New to forums need help getting started!!!

Hey guys, I have a whole bunch of beautiful markers I'm always open to trades on, need help posting pics!!!!
Collection is as follows

Lv1.6 -marker was recieved on 4/20 this year and is gold with apple green accents with custom pot leaf laser engraving.. has a pooty bolt, gold silencio tip,gold infamous trigger as well as all extras as well as a ssc pressure tester .. This gun is brand new!!!!!

Geo 3.5- marker is orange with silver accents with a fresh full rebuild, solenoid, board, eyes, and o rings with a gsl trigger (installed) infamous duece and marker comes with all original extras.... 6.5/10 cosmetic 10/10 working

Gi stealth -160r marker is gold with black accents, ssc soft tip installed with an infamous duece trigger installed aswell..all origional extras 9/10 cosmetic 10/10 working

Inception designs emek- marker is black with gold accents, with ssc soft tip, deadly winds trigger valve, fang trigger,pops asa, tooless bolt cap. Marker is both 10/10 cosmetically and working condition

Again please help me get these up so we can get some trading started, really looking for a g6r as well as a few other older markers, thanks!