Selling my damn and 09 Impulse both in LNIB and come with extras. Prices include shipping and PayPal. Trades Pink lady CS1 Lucy 1.1 Pure MacDev Prime Dragon Madden Prime Impact guns Legion m3 Will give fair trade value Olive and Black Dye Dam. 1000 Dam Box loader RF board Mags Case 16” single price UL barrel Magpul vertical grip Dye vest and extras to include tank pouches Ninja Dual tank remote line. 09 Impulse. 400 Black and red E

Selling my and my brother old guns for nearly half price Empire axe 250 Tippman alpha 100 Disclaimer these things are OLD like 4-5 years maybe they work but I don’t know how well. Pics here   submitted by   /u/Pill0123 [link] &#

As the title states! Good condition please. Thanks.   submitted by   /u/HelloFreakBltches [link]   [comments]

Free old Spyder for anyone wants it. I will even ship for free. Spyder Sonix, Redz 14in barrel. 689   submitted by   /u/goldmebaby [link]  

Hey all, I am currently in the market for a Luxe 2.0 for a gun, spire/rotor for hopper and either a ninja tank or hk army tank. Tank size is not too picky. ​ Would prefer colors to be white, black, red, or blue. Thanks friends :)   submitted by   /u/ShadyDaDev

The paintball gun is in good condition got it a while back works perfectly never used on the field only in my yard for testing.   submitted by   /u/Navi635 [link]  

Title says it all   submitted by   /u/ADuhSude [link]   [comments]

White and black Grillz with two lenses. Blue lens has scuff on lower part of lens (does not impede field of view when wearing) and clear lens has some water in-between the dual panes I can’t figure out how to fix. Comes with visor, chin strap, and bag all in original packaging. Mask was kept in another mask bag and is in great shape. Only worn for about 4 months. $80 including shipping OBO.

The luxe has a pewty bolt (upgraded from original 1.5) and a 2.0 board. There are minor dings in the body work that you can see in the pictures. The gun shoots really nice but it isn’t for me. It comes with freak inserts, .687 .693 .682, charger, spare battery, complete oring rebuild it, and the case. I’m asking $450 but the price can be negotiated. The Etek 5 is in perfect condition. Used for 3 tournaments. It comes with everything it it’s shipped

Empire mini - $150 shipped 10/10 mechanical, 10/10 cosmetic includes all original parts in original box.   submitted by   /u/usernamesarehard87 [link]  

$150 shipped 9/10 mechanical, 10/10 cosmetic no known issues. Sat on a shelf for a decade or so, could probably use a good lube. Includes redz barrel bag, original extra o-rings, and 13" freak bored barrel as well as original.   submitted by   /u/usernamesarehard

As the title states. Looking for a gently used PE Etha 2. Will consider HPA tank, loader and mask as well. Thanks!   submitted by   /u/HelloFreakBltches [link]   [comments

just ordered the detent on ebay. its silver. marker tested this morning. fires. bolt is a stock bolt, as is the reg. has on/off ASA and short barrel. im located in NY about 2 hours from nyc. $150   submitted by   /u/bobdigga

Recently posted on MCB but figured I should expand to reddit as well since this community kicks major ass. Selling my back up pumps, time to make sure I got rent this month! (stupid vet bills) KP3.5- White/Blue with 3 piece barrel kit included along with all OG parts. LNIB but has been used. Was my starter pump, served me well getting lots of kills. 175+shipping 93

LNIB Dye Jetpack for sale,used once on the field , Decided to try out an HK Army strapless pack instead. Price: $40+shipping U.S. buyers only please ​   submitted by   /u/GooniesNeverSayDie17

Little quick story the battery part had been replaced 3x due to bad dives but other than that the gun works. Missing some Alan's and the cover is fucked. Only looking for cash unless trade is highly in my favor.   submitted by   /u/Dulliest

DyeCam Dye DAM $850 Tactical Ironmen Bolt Dye DAM DyeCam Barrel Dye DAM Case Dye Lightweight Stock Blue Board (compatible with box rotor upgrade) Latest Eye Pipe (uses red detent) DAM Breach Barrel Carrier 2.0 with o-ring 2 x 20 Round Magazines 4 x 10 Round Magazines

Also can include hpa tanks and a hopper for a good price . Pm me   submitted by   /u/UltraViolet_YT [link]   [comments]

Looking to get my hands on a vanguard demon any color is doesn’t matter to me. I have always wanted to play with one and have never had the chance. I’m fully aware of all the issues they have had.   submitted by   /u/rolltrojans1 [link]  

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