MG100 Sniper with Extras - $1300 OBO [WTS]


I've got an MG100 sniper build with a ton of extras and wanted to see what the going rate would be for the lot. I used it for 5 Saturdays and haven't had the chance to play again. I put a camo wrap around it so underneath it is in excellent condition. I also have a $100 credit at MCSUS that I'll include (you tell me what you want and I'll have it shipped or I can order and then ship it with the other gear) It includes:

MG100 Sniper with Supremacy Paintball Scope

Empire EVS Thermal Mask

10 round mag x6

20 round mag CF20 x3

1050 first strike rounds

Half bag of first strike reusable target rounds

2 tanks (1 in gun stock)

Tactical vest with mag pouches

4 Tippmann paint grenades

Camo pants with knee guard

Remote Coil

Gun case and backpack

Misc items such as cleaning brushes

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