Dye Dreamsicle Reflex RT Classic Mag Mech Ion Tiberius T8

I keep buying and buying and can't stop myself, have so many markers i love but the opportunity came up to upgrade the old fishing boat so looking to sell a few to help fund it. Normally I don't mind trades but this time I need the cash (unless you have something in the autococker world I just can't live without). Will lost more later but will start with this

Orange Dye Dreamsicle fade Reflex all stock. I am the second owner if this marker and it has been sitting for 10 years. Bought it because, well, look at it, it's beautiful but I will never use it and can't justify it hanging on the wall. I habe never even put air to it, I can pretty much guarantee it will need a tune up from sitting. Looks great but has a few scuffs, will post more pics in a bit $650

Classic RT Mag, came with somthing a biddy wanted so I hung on to it. Owned a mag or two now but really don't know them, have not messed with it but it's clean. $260

Mech Ion built by a member here. Super cool marker, shoots great and really fun. Came with the pictured Maxflo and uses the front reg as a grip. I wanted to convert it to use a standard Reg and ditch the Maxflo but never did. Will come as pictured with the Maxflo 150

Tiberius T8, bought this for the wife to shoot the crows digging in the trash cans. She decided she didn't like the magazine setup so got her something different. I had a second magazine for it but I can't find it anywhere. Will include if I find it but assume it comes with one. Just great. $85