Yup, it’s my CS1 shipped to you for $625 includes an extra soft tip bolt, barrel cover, grease, barrel maids, and if you’d like some pods. https://imgur.com/a/FpY7kOq   submitted by   /u/UTotallyBodacious [link]

I have enough A1 Flys that I never shoot this one. I have the minireg and barrels, and it has arebuildable ram in it as well. I may consider other markers but I'm really after one of the listed two. http://imgur.com/a/iWXMu3E   submitted by   /u/cheezeweezle

Like title says wanting to buy a blue Bob Long Protege with all stock components. Let me know if you have one.   submitted by   /u/MillertimeKY [link]   [commen

Combat CS1: $600 Ninja SL77 still young: $100 lVL loader: $60 Selling my full kit for $725 ill pay shipping if you buy the lot. Purchased for $900 and only put about 3-4 cases through over 3 months. Combat CS1 Ninja SL77 Lvl loader Captain O-Ring Dow 33 A set of cleaners Original CS1 trigger Blade trigger All included Everything will be full detailed and oiled before shipping. http://imgu

Looking to buy one! Let me know if you got one for sale!   submitted by   /u/desert0mirage [link]   [comments]

I have $56 total for a new mask. I have i5s and KLRs so I'm wanting something other than those. Thanks   submitted by   /u/Jhomicide [link]   [comments]

Looking to do a 2 for 1 trade for a better marker have a axe pro blue and sliver 3900 shots on it and a axe 2.0 green and black what out there both shoot amazing   submitted by   /u/Tkmk2012 [link]  

app didnt let me upload any pictures. im selling because i no longer play as much as before and id much rather buy some tools for my shop. PM for more info.   submitted by   /u/TonyMontana214 [link]  

Like the title says just looking to get a good deal on a spire 3   submitted by   /u/soy_hydro [link]   [comments]

Looking for an ECS flashed, WAS, blackheart, or whatever other obscure crap is out there.   submitted by   /u/cpt_sparkleface [link]   [comme

Dye Era Carter Buzzard up for sale/trade It's a great shooter getting 35-38 good shots from 12g depending on weather and speed of the shots. Comes with T-Stock $450 gifted or $450 and you pay the PP fees- free shipping I am interested in phantom + cash or other stock class markers ​ https://i.imgur.com/YMsvru9.jpg   submitted by  

Empire Resurrection Gun works great and also comes with the barrel kit.   submitted by   /u/peachy_dee [link]  

9/10 cosmetic from the small nic by the barrel. 10/10 functionality. I can send more pics and make a shooting video upon request. $350 Axe pics   submitted by   /u/Nightspade [link]  

Hello, This is also posted to PBNation. Here is the PBN link Unfortunately, I have to leave the sport for a wee bit. Selling my guns is funding a business startup venture and I need the spare cash to help fund an ongoing project. PRICES ARE SEMI-FIRM BUT OFFER AWAY! Funny story about this Ripper: I was stationed in NC and I let a buddy borrow it when I went to Afghanistan. Came

Hello, This is also listed on PBNation. Here is the PBN listing . Text is borrowed from that post. I am selling my very mint Empire Resurrection due to needing funds for a business project. I bought it used, threw a bunch of Inception and AKA parts in it to make it amazing, and used it twice: once at a local field and at Iron City Classic with Veteran Militia. It shoots PERFECT. Very

Items are OBO and I'm also open to trades as long as they are in my favor. In my favor does not mean giving me something that will take forever to sell because of poor quality or extreme uniqueness. I'm also interested in trades + cash. As always cash is king. MSRP is taken from ANSgear.com for reference. **All prices include shipping (paypal users send friends and family or pay the fees)** ********BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XMR accepted and preferred

https://imgur.com/0bZEDkL.jpg   submitted by   /u/ctom2250 [link]   [comments]

Black and silver bob long phase 4c eyes in red Reflex engine never used! 450 shipped Text 315 272 6035   submitted by   /u/Warpedspeed1986 [link]  

https://i.imgur.com/Uofw02U.jpg Looking for $225 shipped. I will include extra parts to convert to open class. I also have harnesses available separately if interested.   submitted by   /u/SimGod [link]

https://imgur.com/a/HQ02Ng0 ​ would really like to trade it for a decent marker ( mechanical would be ideal ) Trade/paypal Comes with everything in the imgur ( I.E Tank hopper marker ) Hopper is close to new used once or twice Hydro on tank is 12/14 Marker has some minor scratches along barrel but other than that works flawlessly   sub

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