I have 2 masks for sale First is a Dye I4 in white and black. 80 shipped and PP, 5 extra for the matching Dye headcover https://i.imgur.com/PH4TlfI.jpg Second is a JT Flex8 full coverage in olive and black. 60 shipped and PP. https://i.imgur.com/AUUZ0i3.jpg   submitted by  

Just got hired at my local field and I’m looking for a nice etha 2 to run on my days off and a nice mask to where while reffing thanks!   submitted by   /u/BoilingCholla [link]  

Selling a set of HK Army KLR goggles. Gray and black colorway with fire thermal lens. Mask has seen a fair amount of use and it is missing one of the clips that holds the ear piece in place. There are also a few scratches on the lens but it has lots of life left. Include chin strap. Asking price $50

Blue and Black pro flex Attached Images

https://imgur.com/a/YNtqMrd $150 TYD OBO   submitted by   /u/btm2162 [link]  

Selling my EVS and going back to my old pro flex’s. I used this mask one full day of play and it just wasn’t my cup of tea so I’m going back to old faithful, will come with everything it would brand new like the clear and black lenses. Will ship the day of in most instances. PayPal goods and services I pay shipping and fees https://pos

Green and black EVS Mask Comes with everything in the pictures Used very little went with a different mask Very good condition 250 plus shipping and fees https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c6j96xxmd...0WyQVVGQa?dl=0

White Proflex still sealed in box and new clear lens up for sale. Open to trades. Top trade item being a Mutiny Proflex plus cash. Mask must be new as I have a thing about used masks. Price inclides shipping and fees. $250 Message for pics. I cannot figure out how to upload pics now.

Put these on FB marketplace yesterday and didnt realize how much they were worth. For sale: $250 (OBO) - Hard Neon Flex with KM Ref Strap $200 (OBO) - Pink Watermelon flex with watermelon KM Strap Will include NEW lens with the watermelon flex. Pics Below: https://ibb.co/gJTp6dS

**USED ONCE** LNIB Empire EVS Black w/Smoke Lens - $150 shipped/PP'd

(SOLD) Push camo goggles $150 shipped. - used twice - No trades Push skull Goggles: $140 shipped* (SOLD) Bunker Kings Goggles with Case: $130 shipped* no trades!* https://imgur.com/gallery/8fSoJAe

Selling my minty rod pink bottoms, still have the box and chin strap with tag $200 shipped add for fees https://ibb.co/W0rKNxk

  submitted by   /u/Jstaxkks_ [link]   [comments]

I am not playing paintball anymore and am selling all of my equipment. If you want to bundle multiple of my listings let me know. V-Force Profiler Mask With Dual Pane Lense - $40 + shipping

I am not playing paintball anymore and am selling all of my equipment. If you want to bundle multiple of my listings let me know. V-Force Grill Mask With Dual Pane Lense - $40 + shipping

People have offered to buy but don’t offer prices. Have a new clear lense and the visor which is not pictured. The flexible bottoms are in good condition. Thanks for the help. https://imgur.com/gallery/kDVFnMn?s=sms   submitted by   /u/Knight4612

Not even taken out of box yet. PPg&s only. https://ibb.co/VT38YXW https://ibb.co/1m5cvGx

New frame, new strap, new lens, circa 2011 big soft ears and black bottoms. Missing hardware on top right of soft ear. $160 shipped. U.S. only.

BNIB Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Mask | Flat Dark Earth for sale $100 TYD This Brand New mask comes with a clear Thermal lens, and everything else a brand new Vio mask would come with. I only removed the protective film from the lens to try the mask on. I have decided to go back down the rabbit hole of JT Proflex collecting, so I don't need this mask. I will accept JT Proflex parts + cash

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