Hey nation! I have a brand new Wizard Ice CS2 for sale. Just received it. Pictures show it all. Price:$1400 shipped you pay fees http://imgur.com/gallery/fJTgmVV   submitted by   /u/desert0mirage [link]  

Lapco Tippmann TiPX Rifled FSR 9" Barrel .683 - Dust Black SN#047 -$50 ​ https://imgur.com/a/6Jjs0kF   submitted by   /u/sobenson [link]  

I found a box of random pump stuff and it needs to get gone. Make me an offer GxG Pump Stock 10 Round Tube Paintball Harness (Holds 20 tubes) - Black - $10 (15) 10 Round tubes - $5 Allen Paintball Products Sight Feeder Hopper - Black - 50 Round - $10 10 round tube feeder adaptor - Priceless (but seriously I made it from some PVC parts and sanded it nice and smooth) https://imgur.com/a/1PgrU

Looking to sell my 1 of 15 luxe ice splash for $800 obo. Luxe Ice FS   submitted by   /u/Horizon_92 [link]   [com

Want to sell: ​ https://imgur.com/lvrjWrU https://imgur.com/MuhlGF5 3pc brown 10oz OG / funny snake tag $150 Grape skull wrap / black mesh / silver remake tag $200 10oz rerun green / hex mesh / silver remake tag $95 All in great condition. Message for pics Based in Australia, will pay postage and paypal fees! Prices in US

Destiny Cs2 Includes extra .685 pink FL back Shoots great 9/10 condition cosmetically 100/100 mechanically Just rebuilt $1060 shipped and PayPal invoiced   submitted by   /u/powerwizard420 [link]  

Need a reg and bottomline for a shocker nxt. And would look at any other regs and bottomline setups for some other guns I have kicking around.   submitted by   /u/bmaz88 [link]  

My son is beginning to show interest in paintball and I was debating getting him a beginner set for a Christmas gift this year. I have been looking at something like a Tippman 98 or something else around that level, but my goal is to get him a gun, tank, hopper, and mask for around $100. I know that's probably a lowball offer but was hoping someone into the sport might have something like that laying around after they upgraded. I recently laid out the Christmas

Have a great impulse. Super clean with no wear except for a bit in the breach. Price is 225 shipped with you paying PayPal fees or gifted. http://imgur.com/gallery/n6CsYHv   submitted by   /u/desert0mirage [link]  

if you have an oled board for the gtek laying around i would like it. make an offer   submitted by   /u/Big-Bad-Boom [link]   [comments]

Hey guys I'm in the process of getting back into the sport. I have two high pressure carbon tanks that are way out of hydro both were born in 2006. Both look good couple tiny chips in the clear coat on one of them. My question is will I most likely need to replace the regulators when I get them hydro tested? I've read they don't store well with no air and I'm pretty sure they would have been put away empty. Also is there a recommended place to send them out to?

RSX Rsx - $350 obo Tank - $75 ($50 with marker) I pay shipping, you pay fees. I can do better pricing if you’re local to Orlando and meet me in person.   submitted by   /u/Nightspade [link] &#3

http://imgur.com/gallery/VY1CzEz From left too right brass eagle(raptor) comes with 3 extra barrels and lazer Mg601 dont know much about it ion with custom body and hopper mount. G3 comes with extra barrel and inserts No the tanks arnt hydroed. 4 manual hoppers 2 remote lines 3 marks (2 standard, 1 anti fog) 2 back packs. Haven't played in a while and dont have the time anymore. No reasonable offer refused. W

Anyone have any info on a mg601? Picked it up awhile ago and finally got around to looking into it. Thanks   submitted by   /u/AquilaHeliaca [link]   [comments]

Hey everyone, I have a Brand New Polar Twister Cs2 for sale, Not sure how to add pics on here so send me a pm for pics and price.   submitted by   /u/hubertcumberdale08 [link]  

M2 MOs New battery & recently teched by dye $450 https://imgur.com/gallery/RB8LPLf JT impulse Solid shooter Cp reg $255 https://imgur.com/gallery/lEXK5zM Would do 2/1 on a splash ice Would trade M2 for a infamous/far side gmek   submitted by   /u/bagley2010

Looking to get back into the hobby. I have a whole bunch of kwa airsoft stuff i can trade for gently used gear, pads packs etc   submitted by   /u/HappyMess1988 [link]   [comments]

https://imgur.com/a/1ZGNO7W Mainly looking to sell the Etha2, I wouldn't like to part away the Spire IR or Tank by itself, would prefer to sell it as a package with the Etha2 The 2011 Proto Reflex is also for sale, there is a random leak that isnt always there (I believe coming from the reg) it randomly goes away, still shoots without a problem and I havent had a major loss of Air pressure etc due to it.

Pics: https://ibb.co/Dw3b9Nz https://ibb.co/sqYDX0r https://ibb.co/55xphk8 Hmu, just looking to get like $360 for everything plus shipping if you aren’t local, will part just ask. Thanks!   submitted by   /u/circlysquare25

32* free flow mill 425 obo Not parting No trades please got a home to close on Not a wall hanger https://imgur.com/gallery/P3m2MsJ   submitted by   /u/bagley2010 [link]  

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