Up for adoption. Just saved this from a locals closet. Air it up and it cycled, just not well. Has a slight leak near the grip frame. Wanting to free up some space as I have too many projects. $350 shipped and paypaled http://imgur.com/gallery/5ODdZV9

Up for adoption. Just saved this from a locals closet. Air it up and it cycled, just not well. Has a slight leak near the grip frame. Wanting to free up some space as I have too many projects. $350 Shipped and Paypaled http://imgur.com/gallery/5ODdZV9

Have had it for a while. Never got around to getting another barrel and air it up. Sold as is .... last time I aired it up it worked flawless. Sold as is. If interested text me at 214 470 2593 and I'll send some pics.

I'm looking for Marq 7 built by a bob long gun tech named Jason Watson. I was the original owner of this gun (after buying it form Jason) and really regret letting it go. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys! I've posted a link to the gun I'm referring to. https://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=3831266

Ok so I was going to build this out but I am starting a new job and won't have the time to put in although I could probably do it in a night. Hmm. So any way, I am selling this and I do have all of the internals that you would need aside from a battery which I am also working on. Let me know what you need and if you want to build it or you just want the shell/grip/trigger etc. I also have the old metric asa and reg that came with this gun. I have a lot of Angel parts, mainl

--Disclaimer-- Only issue i have had with this viking is that I cannot get it to chrono above the 260's. I got this viking in a trade several years ago. It was my dream gun and i never thought I would be willing to sell. But I don't play much anymore, and my puppy needs a fence. I am looking for $850 for it.

1. Dynasty Waffle Shocker Comes with Freak barrel, Dynasty board, Pooty bolt, "pops" ASA and factory reg. The gun is in immaculate condition, airs up (without any leaks) and cycles flawlessly. $1,100.00 2. WGP Karnivore Comes with MQ2 valve (with all factory original parts also), Orange bolt, Delrin trigger and a full Karner kit. The gun was just time tuned and serviced by Ben Lamont. Airs up with no

*DOES NOT COME WITH HOPPER IF YOU WANT THE HOPPER ITS $30 extra Have a PE Nightcast Autococker Comes with Stiffi carbon fiber barrel not sure on what size it is played 19 games with it shot great has 1.06 board in it the 3 way started leaking during a game took it to the game gun master guy started leaking massively and i decommisioned the gun i attached a video of it

Looking for a home for these - no longer own a DM3 and would like them to go to someone that can put them to good use. Willing to part out or sell as a lot. Free Flow Board Hybrid Frame $200.00 for everything obo 3 breeches - 1 with eyes, 1 rotating breech for use with a warp feed. https://imgur.com/a/X9E9WNI

All original Macdev reg Dye ASA http://imgur.com/gallery/hzIahfL

I have a silver Pimp for sale with a full pipe kit. Pimp This one has an like new $90 Hyper3 2.0 reg and the pipe kit which normally goes for $30-40. This also has the ($30) WAS board in it as well as the upgraded blade trigger. This thing rips shots out. It will come with a Detonator reg if you want to go back to stock. Overall it is a steal at $165 shipped.

I'm looking for my old gun. She is a purple fade intimidator with freak barrel kit. I'm not sure what the body style is called but I know I had it in early 2000s I have pictures and would really like to buy it back. This was a birthday present especially made for me by bob long and had to sell due to bad times. Would love to have it. Please contact me if you think you have it . Thanks

I rescued this Timmy from a parts bin at a brick and mortar store a few months ago. I'm just not going to be in a spot to get it working anytime soon, so I'd rather someone else who can do it take it and use it. It has all the mechanical internals, bolt, valve, and ram; but you can see it's missing all the electronics, save the membrane buttons in the frame. I'm looking to get around $65 shipped for it.

DM3...Stock bolt...Tadao 4.0..Eyes..CP reg..CP on/off ....225.00

Currently restoring an old Smart Parts 4x4 Shocker. Here's what Im looking for... On/Off Switch (Lever type, mounted on left side of frame.) Stock grips Old (preferably working) Shocker labeled maxflo. Vert or regular. Black vert feed Solenoids I will be interested in any old shoebox parts. If anyone has something they want to sell, or know where I can buy parts easily, please message me. Thanks!

Selling a Naughty Dogs Intimidator, comes as pictured. Regs probably need adjusted, but everything works like it should. Techna triggerAdjustable ram capNew Naughty Dogs gripsEmpire 1.5 board, 10bps Price: $425 Trades: None.

Moving these nice PL Impulses. Since photobucket took a dump....text me for pictures. 1. Red Matte GameFace -CP Reg(makes it much lighter) -SP matching barrel Price: 150 shipped 2. Cappuccino Fade Strange -all factory stock -very nice condition...only blem is one side of the HPR has anno pitting -Matching barrel Price: 205 shipped 3. Red gloss Game Face -all factory minus the red rail and asa.

2 more great pieces up for sale. If the same person buys both, I will give them a $300 discount and let them both go for $1300 + pp fees. 1) 2002 Dragon (1/10) $1000 When the 2k2 Dragon first came out, it was some of the craziest milling done to a paintball gun in the history of the sport. Even today, dragons are utterly unique and some of the most identifiable markers ever produced. What we have here is 1 of the first 10 dragons ev

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