Dm if you wanna sell, I’ll be purchasing within the next month   submitted by   /u/mikeman3334 [link]   [comments]

I am currently selling: Empire Axe - 230 Virtue Spire - 120 Virtue Vios - 150 VForce Grillz - 60   submitted by   /u/Lloyder47 [link]  

  submitted by   /u/TwoToneTimex [link]   [comments]

  submitted by   /u/EstonianDaddy [link]   [comments]

Im looking for a virtue vio extend graphic ruby if you have one or know of someone looking to get rid of theres please let me know.   submitted by   /u/pinky3120 [link]   [comme

Exactly what my post said, I’m looking to buy a CCM T2 Pump Gun! Please let me know!   submitted by   /u/mikeman3334 [link]  

265 you cover fees Runs good Sound and pressure sensor doesn't work Has 4c eyes Can ad a push case for $15 more PM to swap info   submitted by   /u/Warpedspeed1986 [link]  

Luxe threading please   submitted by   /u/MoDat32 [link]   [comments]

I am looking to buy a Replay Xd camera. My 1080 Mini broke (my own fault), I'd prefer another 1080 Mini, but would also take a 720 (I already have one of those). If you have one you are willing to part with, please let me know.   submitted by   /u/Magnethead794 [link] &#3

Preferably with a speed feeder but just let me know. I haven’t been able to find any online, so any help? Thanks   submitted by   /u/ThatOneKewlGuy [link]  

Looking for a CVO kit for my RSX. Interested in New or used. Edit: auto correct messed up the title there.   submitted by   /u/EnterTheWrinkle [link]   [com

Title says it all. Having a hard time finding one. Help would be appreciated.   submitted by   /u/Dickbob85 [link]   [comments]

Hello, I’m selling my sniper because I want to get into speedball. It’s in mint condition with less than a case through it. I want $300 shipped for it, it comes with full barrel kit and all accessory’s, as well as a pump hopper   submitted by   /u/mikeman3334

Fresh sealed boxes Bonus ball $30 Defy level 1 $35 GI sportz 4 star $45 GI sportz 5 star $50 (LA / SFV )   submitted by   /u/5001537am [link]   [comments]

Amazing All BLACK Russian Legion NXT Shocker MINT F/S/T   submitted by   /u/Batosai59 [link]  

Just getting into paintballing and read up on and decided to go with an empire mini gs. Let me know what you guys got. Thanks   submitted by   /u/thedasher0 [link]   [comments]

Looking to sell Midnight CS1 for 565 OBO. Comes with tan grips and black grips, as well as a blade trigger and the stock trigger. The gun has some dings on in, PM me for pics   submitted by   /u/joshua_montanari [link]  

Looking at any and all Angel's for sale. Baby blue would be a bonus.   submitted by   /u/bmaz88 [link]   [comments]

Title   submitted by   /u/watchumainbro [link]   [comments]

Comes with case and a dye UL .693 back along with an extra set of virtue grips. Is a great shooter, but has a random leak that occurs (sounds like its the reg, I've taken it apart and cleaned it so many times but its the only thing it sounds like) but the leak will sometimes disappear after shooting, and it has never hampered shooting quality/fps. board works without a problem, noid was checked out and doesn't seem to have any issues either. askin

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