Have a pink Macdev drone dx with very little wear works great no leaks. Comes with everything pictured looking to get 225 obo paypal'd and shipped. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ao01porqmr4a3yq/AADKW41HP6G5p0EimVc99H0Na?dl=0   submitted by   /u/toecheeze

I have a used empire sniper (>1000 shots) and I want some trade offers. Please offer up as I am very willing to add cash to it   submitted by   /u/mikeman3334 [link]  

Selling my old gear after I quit a few years ago. Here is a imgur link to the album. All prices are on the album OBO.   submitted by   /u/-Teba- [link]  

link to pics https://mikeyb908.imgur.com/all/   submitted by   /u/mike_fiske [link]  

Looking for a good mask to really top off my winter set up. >100 if possible.   submitted by   /u/Palmerto [link]   [comments]

Buddy willing to sell me an AT RT with autococker threads for barrels. What would something like this go for? I know the marker is in superb co dition. But I haven't played in years. Looking to get my 8YO into it.   submitted by   /u/Naulty85 [link]

Need to sell my Axe Pro. Bought at the beginning of the season and only played 3 recreational matches with it at my local field. In perfect condition. No scratches, scuffs, damaged parts, etc... Comes with original box with extra parts and o-rings. Am not open to offers since i am throwing in a free rotor. Buyer would also pay shipping charges.   submitted by   /u/high5dreamer

Hello Reddit! I've decided to sell both my Empire Axe paintball marker and my VForce Grill mask. Both have been used once, I just don't have the time or friends to really enjoy it. I'm asking for $275 for Empire Axe and $75 for the mask. Feel free to make an offer!   submitted by   /u/Akuma675

Ive been looking for a superstock since I stopped playing in 2007, anyone selling/know where to buy one?   submitted by   /u/judohart [link]   [comments]

Preferably for like $50   submitted by   /u/TysonMRox [link]   [comments]

  submitted by   /u/Spyder618 [link]   [comments]

Started getting into mag fed and im after a any Tx.1, preferably UK but would happy pay for postage from anywhere   submitted by   /u/alexprmc [link]   [comments]

Selling all my gear b/c I don't really play anymore. Hmu if you are interested in anything or need more pictures. If you buy everything I will sell for $750 and throw in some black vintage air pants in medium (great for hot weather). First up is my Shocker RSX Teal. In great condition and no scratches anywhere on the surface and has less than 10k shots. Comes with everything it would new (case, extra parts, lube, etc.) $425

I have a gtek with oled. Everything stock. Barrel sock is a bit dirty. About 10k shots. Shoots amazing just want to trade up to a dye m2   submitted by   /u/youngblood2354 [link]  

Intimidator Infamous 2k6 https://imgur.com/gallery/2sFfc Hi, all. Was considering selling this old marker I've held onto but not sure how much to let it go for. Anyone have any honest appraisals or recommendations? <posted in r/paintball too but not sure if this particular subreddit would be better suited for this. Mods pls lmk if I should remove one or the other>   su

Etha's in perfect shape, tank's brand new, rotor's seen some wear but still works perfectly. DM for details/pictures.   submitted by   /u/callmefire [link]  

Don't know anything about it. If someone can tell me what it's worth that would be awesome. Paintball https://imgur.com/gallery/x1zG4   submitted by   /u/Thetoon1 [link]  

Sadly the time has come for me to downsize my paintball fleet and I have decided that my Frost Shocker RSX needs a new home. I have only shot about 4-5 cases of paint out of it. No Scratches, marks, or any defects of any kind. Included will be everything it had new. Has the Gold Can and the Original Blue Can too. The price is $450 o.b.o paypal'd and shipped with tracking to you. Not really interested in trades unless you have an Automag/Minimag with a UL

  submitted by   /u/Mrjaytimestwo [link]   [comments]

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