Looking for a pump marker for $400 or less   submitted by   /u/willard_swag [link]   [comments]

  submitted by   /u/DSPNYNJ

  submitted by   /u/fishbotanist [link]   [comments]

  submitted by   /u/Basic_Pomegranate402 [link]   [comments]

https://imgur.com/a/ZEdrjTM Selling my 170R (8k shots) and CS2 (15k shots). Markers are in excellent shape and will come with everything pictured. CS2 will come with Infamous Deuce trigger and Silencio FL tip. Asking $650 for the 170R and 1050 for the CS2.   submitted by   /u/tangoxray1

Would like to purchase a jt Jersey. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg.   submitted by   /u/Tadpole561 [link]   [comments]

https://imgur.com/a/rxNYKRW Selling my CS2 and 170R. Asking $1150 for the CS2 and $650 for the 170R. CS2 will come with full FL kit + deuce trigger + silencio tip. 170R will come standard. Prices include shipping and fees.   submitted by   /u/tangoxray1

I have these two gems from the mid 2000's. Having these in hand brings me back to 2005 flipping through an APG magazine, but I'm considering letting go for the right price. Evil Omen with black/silver fade splash ano Turns on, trips sear but has not been tested with air - $250USD shipped Pics: https://imgur.com/5fMUkLL https://imgur.com/yR03A7p

Looking to pick up a Bob Long g6r if anyone has one floating in a gear bag they wish to part with.   submitted by   /u/stablarf [link]   [comments]

  submitted by   /u/Fishgrinder

Got the barrel in a lot years ago, never had an autococker threaded marker so it's just been sitting in a box since then. I'm actually only like 99% sure it AC threaded based on pictures, I've been unable to test it and it's the unlabeled barrel so research says that makes it .688. Tried to sell it locally but had no biters, what is this thing even worth anyway? Probably will be willing to ship if it's worth it.   submitted by  

Very good condition TFX 3 for sale. Comes with: - TFX 3 - Expansion ring - Rain lid - Stock speedfeed - Virtue Crown SF for TFX Price: $215 shipped (PP fees covered) Pics: https://imgur.com/a/PUDPhvY   submitted by   /u/WhatItIsToBurn

Looking for what price range would be a good deal on Empire Mini GS, 1 piece barrel, lightly used   submitted by   /u/Pattiice [link]   [comments]

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  submitted by   /u/fungunzbuff

http://imgur.com/a/B05ZJdl 1 of 1 anodizing New eyes New battery Tickler lpr Sto style ram Circuit board capacitor replaced Timed and working Currently on semi 15 bps Semi matching grips No barrel INCLUDED Charging cable. Extras it comes with Two spare 2k5 race frames Spare set of eyes Ball detents and inserts Blue 2k5 racegun front block Blue left side eye cover Some other small miscellaneous race frame par

http://imgur.com/a/xqRMkPk Would like to trade my etek 5 with extras for something different. Can add a couple bills for the right marker. Etek 5 with OLED. Upgraded feedneck. 689 shaft back with deadly winds whip tip. Pressure tester. Metal feedneck upgrade. Includes stock items of Allen's, oil, manual. Comes with exalt case. Additional pictures available per request. Looking for something dye, Macd

My ideal would be to have a stock meek at 200. Help me out Reddit!   submitted by   /u/Nips_Ahoy [link]   [comments]

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