Got a gas through grip from the old style shocker (pre-2007). Make me an offer. ​   submitted by   /u/crunchygranola [link]  

Shocker XLS RED/BLACK w FS 68/4500 tank Spire R w speed feed and ramp installed Also the stock freak xl and the carbon fiber freak xl Asking $800 shipped. I’ll throw in a virtue vio mask (red) and a pod pack or some other goodies if you need them. I need to sell so hmu dm please   submitted by   /u/sc00b44 Message me for details! Marker is also posted on EBay, and will be on PBNation shortly!   submitted by   /u/Horizon_92 [link]  

Looking to sell all of my gear the list is as follows. Prices are shipped to continental United States. Additionally I will sell the whole package for $1000. All my gear is in great condition. I just haven't played nearly as much as I want and want to pass it on to someone who will utilize it. Blue Dye DM14 - $450 will include one HK Barrel Condom and Planet Eclipse Marker Bag Red Dye DM13 - $350 will include one HK Barrel Condom and Dye Marker Bag

Selling all my gear to help pay for engagement ring. Havent played in ages and it needs a good home. Prefer not to part out, sorry. Asking $1200. Dye DM13 crimson red. Dye DM14 blue XX anniversary edition Fire Dye i5 only used a few times Res dye LTR loader. Has speed feed installed, lid is MIA sadly. Red Ninja 68/4500 tank. W/ red dye protector Dye 3+4 attack pack 6 red Pods (HK army i believe) Dye and PE gun cases Exalt tank case XL PE fire jersey XL B

My buddy and I are looking to sell this, but we aren’t sure how much it’s worth. Any ideas? Has both standard and soft bolts. Needs a battery. Has original manuals   submitted by   /u/RazyrPB

Looking to mod out my Umarex EBOS and wanting to stay away from co2... Bottle belt / harness would be a bonus! PayPal, venmo, cashapp friendly... USA only please (don't want to pay international shipping) Comment below or DM. THX GUYS!!   submitted by   /u/lakedwellers

Marker is as mint as it gets, barrels unused, less than a case for an efficiency video, comes with stock and infamous deuce trigger as well as everything it did brand new. ​ Price: $2400 open to offers ​

Paintball Gear Bundle including Empire Axe Upgraded, Dye Rotor, 68ci Tank, Freak Barrel Set+++ (Cond. Great) Empire Axe with the Nummech Foregrip Extender (Makes it 10x easier to grip and hold while firing and running) (Cond. Good) Original Box with Original Barrel and Tool Kit (Cond. Great) Dye Rotor Loader Blue (Cond. New)

  submitted by   /u/amagi94 [link]   [comments]

I’m looking to get some input on the best way to trade markers. How can I protect myself from getting scammed? Any advice would be appreciated   submitted by   /u/yc4hunnid [link]  

I have a mint condition black dust luxe ice for sale. Comes with all of the stock items. $700 form shipped   submitted by   /u/MoDat32 [link]   [comments]

Getting back into paintball and these seem to be the best bang for the buck! Also need a decent hopper, HPA tank, and pods.   submitted by   /u/SurfSoundWaves [link]  

I’m getting back into paintball with the boys and I need basically everything except a mask. The Tippmann Cronus appeals to me the most, I’d prefer the tactical version. Also need a tank, hopper, pods, and potentially gloves.   submitted by   /u/SurfSoundWaves

I've always wanted to own an Angel but I was never able to afford one. Now that I'm an adult and these things don't go for much, I want to fulfill that childhood dream. If anyone has a working, good condition Angel speed 05 they'd like to sell, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. If someone has a Rasta Anno, that would be ideal. I'd also consider A4 fly's, master tech A4 or g7 with the 90° frame. Not interested in 45° frames.

Selling my Milsig M17 I will entertain the idea of a trade for a T15. I still love the sport, I just dont have time to play. I have 6 magazines. 1 fsr and the rest are 20 rounders. If selling outright I will include everything in the pictures besides the vest and red dot. I will include the quick mag pouches. $550 or best offer. Marker with mags $350 Arbiter block $60 Hand guard: $40 Gas through stock $40 Quick mags $15 per (I have 4) Clone EOTECH

Looking for fep quest paintball guns. I’m stocking up.   submitted by   /u/Gonzalez35f [link]   [comments]

Messed Up the Title, (Looking to trade my iPhone X for your paintball setup) I recently upgraded to the Xs Max I’ve got a iPhone X that I am looking to trade for a decent setup. Great condition, no scratches on the screen or damage. Unlocked for any carrier. I’d prefer a face to face trade in the Chicagoland area. Thanks   submitted by  

Album DM14 with case, lube, orings, and most importantly the Dye multitool. $300 shipped Invert Too Hopper $35 shipped JT Proflex 2.0 with spare thermal lens and bag for both lens and mask $70 shipped Ninja Lite 68/4500 with Pro V2 reg. $100 shipped I dropped it the first day i got it, its only the blue outer layer that is messed up there is still a clear coat before the actual tank works 100

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