Custom Anodized Geo 3.5 for sale

Haven't played in years due to some medical issues, finally clearing out all the old equipment.

I never got to play with it much, but when I did it worked wonderfully and had no mechanical issue or leaks at all, so mechanically I'm comfortable saying its a 9.5/10 just because its sat for a few years now and probably needs a tune-up.

Cosmetically it is near perfect. I've scoured over this thing and the only faults I can find is that the Planet Eclipse logo has a small crack in the bottom right hand corner on the left side of the grip (pictured) and the tiniest nick inside the the threading on the front, it is pictured but hard to see both in the picture and real life, and has no visibility when the barrel is screwed on. Due to this, I will give it a 9.5/10 and stress emphatically that the rest of it is clean and there is not a single scratch anywhere in the anodization. Please look carefully through the pictures and I will be happy to take any more that you need, just let me know.

Extra info: It comes with a GSL bolt with hard and soft tips, a full O-ring kit, PE grease, PE tool kit, instruction manual and PE hard case. The hard case is pretty beat up on the outside but its serviceable. The shot counter is at just under 48k, but the original owner told me that the Anodization was done at around 40k so 8k shots through it since its fresh coat of paint.

Price: $750 shipped you pay fees or gift, not interested in trades as I am currently out of the sport.

here is the nick on the inside of the front threading, its the white dot inside the upper portion.

here is the small crack on the bottom right of the PE logo