I have 2 spyder Tl-R markers that I got like 8 years ago. I've used them maybe 5 times. Only have 1 hopper (other cracked while moving), a mask and a spare 16" barrel. I'll include the ebay link but feel free to Pm. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spyder-TL-R-Paintball-Marker/353359644411   submitted by  

both work perfect ask anything was on ebay but being removed will take offer and deliver have a few make an offer want gone soon selling due to upgrade markers are like new   submitted by   /u/Welshsymptoms [link]

put on ebay keep getting removed can post paypal ask anthing can send pics orion and rifle on ebay now till it gets removed make offers like brand new both   submitted by   /u/Welshsymptoms [link]  

http://imgur.com/a/95o72o3 Looking to buy one or a few of these old pump action co2 markers   submitted by   /u/beatmeater1902 [link]  

Not sure what to do now. The package at least made it to my state in a nearby city, but then UPS seems to have lost the package. It was supposed to be delivered this past Saturday and it never came, and when I emailed their customer service about it, they said since there was no movement in 24 hours then I should open a Claim. So now I've opened a claim with them for the lost package, and who knows how long it'll take to find or if they'll eve

Looking to get into something mech. Empire resurrection, original gtek w/ mech frame or something along those lines. Will consider an emek if it comes with upgrades at a decent price. Colors: Greens (no camo), blues, or silver. Priority in that order. I'll pay $300ish for a resurrection, $385ish for gtek w/mech frame, $350ish for upped emek. May pay higher for anno's I like. Will consider other mechs under $400 ish. Let me know wha

Electric is preferred but not required! Wanting to stick with in about 120$. Looking for ion style/age and parts for ion also in the market for a mask for the right price Shoot me all offers and im looking to buy now so i can get it shipped to me before next Saturday.   submitted by   /u/Baconflavors

Selling my paintball gun and its accessories. Only used a few times, worked very well. Gun needs to be cleaned before next use but it's in good shape. Flatline barrel adds a back spin to the paintball allowing extended range and improved accuracy. Remote coil air line allows greater gun mobility and less weight in hand. Price is 370 including shipping anywhere within the US https://ibb.co/qgx77GH

anyone interested in trading a cheap marker for some (a lot) of magic cards that my brother has tasked me with getting rid of?   submitted by   /u/mockeverything [link]  

Up for sale or trade is a CS2 Pro Gunslinger #6. Only 20 made. It shoots ropes, no issues. I updated it to the latest firmware. ​ Im looking to trade it for a LV1.6 +cash, a Private label LV1.6 (if they made any yet?), or a LV1.* Gunslinger Plus Cash. ​ Cash Price is 1750$+fees OBO. Ill cover shipping. PICTURES!!! ​ Thanks for looking and can provide m

Cleaning out my closet and found my marker, loader, and harness. They were not cleaned after the last session years ago and I do not know the working condition of the marker or loader. The marker is a Diablo Wrath all stock except the bolt, which was upgraded to a lightweight one. The loader is a viewloader - evlution II, which made small motor noise when I flipped the switch, but the batteries were dead. I removed the batteries, but do not have replacements to

Items for sale: Tippmann Stormer Tactical - $120 OBO -I got this marker over the past summer and used it a handful of times, cleaned it, and cared for it as best I could, and had an overall great time with it. Only selling it because it's time to upgrade my marker for the coming season and I have my eyes on another marker already. -Includes: Marker, 12in Barrel, Barrel Shroud, 6-point collapsable stock (removable, mount cover also included), an

Need anything tournament grade, preferably a older high level marker not a newer used mid end marker. Looking for anything around $400, I'd like to not go over $500. I like dm14 or >, vanquishe 1.5 or >, maybe a geo or ego if its the right price (but hmu with anything and we'll talk)   submitted by   /u/UniverseAnswers

Great condition less then a case through it, if interested let me know   submitted by   /u/Funnymex98 [link]   [comments]

Looking for 2 higher end guns. Show me what you guys have. *Preferably from the same seller - but does not have to be   submitted by   /u/jacobarrey [link]  

I am looking to sell off my paintball gear and hopefully make someone's Christmas! All markers were recently serviced and are working great. For sale: https://imgur.com/a/qDXGGcm Planet Eclipse SL66 Bushwacker Ego + barrel Smart Parts Shocker Smart Parts Imagine Sly Barrel Kit 2 Electronic Hoppers Empire rolling gear bag Pants/jerseys, masks, cleaners, lube/oil,

Today I have an Azodin Blitz 3 for sale. This was a gun I had purchased months ago but just sat in storage. The box is a little beat up, but the marker is in near mint condition. This gun has been used just once: an hour ago as I was airing it up/checking for leaks and shooting a few rounds before putting this up for sale. This marker just needed a new battery and it was good to go! Eyes work great, no leaks, and the gun is rockin! I think

http://imgur.com/gallery/wBNsSfg Selling two gun sets (separately). Kit one - marker proto rize, hopper and tank Kit two - marker proto Rail, hopper and tank Asking for $350 for each set. Will use paypal or what's app. DM or message on Kik CosmicGoddess20   submitted by   /u/CosmicGod

Kit 1: Proto Rize Paintball Marker (green gun) + hopper + tank + marker case + hopper case + tank case. $350 plus shipping. Kit 2: Proto Rail Paintball Marker (black gun) + hopper + tank + marker case + hopper case + tank case. $350 plus shipping. Also selling: a replacement mask. Make offer. $350 each + shipping. Dm or kik: CosmicGoddess20 Pictures here: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/wBNsS

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