Ever wanted to look like you are right out of a Der Der video? Do you live for the nostalgic times when Flex 7s were the best? Do you yearn to wear JT team pants, a sick *** Diablo jersey and your NXE pod pack? Well then; do I ever have the SIIIICC GAT you need. Attachment 71037

2pc 14" Autococker thread Dust Clear/Dust Red .688 (I believe) Sold as is $75 Shipped https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ey...H3HjE5aX4EEi_p

RSX with mech frame. Will come with .687 insert. One zipper on the case is broken, but still closes. $550 shipped and PP’d to continental US. Attachment 71032

Selling my Dropout Phantom Marker that i picked up probably a decade ago, played with it several years then it sat in the closet for many more years. Works and functions as expected, I ran a CO2 cartridge through it yesterday and it still works great. The only damage to the marker is a scratch to the back of the dropout where it threads in. It comes with 45 grips, Freak bored 11" barrel with insert, 10 round feed tube, detent ring and sight. it has been cleaned and I will

Only shot 4 and a half cases through it. Great gun but I have a kid on the way and really have more fun playing with my automag and autocockers. $775 paypal'd and shipped

Sliver ANS Jackhammer 2. Exterior is in good shape. Just got it, don't need it. $19.00 shipped.

Sliver ANS Jackhammer 2. Exterior is in good shape. Just got it, don't need it. $15.00 shipped.

Unicorn of mine just came up and well... Something's gotta go so I can afford it. (Do note that if the unicorn sells, this probably is coming down so act fast if you want it) the battery pack was dremeled to have those lines to match the body, I think it looks amazing and has a nice tactile feel to it. The Anodizing was done by Nu_Metal on AO and it's my understanding that this was his personal gun. The one negative is right now I'm having some issues tuning it, wh

Plans change sometimes. Didn't think I'd let these go after hunting everything down, but here we are. I bought the .687 back with th 14" tip new from Paintball Gateway, never used. The .684 back I bought used, but it looks like it has never been touched. Also an interesting thing to note, the .684 back is a little bit longer than the .687. The 18" tip is well used, could use a bath but still very well functional. $120 shipped for everything, not parting and no trades

Selling first gen Emek, if you consider it first gen, so has flip lever safety which works absolutely fine. Comes with the Pops emek asa and stock asa. Excellent condition, only seen a few games. Comes with all its packaged pieces (manual, parts, grease etc). $210

Selling grey Resurrection. Has seen a lot of play. Scratch here and there, bolt has wear and breech have wear and wear from sled rubbing. No leaks and fires properly. Missing the .690 barrel back but has everything else. Looking for $280

Selling pretty good condition Orracle body and trigger frame, trigger has internals. Is drilled for eyes. Comes with extra CCM feedneck and pump arm. Also have a three way rod somewhere in my storage so if I can find it its no extra charge. Not parting anything. Looking for $150

Cleaning out the parts bin from random things I've picked up while building autocockers. Shipping within the US is $7.50 for small flat rate box, or $12 for orders that fit in medium flat rate boxes. Anything aside from that I am happy to get a quote for. PM me with any shipping questions or to get a price quote. All prices are negotiable especially for multi piece orders. Again, PM with any offers or questions. Autococker parts-- PPS Low

I have a complete Classic in untested condition with the following: Numbers matching "one star" Classic valve Right feed body 2x rails, both have barrel pins OG 68 valve drilled for SP Magic Box most of a SP Magic Box 2x Level 7 bolts 1x ANS Phase 2 bolt w/ foamie 2x ANS Phase 2 reg backs Luke's devolumizing insert AGD ASA (modified by someone else for back bottle) 32* chrome single trigger frame w/ Hogu

Moving on a couple guns so I can afford an optic for a real steel toy Anyhow, up for sale today is a nice condition unibody Phantom. I picked this guy up a while back and used it a couple times and it's shot great. Anno is all there and nice and bright as well as the front sight is original and intact. Configuration is your basic back bottle gun with 14" barrel. Doesn't have wedgits or detents but ASP can cut the body for detents to prevent rollouts. Overall, just a nice s

Hey guys, putting a couple guns up on the chopping block so raise funds for some real steel toys For sale today is a nice minty classic 'mag I picked up a year or so ago because I've always like the back bottle guns. Came to me leaky and I just rebuilt the whole thing with new o-rings and it airs up and shoots great. The frame is the metal type and all the paint in it is in great condition, no scratches anywhere on the gun, and even the holes on the bottom of the grip still hav

No trades, paypal only. Shipping Costs will be discussed through pm's. 1. WGP Trilogy Sport Autococker with Xcel Barrel – Just recently timed, rebuilt, tested, ready to shoot. Price: $125 OBO.

No trades, paypal only. Shipping costs will be discussed through pm's. 1. OG Smart Parts Impulse (For Parts) – Got this in a local sale as you see it here. Tested with battery, solenoid does not click, and it doesn’t turn on, so solenoid and board are probably bad. Has Vertical MaxFlo Regulator, Aftermarket Trigger, Superfly Bolt, Aftermarket Feedneck. Does not have a barrel. Price: $125 OBO. 2. Dangerous Power G5 – Just had o-rings replaced, lubed, tested, r

No trades, paypal only. Shipping costs will be discussed through pm's. 1. Spyder Imagine Frankenstein Build – Built this out of miscellaneous spyder parts. Been a while since it was used, but it was working when I last used it. Price: $50 OBO. 2. The first every Spyder Paintball Marker ever made – Has no gun name on it, literally just says paintball marking pistol. Was brand new in box, til I dryfired to test it. Has recocking issues – I believe either the sear or s

Hey everyone, today, I have a massive sale of guns, hoppers, parts, miscellaneous, etc. I’ve tried to make each product as detailed as possible with a description. Not looking for any trades, paypal only for payment, more pics can be provided for serious buyers only, do not message me if you do not have money ready to send, will not hold anything for anyone, whoever pays my asking price/close to it with cash ready to send gets the product, simple as that. Please allow a couple of business

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