Condition: 9.0/10 - comes with (2) extra mag fed magazine and hopper This was gifted to me and only used ONCE in a game, but never used it afterwards since I never got into paintball. This goes for $250 new plus the (2) extra mag for $30 online. I'm willing to sell $200 including shipping, using PAYPAL.   submitted by  

Wanting to sell assorted paintball related gear, multiple markers, barrels, a vest, multiple pouches. Name your price. I’m sure we can work something out but i’d like to get rid of them to fund other things. If more photos of something are needed... please let me know. Thanks for looking! Image album can be found here:   submitte

Looking for an airowgun to use with my bow. Pls pm if you are selling.   submitted by   /u/Arclight_Kraken [link]   [comments]

I’m looking for a cheap gun whether it’s electronic or mechanical(does not have to be working) that anyone has for cheap that I can fix up myself to use as a back up. Open to any offers   submitted by   /u/WHO_DAT_SP2 [link]  

Hey, I’m looking to get into magfed paintball and I’d like to buy a gun. If anyone is selling please let me know.   submitted by   /u/StewieToupee [link]  

I am in the market for one of the following LV1, Geo 3-3.5, Ego 11, CS1, DSR but if you have something else I am open to hearing what you have. Looking to spend $400-$550 depending on the gun PayPal ready!   submitted by   /u/CostaYeti [link]

Looking for any and all pump guns in the 100- 500$ price range looking for deals, I have many friends interested in playing and want a few extra guns laying around.   submitted by   /u/TheMetalKnightllc [link]  

Looking for any and all pump guns in the 100- 500$ price range looking for deals, I have many friends interested in playing and want a few extra guns laying around.   submitted by   /u/TheMetalKnightllc [link]  

Been playing very casually for a long time, looking to graduate from my Tippmann 98 custom/co2 setup and get something more efficient and consistent. I would really like to get something like an Empire Axe or Etha 2, but don’t have a huge budget. Ideally, I would want a setup with an hpa tank and hopper with the marker. Let me know what you guys have, thanks!   submitted by   /u/epba All prices are in CAD, OBO, buyer pays shipping Condor gunner plate carrier: $40 Zeta/ 12 round tippmann mags: $20 each First Strike t15: $350, comes with 5 mags, air tank/stock, and case Non-functioning Tiberius/First strike t8.1: $30 or throw-in with another purchase Airtank/stock combo: $50 Edit: adding dye i4 mask with extra lense and cases

I want a gun that is pretty reliable but isn’t crazy expensive.   submitted by   /u/eholt4 [link]   [comments]

I've gained a lot of weight throughout this pandemic... Looking to get back into paintball now that I have graduated and started my career recently. That's pretty much it; I'm also new to reddit so let me know if I'm doing this wrong or right lol. Anyone know where I can find any of the above? It seems they're hard to come by now. I'm assuming "wtb" means where to buy. On that note is there a paintball marker that is similar in

I dont know really where to look but Im in the market for a new marker and wanna get one with nice anodizing etc. Where can I see upcoming limited edition drops for higher end markers?   submitted by   /u/Noqyweco [link]  

DLX Luxe X ​ - Barely used - Upgraded grip - Upgraded accents - Upgraded regulator - Red/Black, White/Black, Chrome and Black accents included ​ $1,050 + Shipping + Fees ​ Photos here: [IMG][/IMG] ​ [IMG]

As the post says I have a BNIB pink shocker xls never fired except one loader of paint to ensure function, which was flawless. Looking to trade for PE guns. 170rs take priority, will look at anything tho!   submitted by   /u/RTTCQBMAN [link]

Wanting to see what Angel markers are out there. Looking for something that will be ready to shoot. Seems pretty tough to find these in excellent shape. Thanks   submitted by   /u/Mattb1122 [link]  

looking for PE guns geo 3.5, cs1, 170r, 3.1, lv1s. Let me know what you got PayPal ready!   submitted by   /u/gramp2266 [link]   [comments]

Im interested in buying 2 markers preferably with hoppers! Axe/axe pro/axe 2.0 Eteks ,ethas , any thing! send me any electric marker you got! I like those bundle packages!   submitted by   /u/Baconflavors [link]  

I know this is probably a long shot, but looking to buy an airow gun attachment.   submitted by   /u/Tundar_the_Terrible [link]   [comments]

Looking for Angel markers or parts. Show me what you have. Send me a direct message.   submitted by   /u/MintyFreshG [link]   [comments]

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