Looking for a 48-77ci tank. Preferably with at least two years still on hydro. PM me with offers. Looking to spend around 100$   submitted by   /u/Beefoverload [link]  

Hey guys! Got my Etha 2 up for sale. Works excellent. No leaks. Maintained after each day of use. I’ve had this for almost a year and it’s spent a majority of that time sitting in my bag as a back up. Comes with everything as if it was new plus another set of o-rings and extra detents. Also have a magnetic trigger mod that hasn’t been installed yet. Feel free to ask me any questions or make an offer. Price is $340 obo. Local in So Cal would be best but I d

Looking to sell my Smart Parts SP8 paintball gun. Comes with an Empire Halo Invert Too high-speed hopper and a 72ci 3000psi compressed air tank. Everything is in great shape, gun hasn't been used much as I don't have the time to play. This whole setup goes for upwards of $400 new online. I will entertain all offers so send me a message - thanks. I'm from South Florida so local pickup is possible if you are near me. Like I said I will entertain ALL offers so get

Album Sz L PBRack Flow pants (small rips shown in photos) GI Sports LVL 1.5 Impact Edition Toxic Green Grillz with mirror & clear lens (mirror has wear) Blue / Black Empire E-Vents with blue / purple mirror lens & clear lens Dynasty PSP jersey from smart parts era XXL Empire Halo Too w/ Exalt Speed Feed  

Selling the whole lot for $1k obo. Ignore prices in Imgur. I took pictures of everything and put them in an album on Imgur for easier viewing (mods, I hope that's okay). I'll accept any reasonable offers, no trades. If you live in Charleston, SC I'll give you a deal and we can meet somewhere to exchange money and goods. Visit the actual link for descriptions. I'm willing to accept reasonable offers and will give a discount if you're local and can meet.

Selling ego 10 and more gear Gun is in good condition, probably needs to be cleaned, but no leaks or anything. Also have a dye rotor, works but lid doesn’t shut and battery pack could be replaced (the springs that holds batteries in place are worn) Also have brand new pants, A dye jersey Pod pack A few other things Message me here I can send you pics If you buy it all I’ll give a good price.   submitted by &#

I have up for sale an Empire Sniper Pump gun in color black. ​ The gun is in excellent condition. Has not seen much use. Probably fielded about 3-4 times tops. I haven't used it in a quite bit. It's taking up space, so letting it go. It comes with the original box and all the original bits. The only small issue would be the gauge on the gun. It functions, but not it doesn't look the prettiest. Besides that, the gun is smooth, no leak

https://www.ebay.com/itm/153201732065   submitted by   /u/Gangrel2320 [link]  

Hey. Looking for any tank that is 60ci or less. 3000/4500 any brand, doesnt matter. (Carbon fiber preferred) I live in Canada. Just for shipping consideration.   submitted by   /u/bmaz88 [link]  

Halo too used twice-$30 Freak inserts/case-$20 Grillz. Lense might need replaced-$20 Tanks need hydrode-$20 each https://imgur.com/VMny2UO.jpg https://imgur.com/pdpXVyU.jpg https://imgur.com/Lt5ix9g.jpg https://imgur.com/v91nC4n.jpg https://imgur.com

$15 shipped to me for like new (<2 uses, washed, no scratches), $22 shipped to me new   submitted by   /u/dimagreens [link]   [co

https://i.imgur.com/Blir5H1.jpg With original box. $350.00   submitted by   /u/EvilCowEater [link]  

https://i.imgur.com/taoUsT7.jpg Looking for $550 or best offer. Comes with case.   submitted by   /u/EvilCowEater [link]  

I have a smoked lens, so looking for more mid to low light and chromatic.   submitted by   /u/TheCombatBeard [link]   [comments]

I have a very lightly used black spyder xtra paintball gun. Comes with original box, a second 32 degrees 14" "Whisper" barrel, stock hopper+adapter, and a 12oz CO2 tank. The rear guard is slightly bent on one side. Gun works. $75 shipped OBO.   submitted by   /u/ResponsibleSecond

I have this paintball stuff that I don't plan to use! None of it has been used before and has been sitting in the box the way it got to me. I planned to use it with my buddies, but that just didn't pan out! I DO NOT want to charge the FULL retail price for this stuff, I simply put the prices down so you'd know how much they are worth. I'm hoping to sell this all in one lot at a bargain so I can get it out of my house (may be willing to separate, not sure yet). S

  submitted by   /u/docfire411 [link]   [comments]

Selling my teal and pewter sp shocker rsx, black spire 3, Ninja 68-4500 lite tank with adjustable reg, new unused HK zero g pod pack, and woody dye I4. Everything is very well taken care of and basically new. I bought it all new on an ans gear sale except for the pack and mask that I got locally and just don't have time for the sport. Every thing is in like new condition, the rsx comes with original case with everything as new, all o rings etc, and 3 inserts and

Ego 09 Setup Works great with no issues! Has brand new detents, pops ASA, & cure 4 bolt. The z2 is working great and has a virtue speed feed. The tank was just hydro tested in May as seen in pic.   submitted by   /u/peachy_dee

Yup, it’s my CS1 shipped to you for $625 includes an extra soft tip bolt, barrel cover, grease, barrel maids, and if you’d like some pods. https://imgur.com/a/FpY7kOq   submitted by   /u/UTotallyBodacious [link]

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