I Fix Egos

Hi, I'm Mike, and I specialize in working on 05-09 Egos, including the SL66/74/8R/94.

I purchased (and still own) my first Ego in 2007 when I was 17, and I've been hooked ever since. I've been collecting, rebuilding, restoring, buying and selling Egos ever since. I have yet to encounter a problem I couldn't fix with an Ego.

My services include:

Have a rare Ego with non-original parts that you'd like to put back to stock? I pride myself in being an amateur historian of Egos, and I'd be happy to help you bring your Ego back to factory condition.

Have an old Ego laying around in your basement that you'd like to take to the field? Before you do, your gun could use a thorough cleaning, o-ring rebuild, and service to ensure reliable performance. It's also likely that your ball detents - and rammer bumper, if you have an 05/06 - have turned to mush.

Tech Services
Does your Ego have an issue that has you (or even the tech at your local field) stumped? I consider myself an expert on Egos, and I'll stop at nothing to ensure that your marker can get back on the field where it belongs.

I charge $20/hr plus the cost of parts and shipping to and from NJ. I pride myself in communication and provide regular updates along the way, and I always get permission before replacing a high-ticket item like a solenoid, that way you have no surprises. I also provide a shooting video over a chrono to ensure top performance before returning your Ego to you.

Here is my fairly new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ROFAirsmithing

And here's some of the Egos I have teched and tuned for my awesome customers and fellow Ego enthusiasts:

06 Nexus Ego
This Nexus needed a thorough cleaning and complete o-ring rebuild top to bottom prior to sale. The new owner is thrilled to have this incredibly smooth Nexus.

XSV Ego9
This Ego required a full service and a rebuild of the HPR.

This Ego6 required a thorough cleaning, full o-ring rebuild, HPR repairs, a new rammer bumper, and extensive tuning. As a result, the owner now has one incredible shooting classic Ego.

Planet Eclipse markers don't require upgrading, as they are near perfect out of the box. That said, this grey/fern Ego8 received a full service in addition to a few tasteful upgrades. A POPs asa handles airing up and de-gassing the marker, while a set of Bump LPR/HPR pistons and a Zick rammer make this Ego shoot buttery smooth.

The owner of this Ego7 was told to hang it up on the wall by a Certified PE Tech! I rebuilt the marker top to bottom and got it running perfectly.

05 Ego
This is my personal restoration project. I have always loved this fade and when I saw this shell for sale I knew I had to buy it and restore it back to its former glory. Making Egos whole again, rather than parting them out, is a passion project of mine.

Maniac Ego6
This Maniac required a full rebuild including a new rammer bumper and a new HPR piston.

06 XSV Ego
This marker required a full rebuild and the screws tightening the rail needed to be extracted.

Eclipse Pro Autococker
Though I specialize in early Egos, I am passionate about any Eclipse marker. This autococker needed a full rebuild in addition to a few tasteful upgrades - a Nexus Ram & LPR, an Eclipse rail and POPs asa, and a clamping feedneck (which the owner plans to have anodized to match).

06 XSV Ego
This marker needed a service and tune before selling, and in the end it shot beautifully.

05 Ego
A customer brought me a 1/100 05 Edo fade body with a regulator and asked me to build him a gun. This was a fun one!