Looking for PB Flow in gray / black / olive   submitted by   /u/theoryyylol [link]   [comments]

Looking to get an SL2, either 68 or 77. Anyways, how do you price them base on their hydros? Like -$10 / year old or what?   submitted by   /u/abbaflabbajacks [link]  

Axe 2.0 Ninja 50ci born 3/17 Choice of rotor or spire Asking 550 shipped obo http://imgur.com/a/nmTPkvY   submitted by   /u/Jhomicide [link]  

Looking for a tank and hopper combo for around $100 if possible   submitted by   /u/Jhomicide [link]   [comments]

I have been looking at this marker for what seems like weeks. It hasn't sold that I can see, so that makes me wonder what it should go for. I really like the way it looks, and I've always wanted to get an old school pump. The seller is asking $219 OBO shipped. Would this just be a waste of time and money? http://www.pbnation.com/showthread.php?t=5920538   submitted

All 3 Dyetanium Blue Ice Clear lens High Definition Lens Both the clear and high definition lenses are a 9/10 with only minor scratches but they do not obscure vision. Dyetanium lens has a small patch of scratches but also does not block vision along with tiny scratches in other pl

I've got a bunch of things listed for sale on Mcarterbrown, links below - ICP B5 WGP Ranger OG Clear Flex, A5 LPK  

Looking for any old tourney guns and cockers. Ego 5 to ego 10 as a max unless you can get me a good deal on a newer gen gun. Throw any e cocker at me.   submitted by   /u/CrispyCream2015 [link]  

Asking $200 PICTURES I love this setup, it is in great condition. Only used a few times. The gun can be switched from semi auto, to three round burst, to fully automatic with a click of a button on the handle. The loader with the speed feeder work perfectly with the gun. Message me for more details!   submitted by   /u/alfredoquir

$200 PICTURES In good condition. Only been used 3 times. The E-Grip can be switched to single fire, three round burst, or fully automatic. The cyclone feed system works great! Only flaw is that the top for the feeder is not attached (see pictures). Still closes though. The retractable stock can be set to 3 different lengths to your liking. Looking to sell because I don't play anymore. This is a great gun!

FS NIB GTEK / ETEK 5 OLED shipping & fees included. https://i.imgur.com/IGNBlkB.jpg   submitted by   /u/allamericameatpuppet [link]  

Got the wrong color Brand new 37.00 shipped you cover the fees Great for lv1 or geo or gtek http://imgur.com/vS4aBig   submitted by   /u/Warpedspeed1986 [link]  

Anyone missing an insert or two that just wants to buy what they are missing and not a whole kit? Today may be your lucky day. I have 3 spare inserts in perfectly working condition. I have a dark blue freak .689, a gold .693, and finally a green empire .695. I just need like $5 plus shipping   submitted by   /u/sgtscr3am21

I’ll go no higher than $100 since it’s been used unless you have a near perfect condition and I will need pictures of the mask   submitted by   /u/tomton38 [link]  

Vanquish GT- $550 Spire IR with virtue crown speedfeed- $115 Jersey L - $15 HK Army pod pack - $30 Sly profits -$30 Or $650 for all! photos   submitted by   /u/jaharwell [link]  

65 obo shipped you cover the fees and I'll ship it to you All Inserts in the case Text 315 272 6035 for pics Can ship tomorrow if purchased tonight   submitted by   /u/Warpedspeed1986 [link]  

Looking to clear out my husband's junk to make room for Lula and Chacos. 5 Available- Tippman 98 Custom http://imgur.com/gallery/aoXlQma $95 OBO DM for Shipping   submitted by   /u/rowingintherain [link] &

Used Carbon Fiber Valken 68 up for grabs 70$ including shipping and fees Needs hydro end of season. https://imgur.com/a/aRbAYhx   submitted by   /u/_Wr4th_ [link]  

Used Carbon Fiber Valken 68 up for grabs 75$ including shipping and fees Needs hydro end of season. https://imgur.com/a/aRbAYhx   submitted by   /u/_Wr4th_ [link]  

https://imgur.com/a/bXSBCfV I have a Pure GSL with 25k shots, comes with everything other than the Keychain and includes a deuce trigger! Selling for $1450 firm you pay fees and il pay 2 day priority with full insurance. serious buyers can text for faster response 858-242-8263   submitted by   /u/hubertcumber

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