Pro Jersey Sale: Ollie Lang Dynasty, Aftershock, AAs, Avalanche, Ironmen, Rage & More

Thinning down the collection a bit, but will absolutely consider trades for other older pro jerseys. Feel free to contact me on facebook if that’s easier (Bryan Baker). Happy to make deals if you’re buying multiple items. Jerseys I'm looking to trade for or buy are:
  • '97-'01 Image
  • '99-'02 Avalanche (especially any '00 snow camo)
  • '01-'05 Dynasty
  • '97-'02 Aftershock
  • '96-'01 Ironmen
  • '04-'06 XSV
  • Any old Ironkids, Diggers, Outta Control, KAPP Factory, GAP Factory, Lofty, Monkeys, The Family, jerseys, longsleeves, shirts, or headbands/wraps.
  • Any Brad Waterman, Oliver Lang, Chris Lasoya, Rocky Cagnoni, Matty Marshall, Ron Kilborne, or Keely Watson jerseys

Ralphie Sotelo ’92-’94 Aftershock Advantage BDU (Tim Schloss). Ralphie put his initials on the tag. Purchased this directly from Renick. $400 shipped & pp'ed

Renick Miller '98 Aftershock from Las Vegas. Apparently players used to cut these up to try and get balls to drop and a few less breaks. Purchased this directly from Renick. $500 shipped & pp'ed

Spesh Robinson ’02 All Americans. $275 shipped & pp’ed

John Dyle ’01 Avalanche. This was a custom order by a fan and is a size XL. $100 shipped & pp’ed.

Chris Lasoya Avalanche Remake. Chris had it custom made and has confirmed he played a few events in it although he couldn’t remember which ones. There are a few other similar ones that were never played in, but those ones don’t have any sponsors on them. $500 shipped & pp’ed.

Jason “FK” Edwards ’12 Damage Jersey. $125 shipped & pp’ed

Oliver Lang '04 Dynasty Jersey. This is not match worn as indicated by the lack of sponsors on the front of the jersey and screen printed name on the back. These were given out by Ollie, sold at event booths, or available on a small number of websites. They haven't been available in 15+ years and even retail versions such as this are getting near impossible to find. $1150 shipped & pp'ed.

Todd “Cash Money” Martinez Dynasty Practice Jersey. This was made from an '04/'05 jersey when JT was trying to get back into the motorcross scene. Sales didn't go as hoped, so there were a number of left over jerseys. John and Rita were pretty cool about letting the guys have unsold stuff and also letting Skinny Kev play around on the vinyl cutters and heat presses. Todd confirmed this is a practice jersey from when he was on Dynasty and has his Ironkids symbol on the back. $500 shipped & pp'ed.

Hans Semelsberger ’03 Farside. Hans was also the lead engineer at Smart Parts and later GOG, as well as playing for the AAs in some of their glory years. $150 shipped & pp’ed.