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  submitted by   /u/fungunzbuff 1 of 1 anodizing New eyes New battery Tickler lpr Sto style ram Circuit board capacitor replaced Timed and working Currently on semi 15 bps Semi matching grips No barrel INCLUDED Charging cable. Extras it comes with Two spare 2k5 race frames Spare set of eyes Ball detents and inserts Blue 2k5 racegun front block Blue left side eye cover Some other small miscellaneous race frame par Would like to trade my etek 5 with extras for something different. Can add a couple bills for the right marker. Etek 5 with OLED. Upgraded feedneck. 689 shaft back with deadly winds whip tip. Pressure tester. Metal feedneck upgrade. Includes stock items of Allen's, oil, manual. Comes with exalt case. Additional pictures available per request. Looking for something dye, Macd

My ideal would be to have a stock meek at 200. Help me out Reddit!   submitted by   /u/Nips_Ahoy [link]   [comments]

  submitted by   /u/Xsv21 [link]  

  submitted by   /u/snuggiemclovin

Hello, Nice used 170r (fully serviced and shoots like a laser) black. Freak kit included. Everything you see in the vid $500 shipped. I dont have PayPal due to my x wife ruining my account but any other form of payment is cool. I will provide identity info if needed /my phone number /address etc. I'm a stand up person looking for fast sale ! Peace paintball peoples !

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Has to be an original red. Nothing re-anodized.   submitted by   /u/michaelcruzjr [link]   [comments]

1 blue/blue TM40 that is opened and has voice packs, thought I was going to keep it 1 black/black TM40 sealed $1,500 shipped   submitted by   /u/schu1tz [link]   [comments

  submitted by   /u/Goldigger101 [l Selling 3 clear shaft FL barrel backs. .681, .685, .689. Asking $85. Price includes shipping and fees.   submitted by   /u/tangoxray1 [link]  

Geo 3 in good conditions with no scratches, does have leak from macro line but besides that no other issues that I am aware of, comes with 4 inserts and an iv core bolt as well. Asking 450 Geo 3   submitted by   /u/bocabola

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