POW MIA CS1 up for grabs $700 I will entertain trades. <a href="https://ibb.co/wCbDfSP"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/Qnqs4PT/FA5016-F7-8727-4104-B4-A3-F5187-C655955.jpg" alt="FA5016-F7-8727-4104-B4-A3-F5187-C655955" border="0"></a><br /><a target='_blank' href='https://emoticoncentral.com/category/fat-cat'>fat cat</a><br />

For sale is an almost like new Dye DSR. I'm the first owner, bought in June, used once. Lucky if there's even 1 case through it. Ano is in flawless condition. Functions perfectly, no issues, I'm just a gun whore and something else caught my eye :( Comes with Scythe Trigger, Flex bolt. Reg already has the newest parts. 4th Gen Eye Pipe. Comes with everything a new Dye DSR should have. Looking for $600 OBO via Paypal. Cost covers fees and s

All markers F/S/T Text me for pics - serious inquiries only - 81two-66one-eight399 NEW - Purple/Gold Special Edition Tim Montressor Luxe TM40 - $1,650 firm Used - White Knight Twister CS2 - $3,100 obo NEW - Gold “Cartel” Infamous CS2 Pro DNA Skull - $2,200 obo NEW - Pure Project G CS2 Pro - $2,800 obo NEW - Black Luxe TM40 - $1,500 firm

Great condition with original case. Also have gi sports lol loader and blue tank with Grey brand new grill mask. Pictures available upon request. 500 for gun. 100 for loader 40 for tank and 50 for mask together for 630. 48/3000 on tank

Has original case and barrel with spare kit. Price: $325 But looking to trade for: M170R, CVO, or Inception emek Thanks

Have this red/grey DSR for sale. Has the upgraded bolt parts (can/tip). Unfortunately no case or anything, what you see is what you get. $650 OBO

Stock Shocker well all stock goodies was laser engraved some bolt wear and blemish on the body by back cap. 475+fees and ill cover shipping Attached Images

DyeCam DSR - All stock, works great, and looks mint. Comes with a partially used oring kit, grease, and the stock barrel. - $600 shipped. Black DSR - All stock, works great, and looks mint just like the DyeCam. This one comes with the oring kit, grease, stock barrel, and USB cable. - $550 shipped. I'm open to trades + cash on either. Maybe something MacDev. Pumps are good too.

BIN: 1650 Planet Eclipse CS2 Infamous Pure Silver and Mech Frame. Used Paintball Marker DYE ULS shaft 684 and 689 UL and a SE UL tip, 684 FL shaft Everything included in the pictures

I have a set of PXG gen 2 irons that want to trade for a Luxe X. Can send pics.

Looking for a solid colors, perferably navy blue or black, also a bomber dm10 has been on my list aswell!!! Who ever got a clean oil slick Pm7 or dm7 , Please let me kno!!!

Have a gtek 170r limited run predator. Not sure why I can't add pics but shoot me a message and I'll send them. Looking for 950 through zelle or PayPal plus fees.

Good condition overall. Very well maintained and has 19000 shots on the counter. Mutiny team lasering with #21 on back cap. Has wear underneath grips and some on the lasering. Includes all stock goodies and acp tip $850 PP you pay fees I pay shipping. Motivated to sell. https://i.imgur.com/wKF4LTP.jpg

Looking to sell or trade this immaculate condition FC autococker. All it needs is a good time and time and it’ll be ready to rock. For cash value I’m wanting to get $1200 or we can work out a trade plus cash. Please PM me for details or offers https://imgur.com/a/Sbot4TZ

Hi all. Shocker XLS for sale, great condition - barely used, about 3 cases through it. Comes with Allen’s, case, oring kit, etc. Will come as pictured but include the extras.

Today up up for sale or trade I have my backup marker setup. This thing is an absolute dream, shoots perfectly, just not my cup of tea. What you get for $600: -Version 2.0 Empire Vanquish -V16 Drivetrain -Carry case -All barrel backs and Tip -all stock goodies What you get for $750: -Everything mentioned above -Dye LT-R Loader

Just like the title says, V2 Impact CS2 (Only the marker and case) 900 Pm me if interested.

I have a Midnight Geo 4 with less than 4K on the shot count and comes with all stock goods. Looking to sell or downgrade for anything eclipse Price: $1150 Pics: will be uploaded shortly, Pm with questions about trade/purchase

Dye dsr, about 2 cases (if that) for sale. Has Flex Bolt (stock can), Scythe Trigger, up to date reg. Bought new in July. Ano is in perfect condition, stock barrel has never seen the field. Asking 600 OBO.

I bought this marker probably around 2014. I have never taken it to a field and played with it. I have shot maybe 1 hopper in my backyard. Comes with carrying pouch & lube / unused parts kit.

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