I have a Dragun Dragunfly autococker that I can not get to work. I am open to offers. Here's the link: Check it out: Dragun dragunfly aut… is $50 on Mercari! Use "PPGJXN" to sign up and get $2 off! https://item.mercari.com/gl/m964175693/   submitted by   /u/hilo397

Black Dust Dye Rize Never Fired 100% Condition Want to trade new or used Make offers please   submitted by   /u/gavin_himebauch [link]  

Black dust Dye Rize marker (2016 Proto Rail) Never fired Looking to trade new or used Open to anything Fully tuned and programmed   submitted by   /u/gavin_himebauch [link]  

Here is a gallery with pictures. https://imgur.com/a/1cpL1 Prices are on the pictures. All prices obo.   submitted by   /u/Pmando [link]   [comm

https://imgur.com/a/K9M3X Bob Long ( Make me an offer ) -Will include a 47 cubic inch / 3000 hpa tank Azodin Blitz 3 ( $125 + Shipping ) -Will include a 20 oz Co2 tank Smart Parts Ion ( $100 + Shipping ) -Will include a 9 oz Co2 tank Tippmann 98 Custom ( $75 + Shipping ) -Will include a 9 oz Co2 tank 2 paintball masks ($10 each + Shipping ) Trades: I am looking for gbb or a polars

Hey guys im back to sell some other stuff that I got, this is a HPA scuba tank valve, used for filling up your own air tanks. doesn't seem to have a brand but markings show its rated for 3000psi. No cracks or breakage on the frame or anything like that but there is some superficial scratches on the metal, it was rolling around in a big parts box. Any offers? http://imgur.com/a/OtccG Also anybody interested in a king

Hey guys i just came across a Powerlyte Sceptor Barrel Kit, i think it may be missing a barrel but otherwise its here. Some pics: http://imgur.com/a/6oxWT I dont really have any use for this so if anybody is interested in picking it up send me an offer!   submitted by   /u/JB0M8

I sold my Empire mini gs last night and we met in person for the sale. I showed him the eyes and everything else worked. He brought his own hpa tank to test if it had leaks, IT DID NOT LEAK. Then I get a text today from the guy saying that the Asa is leaking on the gun?!?!?! He is looking for me to refund the money, but in my case I sold him a gun with no leaks, why would I give him a refund for a gun that now has leaks? What do I do?

Hello, Selling my paintball stuff. All prices are shipped OBO. Feel free to shoot me an offer if you want multiple items. No trades please. 1 Empire Pod Packs - $20 HK/PE Headbands and Empire gloves - $8 each Spyder Jersey size L - $15 PE Elbow Pads L - $30 Valken Chest pad -$25 PE Ego 11 Atlantic - $400 -98% comes with case and spare parts and sleeve -only wear is on the muzzle and grip by the buttons Crossfire Carbon tank in blue - 4.5k PSI, 12/13 born

I have a barely used Draxxus Pulse from back in the day that's probably shot less than 10 total cases. Electronics are in fantastic condition. Only thing is there are lots of plastic chips and such in the shell. Comes with speedfeed. Currently, it is not usable because the plastic tabs that hold the tray in place broke off, so the force of firing causes the tray to come loose. Some duct tape would easily hold it together. I'm sure

looking for an lv1 for a good price   submitted by   /u/jswany25 [link]   [comments]

looking to trade, will send pics if you're interested   submitted by   /u/phishingforlove [link]   [comments]

I got this a little bit ago and never got to play with it. I shot a hopper out of it in my back yard and that's it. Comes with a 68/45 ninja sl tank (born 2015) as well as an HK Army tfx hopper. Everything is like new in box. I'm selling because I've hit hard times and have medical bills I need to pay asap. I will post pictures later once I get home. Sell price is 550 for everything. Feel free to contact me at 503 510 0040 for pictures and info my name is Steve.

Asking $1200 for everything price negotiable and willing to sell some things seperately. Here Are pics of everything: http://imgur.com/a/aukr9 List of items Empire Vanquish 2.0 marker, fully functional and well maintained (IMG_0868 up close) Dye Rotor Hopper Empire Carbon Fiber Tank(IMG_0870) Freak Barrel Kit ( 3 inserts shown here, I have 6, 5 shown in with one addition

Buy my vcom. Here's the link. http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=5476010   submitted by   /u/Boosted3232 [link]   [comme

Selling a lightly used (2 or 3 practices) Dark blue/Black LV1. Looking for $550 OBO. I honestly just need to get rid of it, since I can't justify having it lying around. http://imgur.com/a/Q1oc6   submitted by   /u/Haenir [link]

http://imgur.com/YIySBd5 Not sure what generation of teak, it is but its in good condition http://imgur.com/UZ2W7ZM The V-max has probably had less then a hundred rounds put through it and is in good condition Asking $150 for the set, feel free to ask any questions.   submitted by   /u/blobofdarkness

I got sideswiped in a hit and run. I need to sell some stuff to make my deductible. It feels pretty bad. This is the cleanest Timmy I have seen in ages. It's 10 years old with ZERO breach wear. Lots of good parts attached. Bob Long 360 reg, lucky one piece, all Anno'd to match in light grey and gold. This marker sits in a glass case in my house, I am going to miss it.

Barely used. works great. Barrel was stolen :( PM me if interested $200 OBO   submitted by   /u/Will_of_Fire [link]   [comments]

Hi, I was clearing out my gearbag and found that I had too many hoppers, so I'm selling my Z2, Halo Too, and rotor. All my prices include shipping (Continental US, using USPS Priority) and paypal fees. . Empire Prophecy Z2 (With both 200 and 240 shells) -$80 The Z2 has both 200 and 240 shells, and comes with a speed feed. I lost the rain lid, but you probably won't use it anyway. It's used and in good working condition.