I have a Ans-Gx3 that i would like to trade for a Black Magic. The pump has a Ez-grip pump kit, a cp reg, a Cp rail with a Cp on/off asa, St delrin Bolt. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f...2 0946&type=3

Rules: * I only accept Paypal (Fees included in price)* * I will not ship first * * No international shipping * * Shipping is included in my price. * * Prices are OBO. Offer, the worst I can say is no * * Additional pictures available upon request * * No returns * * Post before you PM please * I sold my reflex rail a few months ago and the buyer didn'

Trying to sell my empire axe for $250 non negotiable. Looking for cash or trades. The Gun is Green/Grey/Black. The condition of the gun is an 8/10 because of the wear on the barrel and the foregrip. Other than that the gun works flawless. A new poppet and solenoid were both installed and the marker is currently being teched at my local store to make sure everything is perfect before I sell it. trade Shocker I add 200-250 depending on color and condition

Looking to buy a Sl8r I'm located in Ontario Canada so chances are have to work something out, pm with offer thanks

Gently used as paintball goes. Fired maybe 2000 rounds. You pay shipping I pay fees. I just bought a new gun that matches my team colors better.

Summer is coming and I want to build a drift car, so i'm selling off my high dollar markers to make some bad monetary decisions. Cash price:$999 :dodgyrun: Please have a cash offer in mind when offering trade plus cash Looking to trade: CCM J2/S6 + $ Cool Autocockers + $ Luxe 1.0/1.5 + $ marker will come with: (Data cable pictured not included) -Case -Gr33se

Pure Energy 50/4500 tank. Fresh hydro in August 2016. $90 shipped and PayPal'd. You pay, I ship. I'll consider these trades or partial trades: - D3fy Vert3x or Conqu3st - Azodin Kaos - GoG eNMEy - Protective gear, specifically gloves, pants, shirts - CO2 tanks, with decent life left on them

Prices include PayPal but do not include shipping. Freak insert - 0.693 - $8 14" AC threaded Vanguard barrel - $20 Freak kit - missing the clear plastic on lid - $10 Pictures of items above. Old style Angel threaded 14" blue tipped stainless steel Dye Boomstick - $10 MacDev Shift2 .685 insert - $20 Sold

I'm looking to trade away my G6r for either a Geo 3.5, CS1 or an undrilled private label autococker (shocktech, freeflow, belsales etc). It's dust black with gloss black parts. It's in excellent condition and shoots like a raped ape 2k12 g6r OLED 4c eyes Low ping ram Hush bolt Pressure tester Original Box Ninja SLP 68/4500 I have cash to add to reasonable offers PM me for pictures, uploading them on here is a pain

Title says it all. Blue, size M. Pointer and middle fingers cut for easy access.

Looking for $100 shipped for the entire kit. 14" barrel, new style front. Inserts include: .679 .682 .684 .689 .691 .693 .695

Title says it all. In great shape. Looking for $28 shipped.

Title says it all. Looking for $40 shipped. Great shape - no rips or tears. These are great pants.

Title says it all. Mask was used maybe 5 times. HDR lense is brand new, never used in action. Just put it on the mask. Looking for $100 shipped with HDR lense + clear lense (in good shape).

Title says it all. Got it for Christmas last year, never put air in it. Hydro date of 1-14. Looking for $110 shipped. Brand new tank.

Title says it all. Will come with red rainlid. Has new batteries. Looking for $85 shipped.

Terms: Paypal only. Fees included in price. Shipping USPS Priority mail only. Shipping included in my Price. I will ship after payment is received. Please have the shipping address verified by Paypal otherwise I will not be responsible once the package is dropped off at the post office. If you have any questions, please let me know. For sale only! Black and Gold HK Army TFX. $120 shipped and PayPal'd

Have two tanks I am looking to unload. One-freshly rehydro'd last month (11/16) 68/45 ninja $120 Shipped Second- Ninja 68/45 SLP (will need hydro in 2018) $120 Shipped Pictures to come

Prices firm NO TRADES Pm me for better photos, tapatalk isn't working well today. $432 shipped RSX she's a bit dirty but nothing awful. Has Barrel wear. Lv1.1 $638 shipped