I have more guns than I need so I am clearing out some space in the gear bag. At the moment I am having trouble uploading pictures. While I work on that text me if interested in anything so I can get you pics @ 708 seven one two six six 91. All prices are relatively firm but feel free to shoot me an offer. 1.) Ego8 in green/grey. Works perfectly fine. I had a PE tech go over it at Living Legends and it came back with no issues, has normal wear and comes with original hard case

Spent way to much on vacation looking to sell this to make up for lost funds Factory 1pc Vert Stripes Purple SS (Misprint) $189 shipped Attached Images

Howdy folks, Got this in a trade recently, nice gun with all the PPS goodies, but I have found that I strongly prefer rock forward vs. rock back for pumps so I'm going to keep my Super Stocker and let this one free. Gun is in fantastic shape, barely used. .690 barrel with wedgits. I shot some paint that was rolling out of a.677 insert and the wedgits held it in nicely. Gun was shooting low when I received it so my buddy shimmed it and now it easily shoots 3

Looking to get around 400 for the Dark Cocker I bought it as a pump and planned to mech it, but never got around to finishing it. CCM internals, back block, pump kit, feedneck. Stock body, Dye Professional Frame, VASA, and Infinity Barrel. Will include the non-stock front block and LPR (closest I could find).

3 very nice guns here. PMI Trraacceerr: Just gutted and lubed, no leaks and shoots nice. $60 SL68 II - Also cleaned and lubed just this week, no leaks, shoots good. Feedneck has the typical crack, currently JB welded but it'll still clamp a hopper tight - $80 Prostock autococker pump: As shown, no leaks, some hairline scratches on the body shoots like a well tuned autococker pump should. $200

I have two 7 round mags I no longer need ... Both have need of new springs.The first one works fine but both mags have had their springs cut due to a mag feed mod I did to my Duck and as a result the second one doesn't feed well at all....get a new spring and you're in business. Asking $25 shipped for both

$200 shipped and PayPal'ed. No trades. Attachment 71064 Attachment 71065

One piece barrel, Autococker threaded. It's beautiful. $110 shipped Attached Images

Standard Ninja 68/4500 tank with Ninja adjustable regulator, set for 500psi output. Born 4/2016, hydro good until 4/2021 No marks of any kind on tank, slight wear on reg threads from use. Overall 9.5/10. $105 via paypal includes USPS Priority shipping and all fees. Will ship completely empty.

I need less stuff, have a few things i want to pick up and im drowning in stuff i won't use. grillz $75 with lenses jt flex parts $40

$160 shipped No trades Shoots leak free Attachment 71059 Attachment 71060

Selling a deadly wind to fiburx8 barrel (for freak xl inserts, none included) with a spyder and autococker thread adapter. Like new condition. $60 PayPal shipped con US

Trying to make room on the shelves for other stuff. Bought all this over the last 3ish years, most of it here. Anything that was rusting I scrubbed as best I could, naval jellied, and then rust converted, should hold up for another 20 years of being beaten up on. As far as I can remember, every part is present and accounted for (save 1 pair of grips in lieu of the chopped up crossman stock) and there are probably several parts spare. The one gun that is assembled works fi

Orange/Black Geo 3.5 in perfect working order. The anno is in really good shape overall, light usage. The only "issue" being that the jewel is missing the plastic covering on one side of the grip. Includes box, barrel, bag of spares, etc. Asking $515 shipped, Paypal, CONUS only. I have no issue shipping international but contact me to discuss. The DW barrel in "playing" pic is not included.

Like new Fibur-X8 CF barrel, cocker threads, with 3 inserts 679,684,689 and case 145$shipped dye titanium boomstick back, cocker threaded - 140$ shipped

Time for stickers! $15 for the lot, shipped to CONUS and pp fees included. I'm willing to ship outside of conus but there will be shipping charges separate. One of the 32 degrees sheets got folded at some point in it's life. It will be folded for shipping because the stickers want to come off the sheet when laid flat.

Hello there, I have some left over phantom parts for sale, prices do not include shipping. Stock $35 RF body $30 Ghost Ring $15 Site Rail (2) $13 a piece Photo

Selling a bunch of stuff that is taking up space. I will try and get the images changed to a smaller size tomorrow when i get a chance. sorry they are huge. no trades please. Sandana $100 ppd shipped

Selling a bunch of stuff that is taking up space. I will try and get the images changed to a smaller size tomorrow when i get a chance. sorry they are huge. no trades please. Sandana $100 ppd shipped

Most of this stuff has been up for sale before. A bunch of it has been "spoken for", and then not paid for. If you call dibs on something, please pay within 24 hours. I prefer shipping flatrate within the US, and will combine shipping to fit the smallest flatrate possible. Shipping costs will be $7.90, $14.35, or $19.95. For larger parcels, I'll calculate an actual cost.

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