Prices do not include shipping and fees. Gift payments for a lower price. Please pm or email for additional pictures. -Graphic Purple Spire 200 w/ Speedfeed, Spring Ramp. Gold Accents - $85 -Woodgrain TFX. Heavy wear - $70 -Blue / Red Dye V3 Rotor. Heavy wear - $50 -Red V3 Rotor - $75

Prices do not include shipping or fees. Gifted payments for a better price. All tanks fresh hydro date of 05/19 -Crossfire 45/45 w/ Red High Pressure Reg. Born Date: 05/08. Has tape residue - $75 -Crossfire 68/45 (ships w/ GI reg, not ninja). Born Date: 4/11. Several large areas of color co

Looking to sell. Planet Eclipse LV1 blue & black, hard case, Allen keys, spare parts kit, and manual. PM me for pictures or details. I haven't sold a gun on here for awhile and haven't figured out how to post pictures just yet. Price is $600 obo

It’s in great condition and shoots perfect. Comes with .681, .685, .689, .693 barrel backs. Also comes with a violent deuce trigger. The barrels have not been used so the anno is a little brighter than the gun but if they spend some time in the sun they will fade to match. $400 shipped and Paypal Attached Images

Like new CS2, white and gold with the wrapping still on the case and all the tools. Comes with everything it would new, including the box. Only has a little over 4K shots on the counter, used for all of 3 practices. This marker is immaculate. I dont need it anymore. Looking for the following: $1000 Luxe X (Straight trade)

Hi, I have up for sale is an pod pack. Has 4 main holders, then 3 inside loops, then 4 outer loops. So can hold 11 pods. 4 mains have ejectors. Pack is in good condition. All velcro is good. Padded Back. Will come with the 6 Dye lime pods in photos. These are clean and in good shape as well. Asking $40 Shipped USPS Priority Large FR Box. Post then PM Thanks.

I have this great 68 Classic Automag set up that I am looking to sell for $225. This Automag (circa 1993) is very clean with only the minor scuffs you see in the pictures. I checked all the seals in the bolt assembly and they appear to look OK and are properly lubricated, but I don't have any CO2 to check functionality. The last time it was used the rig performed beautifully. Shown is the pictures: 68 Classic Automag with:Beautiful wooden grips

Hi up for sale is a Empire Halo Too hopper. Has exalt speed feed, and rip drive. Hopper is in great condition. Cleaned and tested before listing. Ready to hit the field. Asking $50 shipped USPS Med FR Box. You cover pp fees or gift. Post then PM Thanks

Hi up for sale is an Empire Prophecy Z2 loader. Comes with speedfeed. Its in great shape. Tore down, cleaned, then tested before listing. Its ready to go. Asking $55 shipped USPS Med FR Box. You cover pp fees or gift. Post then Pm Thanks.

Hi, I have up for sale is a First Strike Hero 77/4500 tank. It is in excellent condition. Hydro date is 9/2016. Asking $150 Shipped USPS Med FR Box. You cover pp fees or gift. Tank will ship empty!!

Hi up for sale only is a blue PE Gtek with the GMEK Frame. It does have OLED board. Minor ware from play. Most Notable is barrel tip ware, nick below "gtek" engraving on left side, which is shown in picture. Minor dot nick on bottom of asa. Other than that this is in good condition. Frame kit is pretty clean. Case is beat up on outside, good inside. Serviced frame kit 3-way, and gtek, lubed and cleaned up before sale. Its ready to hit the field. Shooting video avaliable upon reque

Price includes shipping, with Signature required for delivery and Paypal fees. MSRP: $1795 I pre-ordered the marker, but then with the delays in manufacturing from HK Army, I had to buy something else. So looking to sell the marker. I have not opened the plastic, so the new owner can have the pleasure of opening the package. PM me to discuss more. Thanks!

Building a collection, looking for one of my favorite guns ever. Dye DM6 or DM7. Must be in working condition. Budget $225 shipped. PM me

From out of the closet... a sealed UL frame for a Proto PMR! Let's get this on something and make use of it! $79 shipped/PP'd sound good?

Yeah, no kidding... a sealed UL frame for a Proto PMR. Let's get this on something and make use of it! $79 shipped/PP'd sound good?

used once. text me for pictures 323-337-6706

selling for $65, shipped and paypal'd its in good condition, all it needs is a new lid. text me for pictures.. 323-337-6706

Super sexy and rare Ryan Greenspan Geo 3 -IV Core -Brand new Deuce trigger and original -Brand new Exalt grip -Minty Grips -Spare Battery -Spares, stock barrel, Allen Keys and Lube. Shoots absolutely fantastic just need to make space, I do believe 1/20? these are hard to find. Price: $600 OBO no trades, you pay fees and I take care of shipping two day priority

Ninja SL 68/4500 PROv2 reg tank (OUT OF HYDRO) Will include Exalt and Ninja Tank cover and Planet Eclipse tank butt $80 shipped and pp fees included

Spire 260 (blue) with Crown speed feed, ramp and rain lid In good condition and comes with the box 100$ (pp included and shipped via usps priority mail)

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