This is my 3rd post, 2 of them now deleted. I’ve been going back and forth on what gun I would like and ended up deciding LV1.6 is it. If you have an LV1.6 for sell or thinking of selling, send me a message!   submitted by   /u/CRcryptoride [link]  

Looking to get back into the game, trying to find a decent electronic setup from around $150-$250   submitted by   /u/AncientViper [link]   [comments]

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Looking for a virtue or any other 10.5 BPS capable board for shocker SFT. Thanks in advance.   submitted by   /u/Left_Moose178 [link]   [comments]

Looking for a new toy on the field. Send me any offers you may have! Would consider 170r as well.   submitted by   /u/CRcryptoride [link]   [c

Looking for an LV1.6 or CS2. Let me know what you got for sell!   submitted by   /u/CRcryptoride [link]   [comments]

*** Bunkerking/Angel OG Headbands - $75 each, new lor price, plus buy two get one free ***

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I have a few things on the block. Dye DSR+ Slick Used once Upgraded feedneck wheel Trades: open to look at about anything. Dye/Carbon pants Size Large Used for one day Great pants but I’m short and they don’t fit the greatest. Price:155 OBO BunkerKings pants Size large Used a handful of times Price:85 OBO Hormesis headband Second fish series

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Back used once and in like new condition. Front used on another back quite a bit more and has some tip wear. Otherwise in good condition. Price: $140 OBO shipped & PP incl. Pics: Here   submitted by   /u/WhatItIsToBurn

Selling this blue deuce. Put it in and used once. Nothing wrong, just went another direction. Price: $45 shipped & PP incl. Pic: Here   submitted by   /u/WhatItIsToBurn [

I don't have the time to play anymore, and I don't like this just sitting around going unused. I tried to get a decent amount of pics, but I have a lot of stuff, so don't hesitate to ask if you need any more images! Ideally, the more I sell together, the better - so I'll try to cut you more of a discount the more you buy. If I don't have a discount listed for a group of things you want, just ask me Most everything is in excellent or great condit

Trade tan and camo parts on my 170r for black. Want to trade as a complete set. Barrel back Eye covers Frame Quick release bonnet (bolt back) Pops Asa body (camo) [just the body, not popoff bonnet] Feed neck (camo) (just neck, not clamp arm] No dings or scratches on my end, can send detailed pics.   submitted by   /u/Kennix_