I have a mint condition HK Army 170R for sale. Used once, about half a case shot through it. Bought it for my kid, but it’s a little large for him still - he’ll be sticking with his mini for awhile. Onyx color way (dust black), comes with F1 Acculock barrel - two inserts .683 and .691. Small nick on the tip, 1-2mm in length. Comes with F1 hard case as well. Super Stanchy Customs scythe trigger installed, stock one included. Gun case stil

Looking to sell my M3+, cash only, not interested in trades for this gun Complete and no sign of wear, gun and barrels are like new! Price is $1000 shipped Pm for more photos Attached Images

Link below and description in post. DM for more pictures. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNS1qQZB...d=ui2le0mz1ee0

In great shape, cycles and shoots flawlessly. Very little use. Select fire frame, semi, burst, ramping. Eyes work. Trade for etha2 or 350 pp shipped. https://ibb.co/Cw4QXQq https://ibb.co/vc4bn2Z

Luxe X For Sale. 875 shipped in the US Includes - 3 XL backs - 2 batteries - external charger https://imgur.com/gallery/a2IN97C

Does anyone have a set of Etha 2 lightpipes willing to part with? Attached image for reference. Thank you.

Lightly used Planet Eclipse Gtek. Has been well maintained. Comes with original hard case, 2 piece barrel, manual, lube, unused spare parts kit, and allen keys. $415 shipped Post and PM if interested!

Selling lv1.6 1200 Shipped and pp'd. Price is OBO. Shot one case through it. Link to imgur Album h

☆INFAMOUS INTIMIDATOR PRICE IS 350.00☆ ☆INFAMOUS INTIMIDATOR TRADE VALUE IS 4500.00☆ ☆☆☆ITEMS INCLUDED☆☆☆ -No Stock Box And Manual. -Blue Stock Grips -Stock Bolt. -Stock Lpr. -Custom Products Hpr. -14in Bob

Have a Mutiny SYX 1.5 I am the original owner and only fielded it one time. Marker is flawless and shoots great. Only selling to get something else. Comes all full empire barrel kit 680,685,690 and unopened rebuild kit. Message me for pictures. $525 TYD open to offers and trades

Hey All, Hate to put this up for sale but I haven't played in the past 5 years and its been sitting in its case since then (and now I have 2 kids under the age of 5, uncanny right?) Geo 3.5 Team Upton 187 green/orange tiger stripe - Can't pin down what the design is actually called - feel free to chime in Beautiful condition with low round count. Was hoping to play more but some kid bills have come up $800 + fees/shipping?

ALL REASONABLE CASH OFFERS ACCEPTED!!! TRADES ACCEPTED!!! BRAND NEW G-MAX Shocker SFT: The "Holy Grail" of the Shocker Community, and some would even consider Paintball. “G-MAX Shockers were a joint project between CCM, All-American player Garrett Maxwell, and Smart Parts.” -zdspb.com One of the rarest paintball markers in existence (under 20) and one of the lightest Shockers ever produced at approximately 2 lbs. 4.4 oz.

Up on the block today is my custom anno’d Boston Paintball Twister. This thing is super clean, it is one of the cleanest twisters up for sale anywhere online. As the majority of the paintball community knows these are made in extremely limited numbers and this custom anno makes it a 1 of 1. Included in the sale or trade will be the twister documents, case, Planet Eclipse parts/lube/orings/rebuild kits, matching anno stock barrel, matching anno fr barrel (both for xl fr

For Sale, No trades $1,200 SHIPPED comes with RED freak XL barrel kit Freak ACP barrel tip COBALT **loader not included Attached Images

Amethyst LV1.6 FSO Comes with everything it would new Price: $1,200 Shipped/PP'd PM me Attached Images

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 with HK Army hopper, Ninja tank, Empire mask and pod pack. comes with soft case. Everything perfect condition with the exception of a crack in the tank psi gauge. It worked fine so I just never replaced it. $550 obo For any questions reach me @ [email protected] https://imgur.com/a/48pGPND

Vis up for sale 7/10 condition, only due to the blemish near the back. Comes with: vcom(installed) SC engine Full barrel kit 4c eyes Spare 2c Extra grips Whatever other BL spares I can find 600 shipped plus fees Pm for pics

Includes; Hey nation, I’ve got a beautiful HK trex for sale. It looks even better in person. Looks virtually new, case signed by Ryan Greenspan. Not that it adds value but still neat. 100% working order Includes; Case// 3 barrel backs// pressure tester// barrel cover// a TON of spares. You will never need to buy a part for this marker. It comes with the stock spares, a captain oring kit and a field one kit.

☆RIPPER 2.5 INTIMIDATOR PRICE IS 1500.00☆ ☆RIPPER 2.5 INTIMIDATOR TRADE VALUE IS 1600.00☆ ☆☆☆ITEMS INCLUDED☆☆☆ -No Stock Box And Manual. -Red Stock Grips -A Bomb Bolt. -Aka Lpr. -Aka Hpr. -14in Hk Barrel Kit -Sci-F

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