All items are brand new, never used except for the tanks (which are both in hydro). Not wanting to part out, $400 plus shipping.   submitted by   /u/TRridingamoose

I am selling ACU and OCP pattern military uniforms. I have 1 set of ACU top/bottom at a Medium-Regular size and have only been worn a few times. Like new condition. I also have 4 sets of ACU tops in Small-Long size and 4 ACU bottoms in Small-Regular size. These are all in used condition. I also have 4 sets of OCP pattern uniforms where the top and bottoms are in Small-Regular size in used condition. One of the OCP tops zipper is broken. Finally, i have 1 set of

Long story short, broke my ankle last year and doctors recommended i completely quit paintball which is honestly a huge tragedy, so i want to get rid of my remaining load out. I would like to get 150 total. The pump could use some tuning, every couple of shots it would begin to hiss. I am open to offers, but they would have to be in my favor since i no longer play. I will eat shipping if in the US. . loadout

  submitted by   /u/shelynna [link]   [comments]

Up for sale: BRAND NEW Tippmann TiPX BUNDLE Images: ​ Brand: Tippmann Sports Model: Tippmann TiPX Pistol Magfed Paintball Marker Condition: NEW Color: Coyote Brown (CB/TAN) Details - BRAND NEW Tippmann TiPX. Came from my Marine buddy stationed in Okinawa; since, he wasn't allowed to carry and was going to use this in case

Just kidding, it is. Every few months, I come to the conclusion that I need a major change in my arsenal. I think that if I only had a lighter, tighter, more simple gun all my problems would be solved. I'd run faster and dive smoother. My snap shots would be tighter and my balls would fly straighter. Maybe of my setup were different, my girlfriends cat would like me. Not gonna blame it on the gun at all, but this one only checked about half the b

I know it's a long shot but I'm looking to see if anyone out there has the Dye M3S Mexico special edition marker that would be willing to sell.   submitted by   /u/GKMartinez1 [link]  

Looking to sell new, never fire, never fielded CCM 6.5 for $900. If local to SoCal, I can drop it to $850 local pick up. Comes in it's original foam case.   subm

Magfed player on a budget. Looking for the base Tippmann TiPX. 12g Co2, 7 round mags/ stock Barrell.   submitted by   /u/UrbanCatBag [link]   [comments]

Size: 0.684 Selling for $60 shipped   submitted by   /u/the_sky_is_up [link]  

Hi I’m looking to buy an Etha 2. I’m in the east Bay Area in California. Hmu :)   submitted by   /u/JMurphy15811 [link]   [comments]

I have a G5R in gold with silver accents and I'm looking for someone with a stock g5 with black accents to trade parts with. Basically everything silver on my gun for the black parts of yours. I would give up my trigger and the whole barrel in gold/silver as well without expecting those two parts back. If you or someone you know is interested please lemme know. I can go into further detail if necessary just ask.   submitted by  

Trying to buy a meteor autococker body not recalling interested in frame, regulator or pneumatics   submitted by   /u/im_nick [link]   [comme

  submitted by   /u/Parzival12145 [link]   [comments]

Up for sale is a WGP Karnivor Pump in Gloss Black with Matte Green Scales. This was a one of a kind factory test color scheme that was purchased after WGP sold their remaining stock, and was never produced for sale. It has been modified with the following parts: Modified lower internals for efficiency Evil Bolt with O-ring groove mod Hybrid/Contract Killer Sparta HPR Niche Paintball 86 Slider Trigge

I’m looking for a gtek 160r or other model gtek hmu with offers :)   submitted by   /u/JMurphy15811 [link]   [comments]

I got a few tippmann markers that I want to trade for a empire syx. All fully functional and excellent condition. X7 phenom(mechanical) with flatline barrel Tipx(stock) Tipx with remote line adapter and lapco 10in barrel and silencer Tippmann tcr(stock) And 13 mags 4-7 round mags 5- 10 round mags 2- 20 round mags And a few extra stuff i have. I'm trying to add photos on my phone. But it's not letting me   submit

Particularly a Dye, an Axe, or a Luxe but I’ll look at anything. Hoping to stay around $500. Thanks   submitted by   /u/bluereaper95 [link]   [comments] $45 shipped Used once, turns out, I don’t like strapless packs...   submitted by   /u/kckckc130 [link] 550   submitted by   /u/bagley2010 [link]  

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