Putting our Heritage Twister CS1's up for Luxe ICE's with lots of cash! Starting off with the Speedy Blue: Includes: - Factory cardboard box (Immaculate condition) - Factory hard case (Plastic still on it, no dings at all) - Manual - Certification plaque - Sealed Speedy Blue headband - Sealed barrel sock & open barrel sock - Twister additions (Stickers, patch, dog tag, access card) - Complete allen keys -

Found this while digging through old gear, think it’s a bushmaster?? Throw me offers Attached Images

I recently bought an original ICD B2K that I found on OfferUp. Cosmetically the gun is 9/10, pics will prove I'm right, and the solenoid/electronics work. I aired the marker up, and it's leaking from the lpr/hpr areas. I disassembled the regs and of course the o-rings have become junk, and the marker needs a thorough cleaning. I took a flyer on this marker hoping it would work, but since it doesnt I'm not looking to put any money into fixing it. Instead of letting this sit in my basement I'

Looking to sell my Karni, version 1.06. Good condition, looking to move some money around. Asking $950 with a matching kaner set.

This is an original run Orracle serial number 192. This has never seen the field, its been a wall hanger since it was purchased. The condition of it will show in the photos, not even usual wear marks on the grip frame for an ASA. It is beautiful. Recently I replaced the orings, ram swivel and reg seat, old ones dried out. It was shooting like a champ when I did this 2 months ago. Clamping feedneck, original grips, jewels like it was unboxed days ago. Comes with original drop f

1. Today I have an extremely special marker for sale. This is Gary Noblett's personal left feed autococker, which he used to help Team Aftershock win the 1995 and 1996 NPPL World Cup. The marker's serial number dates the body to around the 1992 era. Gary Noblett hand selected the configuration and Danny Love built the marker for him. Every anodized component - including the bolt, beavertail, vasa, CO2 tank, etc are all hand engraved with #17 prior to anodizing. W

Rare pro-owned SFL. Looks like it was used by Aftershock (with all that entails), came to my hands straight from Mike in less than stellar condition. Rebuilt and timed by Tim Firpo, shoots lazors, definitely.a players gun. The Danny Love barrel was actually supposed to prevent it from being stolen (didn't work too well, clearly). $1350 shipped, will consider reg, asa, or cocker front block trades + $$$. Have some flex.

Selling some of my vintage/rare markers to fund my world cup trip. I'm from Belgium, so if we do a deal we can do it at the event. Up for sale: Planet eclipse CSL Marker is complet. Everything is in the box. -3 barrel backs -2 tips -extra trigger -spares kit, oil and keys -manual and ownership papers -... Has some wear and tear... Being this is a eclipse workhorse! Asking 1000$

Selling some of my vintage markers to fund my World cup trip. Up for sale and available at World cup! I'm from Belgium, so if we do a deal can do it at the event. Bob long mummy, limited edition 7/25! Asking 400$

I bought this in the early 2000s, never had a problem with it. Hasn’t been used in a long time. Battery upgrade, requires 9v instead of SmartParts battery pack Drop forward with regulator On/off switch conveniently located on front Smart Parts All American Barrel Put battery in and still makes clicks on trigger pulls. Asking $150 via PayPal, gifted, I'll pay shipping. $125 if local pick up (North Carolina). No t

Hey all, So this gun was found discarded in a fields on premises storage unit and i rescued it as i hated to see it sit unused and deteriorating. It needs work but is physically sound. Currently have no clue if it works or not but i would highly suspect that it does not. Also included is a smart parts armegeddon reg/88ci 4500psi tank. This set up was in the $2k range in its hay day! Its an excellent platform for a project and a beautiful piece of pb history. Please pm with quest

You know how it goes, bills. First up is a mint g7. As shown, board has half it's pixels dead. comes with charger. Can add a full evil barrel kit for $30 more. Works as it should. $275 shipped/pp'd

So this gun is amazing. I LITERALLY just got this of Tyler Devloo who also was amazing to deal with.. BUT I joined a team who is getting an amazing deal from a sponsor to shoot their markers and I cannot justify keeping this in a closet not being used somewhere.. Anyways my loss your gain. Price: $1200 Trades: None as I am buying a sponsor package for marker. Empire FrameTechna ScytheNew HK XV barrel kitCCM feedneck

Like the title says I have a 98 Custom low pressure kit brand new in box $90 shipped

Yeah yeah ... No one ever goes into the wtb forum . Like the post says I want an exc-68

You just don't see many near stock mags with the back bottle setup anymore, this one looks real clean with the macro lines from the asa to the valve. Shoots great, comes with spare bolts, springs, seals, and foamies. Shoots great, see shooting video! $120 shipped.

Howdy folks, this is a tough one to put on the chopping block because of just how much I enjoy a really well shooting autococker. I bought this gun from the original owner a year or so ago and he had never taken her to the field. Unfortunately I was not able to get her out - nor did I want to in some cases. So she's never been played with and the only thing I've done to her is switch out the plastic frame with a benchmark frame and ANS trigger boot. I have the original frame if someone

Hello I've got some of my guns on the (literal and figurative) chopping block today because I have too many according to someone close to me. As far as pricing - some I've priced higher due to rarity or just general love for the gun itself. If you don't like the pricing idk what to say to you but if you want to make an offer - feel free. Easy to deal with - ask me anything. Dark Angel LED w/extras - $800 obo This

Looking to finally thin the herd, there's just not enough time to shoot all of these, and these were made to shoot people. They need to go to people that can use them and I want to buy some non-paintball related stuff, so that means no trades for the most part. All in info is true to the best of my knowledge. Guns come as photographed, I try to show all major wear, but if you are worried about a certain part I can provide more pictures. All prices include non-ins

Just as the title says I'm trying to add another Timmy to the collection. Would love to see some Aliases or some 2k6 offers. Paypal ready to go!

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