Planet Eclipse GSL #658 GSL's these days never even see the field. I've always been proud to show this ting off. Shoots like a dream but recently been enjoying the heck out of my T-CS1 and LV1. Price: 1,450 Shipped and PPD Includes Trigger ASA mount Soft tip bolt Allen keys SL barre kit Spare o rings (not pictured) Exalt case

Hey Everybody, I'm going to be posting this up on eBay pretty soon. I am wondering what is it worth in cash value? Twister CS1 Everything Original in box + Trigger, Cs1.5 Feedneck, CS2 Grips, CSR Accents and ASA and Dye CF Barrel Paid about $2.5k to piece it all together; asking $2.2k obo

X-FACTOR GEO 3.1 FS ONLY Condition 9.5/10 Includes everything it would new Asking $675 shipped, semi-firm

I have a brand new LV1.6 up for sale. It will obviously come with everything it does new. The allen keys, spare parts kit, and oil are unopened. The only wear on the gun is where the set screw on the trigger makes contact with the frame from adjusting it how I like it. I wouldn't be sad if it didn't sell, so no lowballs or trades please. $1,200 shipped and Paypal'd *Manual not pictured but will be included*

RULES: - If trading, we both pay for our own shipping. - Prices do not include shipping or fees unless stated otherwise. - I won't respond to low ball offers. - Be mature. - Post and then PM me with offers. - My feedback is solid and current so I won't be shipping first. If you have GREAT feedback as well, we can ship at the same time. - I can usually ship the same day that the deal is made. - Zelle and PayPal accep

Purchased from a Local guy getting back into paintball bought this had it for a couple weeks and moved to Lvl 1.6 $350 tyd I am new to selling on Pbn but have had an account a long time been playing since I was 16 closer to 40 now :) have lots of local references but none on here.

** Pictures to be uploaded later today ** Decided to sell my Dust Olive/Black Luxe X. Marker is in immaculate condition as I was able to only partially use it once. Pandemic hit shortly after I purchased it and never played ever since. I still have the original receipt from Critical Paintball and it will come with everything that it came with when the marker was purchased. Photo of the shot counter along with the marker itself will be uploaded when I

I am not playing paintball anymore and am selling all of my equipment. If you want to bundle multiple of my listings let me know. 1 x Spider Clone Gun With No Branding On It. The bolt machine guns back and forth when you try to fire so it will need some working on. Great Condition. Almost looks like a new gun. - $30 + shipping

Hey, I have an immaculate V2 Victory Ripper w tadao and supercharger kit that I am looking to sell. $750 shipped OBO. I dont play anymore but it brings back good times and is easily the best gat ive owned. These are super rare and only a few made in each color scheme. shoots ropes ! Just took it to my local paintball shop to be lubed and tuned before sending to its new home Comes with original box, 2 piece barrel 2 .685 barrel backs., Pressure tester, and Tadao instructions.

What up PBN, I have an Angel A1 Fly For Sale Only. See below for further details. Angel A1 Fly - Black & Silver Finish - Magno Valve - Angel Barrel Kit - Extra Eyes - Extra Ball Detents Asking: $750 OBO Shipped

Post or PM me. Trades must be worth my time to resell AND come with cash. Add paypal fees or gift it, doesn't matter to me. I'll pay shipping in the states. Red/Gold Sponge Adrenaline Shocker XLS $1500 Factory stuff Has timer

The Gun: - Black Etha 2 - Original 2-piece barrel - Original gun case - Original lube - Original spare parts kit - Original allen wrench set - Original barrel sock - Original manuals Price: $465 Trades: Rize Maxxed + cash Rize CZR + cash Rules: Please post here before pm'ing me.

Rules: 1. Be respectful. 2. My feedback is extensive and perfect, so I do not ship first. 3. Refunds are not accepted if dissatisfied with the product. The only condition on which I will refund/trade back is if the product is faulty directly caused by either myself or the shipping service (unlikely). 4. Please post Ego '07 setup- $350 DM14 setup- $650

For Sale Only PM with questions Pooty Annoed CS2 clean and looks great, come with case, manual, stock trigger, grease, allen keys, spare parts bag, hard tip bolt Barrel bored for XL inserts (.687 included) no FL barrel Price $1300 [IMG]

Up for sale is an infamous CS2 Troll colorway with hk army delta trigger. Gun has roughly 20,000 shots on it and is in great working condition. Comes with two barrel backs, carbon fiber tip, allen keys, lube, manual, spare parts, original trigger, hk army delta trigger (silver) on marker, marker box, and marker. Marker is in great condition, only a few minor scuffs from normal use. Price: $1425 obo paypal Marker will be shipped with signature required.

shocker xls like new no scratches or issues. stock goodies included $550 shipped or $650 with a brand new freak xl kit. buyer pays fees i cover shipping.

Need some money for other investments. Gun is in almost new condition, except where the halfs come together. The person who had it last said that happened when he had to put the lp poppet in. This is a fully upgraded g6r with acculock. Has not been used or tuned in awhile, so I would do it. -full acculock -lp poppet -no ping ram -4c eyes -rare premium pillow bolt -8/100 certification of authentication -pressure tester -full parts kit

Just got into paintballing and bought this in the end of march. found I liked woods ball alot more than speedball and got myself an EMF100. I liked the EMF so much that I hardly touch this and this was pretty expensive to relegate to a backup gun. Shot about 3 cases through it without any problems and the bolt has been cleaned after every use.

Got a new job and don't live anywhere close to a good field anymore. So looking to get rid of my piece. Midnight LV1.5 -Includes- Parts Kit Lube Both Rammers Shaft FL w/ .685 insert Pretty clean besides the grips showing wear. Looking for $old, if you are near Chattanooga area I'll discount for local.

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