Canadian Air Smith Looking For Work

Hello Everyone
I used to do a lot of work back in the day to a variety of markers and equipment. Looking to get back into it as I have a large amount of free time now.
I am located in a small town in Manitoba Canada, I am capable of almost anything with the exception of anodizing and some machining (can do tuning, repairs, restorations, builds, polishing, machining,etc.). So if you have any requests just inbox me and we can talk. P!ease see the below for my resume:
- MQ2 pump build
- Dye rotor mods to achieve up to 30bps
- 3 halfblock jobs
- Various mechanical cocker builds
- Various sniper builds
- Polishing (both internals and complete bodies)
- Built a brass eagle talon ghost for regulated HPA once for fun
- Various BT-4 and Tippman builds for friends (pump conversions, hammer lightening, internal work, triggers mods, camo jobs, milsim builds,etc. Lots of these in my area)
- And can repair almost any marker or equipment under the sun
Thank you!