Tim Montressor Tritube

Fellow Nationers,
With the recent passing of Tim Montressor, I find myself wanting to commemorate him.
Tim was my idol growing into paintball. Starting in 04 watching videos if Philly winning back to back NXL titles, to the merger of the leagues and Philly winning the super cold Texas Open.
Being from Edmonton Alberta, when he came to Edmonton Impact, I was beyond excited, but the 2nd places kept chasing him it seemed.
Moving to Damage, those players really embody what I consider true X-ball. Counter punch, in your face paintball. I felt there was a win in the future, but the Russians won out in '17.
The fanboy in me was beyond excited when he came to Edmonton, Alberta last year to attend the CPPL Nationals and signed my Tim Montressor East Coast All Star Jersey that I bought back in '06 I believe. Its my favorite jersey and all my best pictures of playing have me wearing this awesome jersey.
Like the NYX guys, The #40 is now retired and cannot be worn. Instead it will be framed!

I was reaching out to see if anyone knows the game this jersey was created for and am wanting to get 2 high res pictures to include in a frame for this jersey.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if someone was wanting to sell the photos or even print and ship them, I am absolutely open to that.

Appreciate your time and thanks very much