Have up to 600 PayPal to spend on one in running order/good shape. E2/Zero-B/SciFi boards. Looking for a NightKast in particular, but will look at everything (Prostock/superstock/orracle/etc.)   submitted by   /u/Schwag123 [link]  

Looking for Dye proto maxxed rize- red&grey or red&black. Other beginner to medium level guns also welcome.   submitted by   /u/xcrunner1232 [link]  

Looking to sell my etek 4 lt red/black. Would also be willing to trade and add cash for an upgrade! 375 obo   submitted by   /u/jzelev98 [link]   [comments]

T8.1, T9.1, FSC, Zeus G2, Ariakon Overlord, TipX Milsig M17 all types, especially interested in tempest combos   submitted by   /u/sirfafer [link]   [comments]

I have a Friend who is looking for a DLX Luce Ice. Color: Darker color scheme Price $600-700 Location: US Hit me up and let's see if we can get another DLX Luxe fan   submitted by   /u/PVTBLUNDEYE [link]  

Upgraded spring, total of 8 standard mags, case, holster. Would trade for an airsoft GBB pistol. Price is $300 located in Edmonton, willing to ship if you cover shipping. http://imgur.com/gallery/tTrRC1R   submitted by   /u/Kawihooligan

For sale: Axe Pro. $295 shipped and gifted. New CP regulator gauge. https://i.imgur.com/lthe07h.jpg More pics: http://imgur.com/a/sgn5L83 Shooting video: https://youtu.be/v8g9UHSF6Qc   submitted by   /u/TwoToneTimex

Does anyone have a midnight lv1 up for sale? Just looking right now but for the right price I will jump in it. Just lv1’s please midnight or purple take priority.   submitted by   /u/str8quackin [link]  

I have a midnight lv1.1 and I want to add a little color pop. I want red eye covers if any one wants to sell there’s or trade for the black ones I have. Or if any one knows where to get covers that are not flags I would appreciate it.   submitted by   /u/ripamdtear7617

https://www.pbnation.com/forum.php#/topics/5979651 Message me if interested!   submitted by   /u/TwoToneTimex [link]  

Photos Luxe OLED - gloss black / gloss gold Great condition, all flaws are pictured Ice grips Black and gold exalt reg grip Freak inserts .682, .684, .687 x2, .693 Spare battery - new 1x gloss black and 1x matte black feedneck levers - new Luxe seal kit - missing reg seat and a couple orings Aftermarket 5x rebuild kit - new Gloss black 14 inch AA tip -

Am looking for a yellow or amber(hd) lens. Doesn't have to be new but it has to be in great shape. LMK. Can text pics if wanted.   submitted by   /u/Grim_SIeeper [link]  

Anyone got an Ultralite frame for a Proto Matrix 07?   submitted by   /u/Tmksos [link]   [comments]

Selling dye i4s that came as part of a gun package from ANSgear. Don’t fit me as well as I’d like. Grey / lime with clear lens. Here is the eBay link with details and pics. If you’d rather do a deal here lmk https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173860259610 Also open to a trade for a n

Just cleaned and new o-rings where needed. Tested and ready to go. $117 OBO shipped Pic 1 Pic 2   submitted by   /u/nutsobananas

For Sale-Midnight Planet Eclipse CS1CS2 GripsStock CS1 BarrelCaseSpares*Can include SSC Deuce Trigger for $20****will not come with allen keys or grease***Price- $550 Shipped+Paypal feesTrades-Emek+$$$ https://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=5979189 ​ Pictures- https://imgur.com/P7ngWAf

  submitted by   /u/OsuHD [link]   [comments]

Looking to get into the pump scene, willing to buy cockers or pumps.   submitted by   /u/soy_hydro [link]   [comments]

What, in your opinion, is the best setup for someone who does not care about price? Marker Aftermarket accessories Hopper Tank Mask   submitted by   /u/WatAb0utB0b [link]  

I am looking to trade for a quality pump marker. I am placing asking prices below because it is a subreddit rule, However, I would rather trade these items(the prices will reflect that). I have available: -A Planet Eclipse Etha 2 in Dark Earth. This marker is in very good condition with approximately 3 cases through it. $300 -An Empire Mini GS in Dust Brown/Bronze. This marker is effectively NIB. It has never had paint through it, it has be

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