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Luxe tm40 for trade for LV1.6 order midnight/ blue or pure, luxe has 44k shots and is an 8.5/10 cosmetically. Would also consider an LVR

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If you have a Marker that’s newer and need money in a pinch message me.   submitted by   /u/oxidizedguy [link]   [comments]

Long shot...but looking for a CS2 Earth colored grip kit. Let me know if you've got one and want to part ways with it.   submitted by   /u/Obvious-Flow-791 [link]  

Looking to move this unused with tags Etha3m. I’m too old and too out of shape to play. Comes with tools, grease etc. will ship with a sta

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  submitted by   /u/ChrisB

Looking for a non blade trigger for my geo 4. Ideally black, but open to other colors.   submitted by   /u/530farm [link]   [comments]

Red TCP Xtreme - $900 Red to blue alias - $400 Yellow white race (not for sale Blue TCP Xtreme (e2

Looking for a peanut tank in hyrdo but will consider one out of hydro if the price is right. Also looking to buy an OG axe or something else around that price range. Thank you   submitted by   /u/JasperDalton_ [link]  

  submitted by   /u/incrdbleherk [link]   [comments]

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