Im selling my entire magfed setup never fielded just used for training with my real rifle but still hardly even used don't need it anymore its about 800$ worth of gear I've amassed and I'm selling it for 650$ obo The gear is a fully scalable setup the vest has removable groin arm and neck protectors has a triple double stack mag pouch on the front a utility general use pouch on the back and a pouch for your air tank The battle belt has a dump pouch

I'm looking to get back into the game after a serious hiatus. Let me know if anyone has one in working condition for sale!   submitted by   /u/blink7377 [link]   [com

Looking for a 17ci tank, reg would be nice, but brand isnt important. Have money in paypal ready to go, just say the magic words. Location is in South Carolina. Edit: well shit, i clearly cant type so i screwed up the title, "tank"*   submitted by   /u/Silberdrachi [l

Yea everyone is doing it gimme that sweet hive mind karma. Woot save the internet or some shit Not gonna bother posting a link just open the front page   submitted by   /u/DanYelen [link]  

Vanquish 1.5 - Orange and Black - 7/10 cosmetically - 9/10 mechanically - $400 OBO Luxe 2.0 - Polished Pewter - 10/10 cosmetically - 10/10 mechanically - I can't say enough good things about this gun. It's beautiful. - $550 OBO Squishy - Luxe 2.0 -   submitted by  

For sale i have a gtek non oled works great has some wear nothing major comes with case and stock barrel. Case a bit beat up looking to get $275 I'll cover the shipping you cover the pp fees. Pictures in the link   submitted by  

Smart parts 2006 XL Jersey -35$ shipped to the lower 48 Pure Energy Ref Jersey - $20 shipped to the lower 48 OBO, let me know what you think please and thanks.   submitted by   /u/RobotsAndMore

I am looking for a used Axe Marker. Preference for Orange, Black or Green colors. Around $200 if in good condition. Axe 2.0/pro is good too if the price is right. I am also interested in a Hopper and Tank if you have a package to sell. Thanks!   submitted by   /u/ables [link]

Looking for a pre-2010 mech grip (without the selector switch) for my A-5, very eager to find one.   submitted by   /u/CH3BRONKA [link]   [comments]

Its hardly been used, looking for $275. I'll post pics if anyone is interested   submitted by   /u/edgecuatro [link]   [comments]

Got a deal to try out a DYE DSR and now im passing it on to somebody else, Excellent marker shoots rope 7015 on shot counter, Color Green. $650 I can email you Pics, Thanks   submitted by   /u/Snozdoglr [link] I have it posted on eBay now. Pictures are on there, I hope that is good enough. The only reason I'm selling it is because I just bought a GTX 1080 for my PC and I'd like to pay for it with this. Plus I already have 2 other markers and rarely ever use this

2 good condition hoppers light use on both 80 shipped on each you cover fees LTR has a crown sf on it that I'll add for another Hero 68/4500 great condition Born 5/16 Has high pressure and low pressure spring kit 130 obo Pm me your number for pics or I'll add em on imgur later   submitted by   /u/Warpedspeed1986

Looking to buy either an Etha 2 or an Axe 2.0 or similar and also get a helmet, hopper, and air tank. If you have a waist strap and paint pods I could get some too. Looking to get set by the weekend so let me know!   submitted by   /u/Wattly [link] &

Hey everyone. :) I am looking for a gtek 160r in good condition used. I am having trouble pinning one down as they sell so quick once posted. Thank you. :)   submitted by   /u/angrypizzahound [link]  

Just picked up a second hand Ego 08 with an Aurora CCU kit and im just not a fan. Looking to swap or buy another CCU kit, preferably in silver or black if anyone's got an extra set or is willing to trade.   submitted by   /u/Tmksos

Title. Front block and beaver are welcome but not needed. Shipped to europe. I will pay for shipping and cover fees. Thanks!   submitted by   /u/Venselor [link]  

Looking for an RSX in good condition. Simple colors gray, black preferred. Whatcha got?   submitted by   /u/scottawhit [link]   [comments]

Looking for 500cad Has a small ding on side of body, nothing harsh Shot fine last time i had it out   submitted by   /u/Mr_JubblyTubnuts [link]  

Model - Vanquish 1.5 Cosmetic Condition - 7.5/10 - Some wear that can be seen in the photos, but no major gashes or chunks taken out. Mechanical Condition - 9/10 - Missing a button cover, but otherwise shoots ropes. No issues with it at all. A teammate's Luxe went down at our last event and he used this instead and had nothing but good things to say. 10K shots on the counter. Aftermarket Modifications - None Reason for Selling - No

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