$30 - Winchester $35 - Mini Winnie and Pods $65 - Stock and Bipod $50 - Sparrow Optics 5rd Mags $100 - Stock Hammer Mags Prices are shipped and OBO, can make deals for packages.

I honestly thought I was going to use this but just like my original T8, it just sits. No leaks, shoots great, one mag, holster, all stock. Asking $165 shipped.

Hawke XB30 Pro - LNIB, truly like new - GREAT FSR Scope Asking = $180 PayPal/shipped to your door! **This is a great FSR scope! I've owned/used a Carmatech Supremacy - they are ok scopes. The reticle is a nice feature, but it is NOT great glass! Any shooter will tell you glass is the most important part. The Supremacy is adequate, but definitely not worth the price tag in my opinion. The Hawke XB30 PRO has great glass, a nice reticle and is an excellent

ADN Splyse Prototype - CHEAP! - great condition, very little use - I snagged it off one of the guys here on the forum with anticipation to shoot lots of FSR through it at Fulda Gap and beyond. Unfortunately my job is requiring a lot more out of me and I really have no time to play. So moving this along Comes with everything pictured: - Spare parts (striker, cup seal, valve, vert asa, screws, bolt, spring kit, mag plunger, tech-t sizers) - AZ Carbon Fiber

pulse was one owner, and used (not abused) is missing one retention tab, lid spring, and magnet includes a new 1st gen speed feed (in lieu of lid), original lid, original box, original AA harness functions 100 percent (sadly no RF chip! :bang:) $40 obo plus shipping will also do a straight trade for a 100% functional Vlocity JR with low to medium miles (must have a pristine neck) CP tank reg functioned before storage probably ne

Bought this here couple months ago (i had nelson fever until i actually used one, now i love the single tube look, but don't NEED to own one lol). anyway, it came to me with a partially stripped out front frame/body screw. after disassembly for inspection and cleaning, i was snugging it into place, and it just let go. there were partial threads left so i took it to work and tapped it out 12-24 (as opposed to 10-24 originally) since the remaining hole was only about 4 thousandth

here is a dead stock (accept ASA and MICROline fittings) WGP autococker 2000 right feed. looking for $50 you cover shipping (flat rate box usps) there isn't much to say, it is a project gun, was working when stored about 15 years ago, but time has killed the orings. i gassed it up and cycled it a few times, but obviously it was hemorrhaging air out of every conceivable place :rolleyes: any way, i had aspirations of doing a slice kit build on it, but ha

Here’s a nice little throwback. Everything pictured. It is missing the bolt from the previous owner but any cheap spyder bolt will work. Might need new orings if you plan on using it. $65 shipped in the US

Great marker. No leaks. Stock internals. Comes with a CP barrel, freak barrel with one insert, JT revvy and standard hopper. I replaced the hybrid on/off with a CP on/off. $400 paypal’d and shipped. https://m.imgur.com/TpTbWrh https://m.imgur.com/69vvsRM https://m.imgur.com/qcS2TIk

gloss black karni asa w/ rail -$30 Gloss silver Karni asa - $25 Both for $50 Neither have fittings, but both tested in good shape for their age I also have a smoke halo and a black halo -$50 for both Both halo tested and work, a few cracks, but ready to go. One has an anti jam arm. Pics coming.

https://imgur.com/a/2gYMsvU Like new condition, works great. I just need to thin the garage herd before my next gun arrives. $220.

So I picked these up for nostalgic purposes, really enjoyed fixing them up, then scored a BL Millennium for next to nothing. So one of these has to go. E99, blue and silver splash, incorrect beaver tail (iisports has the right one in black for cheap). Functions great, looks good too. Clamping feedneck installed and stock neck included. No barrel. $50 shipped or $65 with a 16" JJ ceramic. 9.6v included. Flash, green black gold with silver splash. Includes matc

Red Virtue Spire 260 paintball hopper. Comes with Spring Ramp installed. I included some of the blue highlight kit parts that it originally came with. I am also including some spare parts including 2 red backplates. 2 Virtue Stickers original packaging $130CDN/$99US OBO shipping: $30CD/$23US to USA $20CDN/$15US in Canada http://my.tbaytel.ne

Empire Freak Barrel Inserts All 5 sizes: .675, .680, .685, .690, .695 Great condition. $50CDN/$38US OBO shipping: $15CDN/$11US to USA $10CDN/$7.50US in Canada https://my.tbaytel.net/tgallo/sell/empire.jpg

I have a silver dynasty body Ion for sale, comes with a freak back/barrel. I just got it in a trade and haven't even opened it up yet, I would assume it's all stock as the bolt is black. I did notice the battery post is missing the top cover... See photo; Doesn't affect anything. I have a shooting video at request. Can also include stock ion grips if the ones on it don't float your boat. Say.... $100 shipped/PayPal'd for it. Trade for hopper/tanks/ect as well.

For sale is a WGP Thompson stock Sniper II with 12gram changer. I recently picked this up but life happens and I need to sell it. It’s a TOPGUN rental sniper, added the changer aired it up and shot a few threw it worked good. $375 obo PayPal’d and shipped. Attachment 65496

Tank https://imgur.com/a/HfPYI1d In hydro $100 PayPal shipped con us Ask any questions

I got brand-new ccm s5b 2018 (semi-gloss black) that has only been used once. I got 2 other S5b's, so I decided to let one go. Also, Only Willing to trade for another unique Pump, but Cash is King. https://ibb.co/fcjLtV https://preview.ibb.co/btpdDV/IMG-0262.jpg Message me: (818)723-7948 for faster replies

I cant seem to stop buying things no matter how hard i try. I have decided i need to let a few projects go and this one has gotten the least amount of attention from me since I purchased it. I have a couple cockers I have to finish so everything else is expendable. So this came to me as new old stock as part of a larger lot of items. 90% of the items I received were brand new although there were a few used items mixed in. I believe the majority of this project is all brand new

Standard Rules apply, You pay, I ship. Shipping is included on US orders over $35, Smaller items work better in bundles but I'm sure we can work something out. Orders outside of the US will have to be discussed. I like Paypal, Postal Money Orders or Cold hard cash. Need more pics? please feel free to ask. Bought this on a whim on ADN's website. 1 of a few prototypes out in the wild from what I understand. I've put around 1500 FSR's through this a

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