submitted by   /u/the_tickling_man [link]   [comments]

Both work perfectly. The lighter blue has very little wear. The darker has a bit more. I tried to take pictures of the wear on both. Let me know if hit want more pictures or if you have any questions. Lighter one: $500 shipped and gifted Darker one: $485 shipped and gifted   submitted by  

Empire Mini gs Dye LTR loader with speed feed and rain lid HK turtles barrel condom Virtue Vio Extended mask Looking to get 380 shipped ​ (pic drawn on to use on offer up ) works fantastic   submitted by   /u/Knightbladehd

Empire axe 2.0 Empire EVS Valken pod pack ( cheap) 48/3000 steel tank GI LVL loader with speed feed. Looking 480 shipped.   submitted by   /u/Knightbladehd

bob long marq 7 Don’t have a lower pressure tank test it anymore but it worked awesome the last time I used it! Has Kila eye covers with magnetic detents, & 4C eyes. Stock bolt and board from what I know as well.   submitted by   /u/peachy_dee

Aluminum or steel is fine. Hoping to find someone who bought an XL kit and wants to make some cash by selling their old standard 5" freak insert kit. Located in Canada.   submitted by   /u/bmaz88 [link]  

Hello! I've decided to get out of paintball and want to sell off the remainder of my old gear. I haven’t used the marker in quite some time, so they probably need the o rings checked. (possibly 2008/2009 was the last time they were fired). The price is mainly to cover shipping. Here are the items: Spyder Sonix – If I remember correctly, I changed the main spring back in 2007 and swapped the feed neck for one with a clamp. Included are, two barr

#32 Dynasty Pro Jerseys, with signatures! All I never washed. I never been played in. Could not tell you how many previous owners. Not sure if Rau wore these in-game or gotten signed. I bought off PBNation separately. Archived well in a

pbnation post Asking $715 free-shipping Paypal, OBO (or best offer) No trades. PM ME. Great condition, ASA working, had one previous owner. Always worked. Played only 5 times just about. Without a scratch except for one teeny tiny nick by the barrel thread, so small a camera could not capture. left side / right

Is a used jt impulse worth $250 Canadian?   submitted by   /u/bmaz88 [link]   [comments]

Ninja 90/4500 tank Next Hydro date is 03/2020 120$ plus shipping Doesnt included SFR regulator Pics:   submitted by   /u/Beefoverload [link]  

10/10 function, 9/10 cosmetic. Been a back up marker, barely used, it just sat in my bag. Axe Pro Comes with parts kit and lube.   submitted by   /u/Nightspade [link]  

Stealth, topdawg o rings, polished bolt and cut and hard annodized pillers. Gun operates around 15psi below stock.   submitted by   /u/I3emis [link]  

Not picky on colour or number of pods it holds.   submitted by   /u/bmaz88 [link]   [comments]

Trying to sell all my old gear but I am not sure how much it's worth.   submitted by   /u/xuz7 [link]   [comments]

Geo 3.5 setup Gun works great but is missing solenoid flow restrictor piece. Still works fine without it! I did order one on 10/9/18 so I will install it or ship the part to you once I receive it in the next few days. The ninja SL 77 has some chips on the paint but doesn’t effect its use. It just hit its 5year mark so it will need to be hydro tested! The z2 works great to with no issues!

Warped sportz diablo wrath Found this thing in the bottom of one of my old gear bags! Solenoid still clicks soundly but I don’t have a tank to test it. I’m sure it just needs some TLC and it’ll be running again! I have the grip, screws and barrel too. Just took pics without the grip to show the board.   submitted by   /u/peac


$1200 Purple and gold CS2 LNIB, got it a trade, already have an ocean 2. Only 11k shots on it. Comes with everything as it would brand new.   submitted by   /u/aelwell [link]  

Here is a link to the OfferUp Page   submitted by   /u/otisg86 [link]   [comments]

Sunburnt orange axe with redline board, shaft 4 barrel, freak tip, cp asjustable clamping feedneck, parts kit, and infamous boss bolt. Gun shoots great, was just teched. It does have some breach wear and scratches but all of them are surface scratches with no sharp edges or anything. Shooting video ready upon pm. $240 shipped/pped firm NO trades

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