Im selling my setup. I have a silver and red lv1 with 2 shaft 5 backs as well as the stock red back. Comes with the eclipse foam case with manual, oil, grease, and spares kit with the light rammer. I have a red rotor and a ninja 68/45 born in 2010. It does need hydro. Can also throw in an older invert pod pack and a red/white evs mask with sunset lense also have a new clear lense with thr plastic still on it. Asking 750 for everything. I also have a yong heng 4500psi compressor with auto st

Great shooting Macdev Gti. Marker has magnetic trigger return mod, Violent Scythe trigger, & black out screw kit. Marker shoots great just not playing much anymore and looking to build another mag. That being said, the only trades im interested in are Automag related. Cash price $350

Gun is in perfect shape Pops asa and low pro feedneck Custom bullet back cap modded on (stock cap included) Runs great Around 24k on counter 650 shipped you cover fees Text or pm anytime 315 272 6035

So... I literally just bought this new, threw away the cardboard box, installed the OLED, removed the trigger guard stickers, and adjusted the trigger pull a smidge before making the crazy determination to prioritize being debt-free over having fun toys on the wall. Other than the above, and a few hundred shots on the counter from playing with the trigger, it is 100% as new. I was planning to use this gun at a local scenario next weekend - and still may, if it is not sold by

Selling my proto rize maxxed as i do not use it anymore and got a new marker. This is a great beginner gun for anything from woodsball, rec ball, or tournament. She is in 9/10 condition overall. Externally minor wear, internally perfect condition Deal includes everything that came stock Im not interested in trades unless in my favor Im asking $200 you pay shipping Email me at [email protected]

Selling my wgp black magic. Has a e2 board and solenoid. Only damage I can find on it are the small set screw for the feedneck is split in half and the grips are starting to bow out. Other then then the marker has jo leaks and shoots great. Asking 475$. The only trades I'm interested in are a bob long insight (looking for something pink or green)plus cash. Thanks for looking! Cant seem to post pics will try later

Rules: 1) Chances are you are shipping first 2) only make offers if ready to make a deal What I have up on the chopping block is my all black cs2. I am the one and only owner on this gun. Gun is well broken in and shoots extremely well. Just looking for something a little different What's included? - everything it would as new Issues? - slight wear on the hard tip bolt (still performs perfect) Wants? - $$$$ 14

Looking to sell my gtek 160r. Comes with manual, grease, case, cardboard and parts kit. Works great and is in very good shape, has a bit of barrel tip wear. Price: $475 Shipped add 3% for PayPal fees or gift Trades: heavily in my favor so I can easily resell it and than some. The marker is red, if the pictures don’t work just pm me your cell or email.


Cleanest csr of PbNation minty Comes with everything it would new, has low rise feed neck. 12k shots $1050 shipped/gifted or add fees

Pm6 needs silinoid Pm6 $100 obo 14in titanium boomstick $200 obo

Up for sale is a beautiful dye cam m2 mos air. It has 7585 shots on the counter. Asking $650. For sale only unless highly in my favor. Comes with everything as new. Pictures aren't uploading. Message me for pictures.

As the title says I have Grayson Goff's personal X-Factor team edition CSR PRO. After coming out of a long break from the game, I thought I would have the time to play like I used to and unfortunately that's not the case. The CSR is the smoothest shooting gun that I have ever shot; however, it spends more time in my gear bag than on the field. The gun comes will all the goodies shown in the pictures bellow. Mainly looking to sell unless trade is heavily in my favor.

Bought new and put two hoppers through it. Just not for me. Gun has never seen a field. Comes with everything as new plus two additional freak inserts. Asking $525 shipped and pp’d Only trades would be DSR or 160r and I could add a little. Pm me and I can text pics.

Slime shocker rsx f/s/t in amazing condition shoots ropes i will add cash for the right deal I’m looking for tanks masks and hoppers also and soft gear let me see what you have if sold price is $415 obo it is negotiable text me for pics won’t let me post them 9855172995

My rage is up for adoption. Hasn’t seen any field time since I’ve built it. Pillow tip bolt, 360 reg and updated LPR, 110 board. Fantastic condition. Comes as pictured. $400 shipped OBO

My rage is up for adoption. Hasn’t seen any field time since I’ve built it. Pillow tip bolt, 360 reg and updated LPR, 110 board. Fantastic condition. Comes as pictured. $400 shipped OBO

Excellent condition, just a some wear on the grips and control stick area (common). Comes as shown below. Played with it a couple weekends ago and it shot amazingly. ** No Trades ** unless it comes with a disproportionate amount of cash or is ridiculously in my favor. Looking for $650 + Ship/PayPal Fees for both 550.00 -- gun 125.00 -- tank

Quick and easy. Have a midnight GI Stealth for sale. $650 and PayPal fees and I cover shipping. Text/PM for info and pics in USA ONLY! 901-517-7710 Has the full driver kit, 10 cases through, and unopened spares Gun is in perfect working condition and damn near immaculate cosmetic condition. I just have too many guns! Also have a red DSr, black axe pro,

1. This is Oliver Lang's personal dynasty waffle shocker, which was the very last smart parts marker he used before moving to the Ironmen in 2006. I have confirmation from Alex Fraige that this is Ollie's marker and that will be provided to the buyer. Serial #DYT01517. Marked #17 on the back (ollie's number). Prototype Dynasty team board. Comes exactly as shown, with the parts that ollie had on it. I just thoroughly cleaned and lubed it but haven't aired it up to

Dye M3s Krypton $995 (Next day air shipping included) This gun comes with the case, manual, lube, usb cable, tools, both backs, charging pad, and parts kit! The gun is rated a 96/100 cosmetically (AMAZING CONDITION) and a 100/100 mechanically.

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