for new or like new condition for this stuff. dm if you have anything like this thanks!   submitted by   /u/geodudesbellybutton

Looking for a used autococker threaded dye barrel back; black, red, or dyecam. Preferred 0.688-0.692 bore.   submitted by   /u/rcocca [link]   [

ISO a clean electric purple freak kit tip and back. Don’t really care about inserts as I can always buy those but if you have them and throw them in that’s a plus! Must have cocker threads and would prefer a freak tip over an all American. Thanks everyone!   submitted by   /u/Dogelyfeee

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