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Hello, Nice used 170r (fully serviced and shoots like a laser) black. Freak kit included. Everything you see in the vid $500 shipped. I dont have PayPal due to my x wife ruining my account but any other form of payment is cool. I will provide identity info if needed /my phone number /address etc. I'm a stand up person looking for fast sale ! Peace paintball peoples !

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Has to be an original red. Nothing re-anodized.   submitted by   /u/michaelcruzjr [link]   [comments]

1 blue/blue TM40 that is opened and has voice packs, thought I was going to keep it 1 black/black TM40 sealed $1,500 shipped   submitted by   /u/schu1tz [link]   [comments

  submitted by   /u/Goldigger101 [l Selling 3 clear shaft FL barrel backs. .681, .685, .689. Asking $85. Price includes shipping and fees.   submitted by   /u/tangoxray1 [link]  

Geo 3 in good conditions with no scratches, does have leak from macro line but besides that no other issues that I am aware of, comes with 4 inserts and an iv core bolt as well. Asking 450 Geo 3   submitted by   /u/bocabola

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Looking to buy a Planet eclipse lv1 regulator Brand new or used in good condition. Let me know   submitted by   /u/Societies_Misfit [link]   [comments]

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