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Pictures Tried to get back into it, just don't have the time or money to keep up with it and now I'm gettin out. All prices are shipped fees included Bob Long Vanquish - I haven't used it, have firing video from previous seller (don't have an aired up tank myself), has been gone over by a bob long tech, has F1 grips and modified feed neck. I'll toss in the barrel squeegee $410 Ninja SL - Hydro'd 7/

Just bought this Etha 2 two weeks ago brand new and fired about 2 cases of paint through it. Works excellent and practically brand new. Just wanna switch up brands and try something else out. Will consider all trades but favoring macdev guns.   submitted by   /u/CanAvailable8138

Looking for bundles   submitted by   /u/AgnosticStopSign [link]   [comments] Selling my TM40. Marker is in excellent condition, less than 2 cases through. Original deal fell through. Asking $1350, price includes fees and shipping.   submitted by   /u/tangoxray1 [link] Deal fell through so I’m going to repost. Selling my TM40. Marker is in excellent condition less than 2 cases through it. Asking $1350. Price includes shipping and fees.   submitted by   /u/tangoxray1 [link]

Hey PaintballBST, Just wanted to let you know that I’m goin’ through a rough patch right now and won’t be as active as I’d like for a few weeks. This inactivity is specifically in regards to updating the Feedback List. I’ll try my best to hop on and update it every now and then, but no guarantees. If you do end up requesting to be put on the list, PLEASE message me with proof (screenshots, listing, chat logs, etc). It make

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I am looking to purchase a legendary Bob Long Intimidator Dragon G6R or 2k5. I used to play back in the day and I always wanted one. Now I am getting back into the sport, and I am ready to buy yours. Serious Sellers Only! Please provide pics, must be in 100% working order. Will pay top dollar. Prefer black color but open to any. Will pay with Paypal, will pay paypal invoice fee, shipping to my po box. Let's gooooo. &

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Willing to pay up to $300 depending on condition. The better condition, the closer to 300.   submitted by   /u/michaelcruzjr [link]   [comments] Selling my TM40. Marker is in excellent condition. Less than 2 cases on it. Asking $1375. Price includes shipping and fees.   submitted by   /u/tangoxray1 [link]  

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