Buy my vcom. Here's the link.   submitted by   /u/Boosted3232 [link]   [comme

Selling a lightly used (2 or 3 practices) Dark blue/Black LV1. Looking for $550 OBO. I honestly just need to get rid of it, since I can't justify having it lying around.   submitted by   /u/Haenir [link] Not sure what generation of teak, it is but its in good condition The V-max has probably had less then a hundred rounds put through it and is in good condition Asking $150 for the set, feel free to ask any questions.   submitted by   /u/blobofdarkness

I got sideswiped in a hit and run. I need to sell some stuff to make my deductible. It feels pretty bad. This is the cleanest Timmy I have seen in ages. It's 10 years old with ZERO breach wear. Lots of good parts attached. Bob Long 360 reg, lucky one piece, all Anno'd to match in light grey and gold. This marker sits in a glass case in my house, I am going to miss it.

Barely used. works great. Barrel was stolen :( PM me if interested $200 OBO   submitted by   /u/Will_of_Fire [link]   [comments]

Hi, I was clearing out my gearbag and found that I had too many hoppers, so I'm selling my Z2, Halo Too, and rotor. All my prices include shipping (Continental US, using USPS Priority) and paypal fees. . Empire Prophecy Z2 (With both 200 and 240 shells) -$80 The Z2 has both 200 and 240 shells, and comes with a speed feed. I lost the rain lid, but you probably won't use it anyway. It's used and in good working condition.

I have a geo 3.1 with IV core for sale. I've got it listed on eBay but would sell on here for less to avoid fees. Pictures and description on the eBay page. Feel free to make me an offer here or on eBay.   submitted by   /u/m12167

Looking for an autococker preferably with an eblade. Open to all trade offers so don't be shy. My shocker is stock except for the critical trigger and virtue oled board upgrades. Sell price 375 OBO, all reasonable offers accepted. Shocker   submitted by  

The Marker has an OLED screen. Marker is in mint condition. Only accepting trades! Pic: Dangerous Power Fusion FX   submitted by   /u/poopman212 [link]  

i've got a 2011 rome artifact rocker (152 cm) with rome 390 boss bindings and size 10 ride boots. looking to trade. i'd love a barrel kit but offer up lol   submitted by   /u/phishingforlove [link]  

I recently acquired one of the M17 Elite paintball markers. Through a trade, I was able to get a 13ci tank and a cover, however, there was no guide bar for the tank cover to go with it. I checked to buy one, but it says that it is currently out of stock. I was hoping to get one as soon as possible, but there doesn't seem to be any available everywhere that I look. I was also

I have a dangerous power G5 that I want to sell it is is great condition along with a rotor, ninja air tank, dye i4s, and a complete freak barrel kit. Asking $570 OBO   submitted by   /u/Crazydrift3209 [link]  

Trading a Dangerous Power Threshold, mint color, no scratches, still in original box with everything. Looking for an autococker, prefer Mech but send me anything. PM me for pics as my phone won't let me post them Price $250 (for rules sake)   submitted by   /u/FunkleFinkle

mine are pretty much worn through. i'd prefer new but at this point if they dont flop off my gun and need to be held on by tape i'd be happy :)   submitted by   /u/phishingforlove [link]  

Heres a link to my bst thread on pbn. Never had a problem with this gun I just want to move onto something else.   submitted by   /u/Boosted3232

Hello! I have a Milsig MkIII marker I inherited from a friend, but I no longer play paintball so I won't be needing it. I've got a few things to go along with it. Keep in mind, I want to keep all of this together. One big package deal, no parting out if I can help it. Here is whats for sale: Milsig MkIII marker Air-through tactical stock remote line 7, 18rd magazines Tactical Vest with milsig mag holders molle magazine pouches dump pouch air tank p

Marker: Luxe 2.0 Condition: 9.0 Color: Purple w/Gold accents Upgrades: Pink critical rubber regulator grip Known Problems: Eyes need to be fixed or replaced (Don't sense ball, but laser still works) Asking Price: $500 OBO Trades of interest: PLANET ECLIPSE ONLY What is Included: Luxe 2.0, case, gr33se, luxe tools, charger, computer connector, extra battery Can add freak kit if offer is right

I'm old amd want to rebuild my first set up. I'm looking for a a pink body kit for a 1st Gen smart part Ion. Condition does that matter.   submitted by   /u/potvaliency [link]  

PM me what you want and we can negotiate from there.   submitted by   /u/Snailsofter [link]   [comments]

Looking for a lightly modded 98 custom as a back up marker. Must be pre ACT model. My budget is 70$. I am also willing to purchase just parts. Mods that I am looking for: Response trigger (a must) Decent 14 inch barrel (NO FLATLINE OR APEX) Rear velocity adjuster   submitted by   /u/boostedmoose