Been out of the sport for a few years I have Guns 2 ions, one bone stock one is upgraded and I started to prep it for milling and never did 1 vintage auto cocker. 1 tippman 98 in parts with cyclone feed kit Hoppers 1 halo B old school has wear and tear 1 DXS pulse has wear and tear Barrels 1 sp progressive with spyder threads 1 sp progressive with ion threads 1 proto one piece with ion threads 1 tippmann custom pro barrel 98c threads 1 Freak

  submitted by   /u/lordtwinklepuff [link]   [comments]

Do you think 450 + shipping is a good deal for a used gtek (forest green, ~30 cases run thru it), 68/45 Guerilla tank (4/17 hydro), and a spire 260 with SF?   submitted by   /u/kwaziif00 [link]  

I am willing to negotiate with anyone who is. My dad prefers orange and me the original dark grey and red   submitted by   /u/Brennanvg11 [link] Price is $7.5 + Shipping   submitted by   /u/brendan77 [link]   [comments]

Everything is BRAND NEW never used or fielded. 1x Red/Green Holographic Sight 1x 3X Magnifier WITH Flip-to-Side Mount 1x Front Flip-up Sight 1x Rear Flip-up Sight Price is $100. I cover shipping to CONUS and CANADA and I cover paypal fees. If bought with my M203 listing I will do a combined pricing of $350 total. Pics here:   submitted by  

Everything is brand new, never used, never fielded. 1x M203 RIS Mounted Grenade Launcher 2x 0.68 cal Paintball Grenades 10x Paintball Grenade Caps (red) 1x CO2 Charger WITH Regulator 1x MOLLE Grenade Pouch (Holds 2 grenades) Asking $275. I cover shipping CONUS and CANADA and I cover paypal fees. Pics here:   submitted by  

Looking for a full Etha2 Rig after taking a 10 year hiatus. Trying to spend <$550. Nice to haves: Spire200 & 68/4500   submitted by   /u/kwaziif00 [link]   [comments]

I'm looking to pick up some used markers to bring with me for others to use at my local field! They can be anything from mini's, etha's, Dangerous Power, you name it! If the marker is having issues I will do my best to fix it, let me know what you have and prices!   submitted by   /u/FloppyManBun If you want to buy something separate please message me about it.   submitted by   /u/SaltConfirmed

Looking for an eclipse geo 2 solenoid in working condition   submitted by   /u/MasVice [link]   [comments]

Selling my Dangerous Power Fusion (blue and yellow used) and Limited Edition Dye i4's (Gold and White worn for one match could pass as new) willing to take offers nothing below $100 each   submitted by   /u/Kreypreme [link]  

Need a hopper anyone selling in NC   submitted by   /u/Kyle_stelljes [link]   [comments]

Preferably like/bright green and black. Lemme know on prices!   submitted by   /u/cline_beast [link]   [comments]

No clear lenses. Preference for Vios, i4s, grillz   submitted by   /u/Forest_Gump96 [link]   [comments]

$400 used, $500 new. MUST be in good condition and come with a recent (last week or so) shooting video.   submitted by   /u/csgoaddictuser [link]   [comments]

My friend was looking to buy this, is it all worth 500 dollars? He said he'd go lower if he needed to.   submitted by   /u/ghilliekid30 [link]  

Hey guys I'm downsizing some of my gear and I've always wanted a CCM pump. What have that I'm getting rid of is as follows: $275 Empire Sniper with freak kit. I do not have the factory barrel kit for it, when I traded for it I got ripped off, sorry. I've only used it 3 or 4 times and it's been an excellent marker. A guy at the local field let me try his T2 and I got spoiled though. I can't recall any scratches, but I will take some pictures tomorrow and p

100 Local! 120 Shipped!   submitted by   /u/DanTheHypebeastMan12 [link]   [comments]

Picked this up a few months ago but it's collecting dust in the gear bag. Would like to trade for other mid-2000s marker or sell for $125. Shot great up until a few weeks ago when I only got a hopper and a few pods off a 68/45 fill. Not sure if it's a simple oring fix or something more complicated.   submitted by  

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