Just as the title says I'm trying to add another Timmy to the collection. Would love to see some Aliases or some 2k6 offers. Paypal ready to go!

tech t bolt virtue oled cp reg shocker sft 8036055451 shoot me a text or pm for pics and or shooting vid no issues

This was a local impulse buy that I'm realizing I'll probably never use. Minicocker (?) Old school DYE barrel (logo lazered on) Palmers LPR AKA lightning bolt Taso grips Physical Condition- 6/10. No terrible gouges but the body has its share of scuffs & scratches. Frame has some pitting. HPR has significant fading. Working Condition- ?/10. I haven't done anything with it but buyer should assume it needs some degree of maint

Dunno how rare or vintage they are but given search results this seems like the right spot. Up for sale only, 06 Blue Dynasty Shocker SFT. I picked this up a while back cause it was cheap and worked. Figured i'd full around with it, rebuild it something...well that never happened. Just need to get rid of it not looking to retire from this sale or anything. Holds air no problem, cycles and shoots no problem. My best guess it's got a Nerve board in it. No idea what

The markers have been stored for 12 years. The impulse turns on and shoots with no leaks. The Autococker doesn’t leak but the e-blade will not come on, I will include the WGP barrel kit. Looking to trade for something newer, I just don’t have the time to tinker with stuff anymore. Both markers show sign of use and will be traded As-is.

This one is actually hard to let go of...won’t be too bent out of shape if it doesn’t sell. Want to see this go to someone who will really appreciate it. It has a good number of marks but it only adds to the character. Has a super cool top cut out for bolt removal, a cool integrated sight rail, and a bad *** muzzle brake. Holds air and shoots but unknown velocity. Also includes: Turbo valve hammer and original shaved down hammer Brass trigger shoe

Hi guys, Here is my last unicorn crazy hot marker. It’s a KBA 004, that I’ve bought from llaw999 here in 2013. Since then, I have made some nice modifications to the gun stock to permit air-thru stock with 4oz CO2 bottle with an old M1 Garand wood stock and a PPS regulator. I’m getting about 80-100 shots around 270 fps. I haven’t play paintball since 2014 because life is getting in my way (mostly kids and work). It’s a shame that this piece


Looking to sell my KP2. Overall good shape with original finish. Holds air and fires but untested velocity. Was shooting well last time it was out. One small thing to note - it is missing the pin that secures the trigger group to the body. Functions without, but would strongly recommend replacing ($2 part). Comes with: Fast changer Long pump handle Quick strip slot Wedgits Walz stock Standard stock (has minor crack, still very st

Took this one down before since I discovered an issue that made it for sure non-functional. Didn't want to sell it As-Is considering that. so I took the time to fix it up. All good under the hood now and I picked up a 16" front for the barrel so she is ready to hit the hyperball field with you! Shooting vid: Used trash Dick's Sporting Goods paint that's been in my trunk since August. only broke one in the barrel and fired clean (can just see towards the en

Getting out of the sport and selling all my gear and prized markers. Have all original parts and box except factory chrono receipt which I cant find. Comes with one extra barrel, view loader, AGD Z-grip, Air America Apocalypse 2k 88ci 4500psi tank. Asking 450 OBO buyer covers shipping from Hawaii and PayPal fees. Attached Images

2k2 bob long dragon timmy all original $300 shipped https://ibb.co/fPbug9 https://ibb.co/jGr5op

overall in very good condition for its year. Serial #0070. 14k shot on the counter. Shoots great only one leak coming from the regulator pressure set screw. Left grip window is cracked. Comes with all the stock accessories and small bore barrel kit asking 625 shipped

I have a red 1999 dark angel Led with chrome feedneck, chrome volley, stick style double trigger and a very nice 16" diamond Vortex barrel. I do not have any of the other stock parts. I do however have the car charger, and the battery still holds a good charge. Shot it today 10/9/18 no leaks It is definately a players gun or an option for re anno...as it is scratched up quite heavily.. purely cosmetic thougb Pics will be up shortly $20

Hey all as it says i have a blue and black splash Tribal Twister. Single trigger, and stock other than a wgp inline reg that will be included. Note CP reg in picture not included. WGP inline reg included. Aired up and shot it today 10/9/18 no leaks and works as it should. I just need money since divorce sux 140 obo no trades. I also have a video of it shooting if u want to see it b4 purchase. Pics will be up shortly

I’m looking for nice,working intimidators. Really wanting naughty dog, rippers. Show me what you got!! PayPal ready!

Superman Tonton Impulse - CP V2 reg, Q-lock, micro LPR, freak factory ram housing/brass hammer, strange bolt, vision, eclipse trigger $200 Fade Freak Factory Impulse - Barrel pictured, vision, freak factory ram housing/brass hammer, Jackhammer LPR, voodoo bolt. Has been rebuilt, but i do not have a loose bottle to test the maxflo. $180 Gold Fade Freak Factory Body - valve, pin, ff housing/bras

Another dust collector up for grabs! Package will include everything shown: Gun w stock barrel BOA barrel Stock grip frame Brass air line Seal kit 2x parts kits 4way rebuild kit Few notes: - gun is in good shape but does have some character marks - tested with hpa and holds air and cycles but unknown velocity. Will likely need a regulator and tuning. -the grip has bottom line holes but I have never screwed

Looking to sell my badger as it has mostly collected dust over the last 2 years. Powder coating was done by Palmers and looks really good! Comes with muzzle break and rtr elbow. Holds air but unknown velocity. I suspect the velocity will be low so you may need some tinkering. I noticed that this gun does NOT like HPA and shoots much better on CO2. Looking for 300USD shipped from Canada.

Looking to sell this Ego 09 Avalanche Edition. Asking 500 as I've only seen one for sale at 620 in the past year. Its in great condition with a few marks and barrel tip ware. The bottom botton seems not to work but will be trying to fix that later. Message me with any offers. Text at 9197536175 for more pics Attached Images

1700 to your door Will look at all trades Prefer like pl g6rs ie dragons komodos ect Wouldn't mind a ripper vis or reptile either Stock pl nxts as well Let get her a new home

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