Hi folks,

I've never publicly advertised my services, but some of you have been using them for years. If you've seen Mike199's excellent "I fix Egos" thread, my routine is identical for my personal markers that I buy or for markers that I refresh, rebuild and rejuvenate. In other words, I'm highly detailed and hate grime/contaminants with a burning passion.

However, my expertise is not limited to Egos (feel free to leave those to Mike), but to just about everything - Angels, anything MacDev, AKA Vikings and Excaliburs, Autocockers, Infinity Legends, FEP Quests, Vanguard Demons/Creeds. Old, modern, obscure, rare, what have you. I've probably owned it and worked on it. And this isn't just limited to markers - tank regulators and other odds/ends, as well.

I'm an engineer by trade/education and have been doing this stuff for many years. To aid in credibility, please see the following posts that I've put together, just to give you a better look into my abilities and thought process:

Scroll to post #5: https://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=4789081





Anyway, if you've got something that's giving you issues and you'd like to 100% ensure it'll function as it should when you get it back, shoot me a message. I've got an over-abundance of parts, seals and odds/ends in stock, a workshop devoted to mainly paintball and soft, conditioned workspaces for markers.