I love this thing but an autococker just popped up on here I really like so testing the waters on this. This will only be for sale as long as the other marker is still available. I am an autococker guy and new to Mags so this may need a little tuning by somebody more experienced because I recently installed a lvl 10 bolt kit but it seems fairly dialed in to me. From the research I have done this is a Team Strange anno (by PK select) PTP Micromag that has a few Eclipse splash p

$2500 Txt me for photos (925) 785-8111

Inception Bobtail with TJD pump assist for $1200 shipped and paypalled or OBO CCM mid block internals Violent SL3 adapter CSL sl3 reg Pops Asa SL3 shaft 4 681 back with 14" csl tip CCM thick 45 frame CCM auto trigger Be sales 44 ram Be sales QEVs CCM aluminum grip panels Custom yellow carbon fiber grips Check it detent Gold fleck pump handle Disclaimer: I haven't used this for over 2 years now an

i have a black Dynasty NXT shocker. has jewels, eyes work, and shoots great! Rules: 1.i use paypal 2.comment and then private message me please 3.i ship USPS FlatRate box 4.i can send video of gun shooting and pictures for serious buyers or when i can upload here later today upgrades are: -Tadao Dynasty M7 board (10.5bps ready) -Violent Series Trigger -HE Bolt -Custom Products Mini Regulator -Planet Eclipse O

Looking for Matrixes Send me PM what you got i live in Sweden so need to be shipped. Complete Markers working or not Thanks in Advance

Up for sale today is a 1st Gen DRV, it was a players gun and has a few marks to prove it. It worked well for a while but now begins to leak after firing a few shots. I imagine it just needs the perfect combination of orings to sort the issue, but I never spent the time to do so. It has a 1st gen valve which is prone to leaking as is. It comes with 2 cylinders and an 8" lapco microshot barrel at .684 Looking to get $550 shipped but feel free to send offers, not

1998 Worr Games STO Autococker and 7 Barrels ($800 obo) -Listing this as rare as this is custom anodized and has rare barrels bundled -Custom red/white/blue anodizing -Includes: OTP Stainless Barrel (x2) Vu Barrel (anodized blue) Dye Barrel (anodized blue) J&J Barrel OTP Barrel (missing inserts) Ceramic Barrel Barrel Bag Pictures:

Silver Tequila Matrix Mulled for eyes (has eyes ) Red accents Trinity reg and volumizers CP reg Blind board Extra LCD frame with board Extra Virtue board Lots of bolt pieces including two C4 plugs Lots of o rings I haven't shot it in about six months so it would definitely need to be tuned up. Minor scuffs near the back plate but nothing major $1,500.00 shipped lower 48 only no international shipping

Here she is Angel Rasta A1 Fly Case 3 piece barrel kit .695 has been bored for freak inserts by Stanchy customs Booster bolt $525 shipped https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/3...923/5lfMhC.jpg

Hi all, Listing my other F5 Twister Autococker up today. I have the opportunity to buy something that isn't around often, so I am trying to take advantage of it. Marker has some light wear from use, but still looks great and performs as should. Comes with the Twister box, dog tags, cert, BPS drawstring bag, cow, freak bored UL, stubby and regular UL tips, .678 Lurker Eigen barrel and tip, (2) bolts, and stock grips. Also has the grips pictured. Frame

Evo Autcocker Belsales Navy Blue Fade To Silver $2000 Wtt Csr Cs2 Ccm Pump 241

Selling of my Beautiful SL Collection: Panther CSL- Full Kit/Case and goodies. Condition 8.5/10, some signs of use, overall very good condition. $1025 Shipped and PPd Dark SL94 - Full Kit/Case and goodies. Like New in Box condition. $675 Shipped and PPd Dark SL8r - Full Kit/Case and goodies. Condition 8.5/10, some signs of use, overall very good condition. $650 Shipped and PPd Dark SL74 - Full Kit/Case and goodies. Like New in Box conditio

This one hurts to sell but I have way to many markers and have been driving myself crazy trying to decide what to let go from my collection. I purchased this marker from the original owner who bought it from a local shop, used it twice and it's sat in storage since. Probably the cleanest FX you will find, marker has almost zero wear. Only marks are some rub in the normal areas from the shroud, frame even has the safety intact. Marker has sat for almost 20 years so obviously it

Hello Players, Looking for some orange plastic stripper clips for my son's smg-60. If someone(s) have some laying around that could use a new home, let me know. Thanks

Hey guys, I have recently picked up a Daystate SAM Patriot which im trying to run on air, I need to buy a vapour spring kit. Can anyone please sell me one or tell me where to find one. Please move if this is in the wrong place. Cheers! Attached Images

FOR SALE ONLY FOR SALE ONLY WDP G7 Angel - was fully disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. Brand new battery is installed and screen pixels are all there. There are some signs of wear, but overall really good condition for its age. Stock barrel Stock board New Battery Installed New laser eyes installed Charger included **ASA will be included

Hey Nation, Up for grabs today is a black to blue fade Dye DM6 with some pretty decent aftermarket parts in it. If i remember correctly this marker had a leak before I stole the reg and ASA for a different marker. Since then its just been sitting in the closet doing nothing, so I figured someone else may want it to try and fix up and have an awesome little shooter. The marker has an Orange bolt, Virtue board, and blue laser eyes. The marker does not c

Bob Long 2002 Ironmen Intimidator Brand New Detents Brand New Eyes Was 2.7 Board Bob Long Torpedo Regulator Adjustable Ram Cap Bob Long ASA Price is OBO $400. Only trades I will consider is SP shocker XLS. I will not send marker first. Please do not lowball. Please be respectful. I will treat you as I am treated.

Hello PBNation!! Thank you all for coming to see, for sale today is my Palmers Ultralight autococker. This marker was a recent acquisition and I've decided to begin thinning my heard. Palmers Ultralight no. 0/5 - Tequila Sunrise Shocktech slider w/plate and trigger shoe. Shocktech beavertail CCM Asa, rail, and fittings, all matched. Palmers fatty stabilizer Palmers quick switch, STB lpr, and quicker ram. Palmers low turbulance v

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