Every time I try to post my marker on Facebook or OfferUp it gets immediately remove and I don’t quite understand why. First post I used the phrase “paintball gun”. Probably a bad idea - REMOVED. Second post I removed the word gun and replaced it with “marker”. Thought this would work - REMOVED. Third post I drew over the trigger (using the mark-up tool) thinking my picture doesn’t look good. Maybe it’s too gunish? Nope this

Want to own a beautiful piece of history Only had 2 boxes of paint put through immaculate condition I am in Australia 🇦🇺 and will be using paintba

Pump minimag working good 2️⃣9️⃣0️⃣ pluss shipping or partial trades for a rainmaker or an automag center feed body or rt valve More pictures

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Can't find any from Canadian vendors. Shipping from MCS to Canada is $60 USD. Not spending that much for shipping a $10 part. That, and it'd likely be held in customs for at least a week. Dead serious on that one.   submitted by   /u/JazzlikeStomach9258

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Completely stock, includes everything pictured, Recently tuned and ready to rip. Price: $500 PayPal g&s shipped

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I’m needing to make room in my house, looking to make someone a good deal on gear. I learn paintball wasn’t as big in my area and I never use any of this. I’d like to get this to someone who will use it and not just resale.   submitted by   /u/BigDaddyRob318 [link]  

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For a very brief period of time I was down to just the guns I intended to use. Then my sister told me my nephew wanted to try paintball, so when this mini came up I was thought it would be perfect. Almost immediately after that I ended up with an impulse, and I think it would be pretty funny to make him play with that, so we’re gonna go the opposite direction and make the boy carry around a cinder block. It builds character. This is in pretty r

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