dye i5 Mask with bran new rose silver lense, mask is great condition. $120 paypal'd and shipped.

Looking to purchase any egos, mini Gs, or Etek. Looking to spend 175$-$230

I have a Shocktech regulator in great shape for sale. It's the version 2 in dust red. I'm asking $100 shipped.

I have a CS2 with all four barrel backs. Looking to sell or trade for a Stealth or lower CS model and plus cash. $1100obo or trade offers.

Making some changes with my guns since I’m primarily going to be shooting my luxe x this year. Light trooper CSR with barrel kit, csr case, cs2 grips, lo pro feedneck (and stock) is up for sale. Not really looking for trades unless they are crazy in my favor. Comes with what’s shown. Is in excellent condition!! 950 obo

For sale is my Black XLS. Used only three times out on the field, in very good condition. comes with everything as new. I can also include the CVO frame for an additional fee. I am looking for $600, or an LV1.1/5 I can add if needed. I am looking for plainish colors, midnight is most preferred. Feel free to ask questions.


Hello! I am looking to sell my DM15. It is in excellent condition as shown in the pics. Comes with the gun, barrel, case, and lube. Not really looking for any trades at the moment. Price is $365+fees and I cover shipping. Thanks! Chrono video using 6 month old paint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHaFzAIwrUI

Lookking to sell my Dye DM12. Comes with gun, barrel, and case as shown. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am looking for $278 + fees shipped. Firm in price. Will consider trades, but you will ship first unless you have more feedback and we will ship same time. Thanks! Shooting Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYjJs-1xiw0

For Sale, LUXE OLED. Comes with everything as if new: gun, case, allen wrenches, ASA drop block, parts kit, car charge, FREAK backs (.687 red and .693 black), and Greese lube.

Helping sell for a friend. 05 dynasty shocker. Hydro Dipped, not anno'd. Can be taken off with denatured alcohol to original blue color. asking $350 shipped and paypal'd

Looking to get back into paintball and purchase a used marker. Looking at purchasing egos 10/11/ or SL8R. Also looking at mini gs and empire axe 2.0. Please leave a picture and amount to purchase. Thanks

Today I am selling my Planet Eclipse 3.1. The gun is pink and black with white GSL grips. INCLUDES CASE EXTRA BARREL BACKSGun shoots amazing. PM me for faster response Willing to Negotiate PRICE: 450

Bob Long Onslaught - Titanium/black4C eyes.691 1-piece BL barrel, I don't have the stock oneGun is in great shape, and works like it should. https://imgur.com/a/eF6PuXG $405 shipped Trades:Tequila sunrise DSR, offer

Hey guys I’m selling this awesome gun. This thing rips like no other with the built in loader and mode select on the fly at the flick of a switch. I’m just trying to clean out the gear bag. My loss your gain. $385 shipped Trades Green and black i5’s plus $175 Mini gs plus $100 Axe 2.0 straight trade

Black Virtue Ascend with clear lense, red strap, and chin strap - SOLD XXL Aftermath Jersey $150 Camo sandana headband $30

1. My Prices are My Prices >>> I know what these are worth to me. If you do not agree or like the prices simply move on, no need to comment and clutter the thread. 2. No Twisters, please. I'm not adding for anything. Any trades MUST come with over $500 cash and be waaaaaaay in my favor. 3. Serious buyers PM me, I can provide more pics and air-up & test video. 4. Prices are relatively Firm; Not pressed to sell these, so lowballs ignored.

Grey EVS in great condition Ninja lens was used for one day 9.5/10 Clear lens has limited use 7.5/10 $90 obo

Looking to see my Dye M2 MOS Blue/Green, Storm i5 mask with eVOKE and matching R2. Marker is a solid 9/10, Mask is a solid 9/10, and R2 is a 8/10 due because it had a numbered sticker. Looking for $750 obo shipped to your door for all! $525 shipped just for the m2 mos https://imgur.com/a/gpluyXa

Hello Nation, I am looking to move my green fade Dye M3 with + parts that I recently acquired. This gun is literally in brand new condition, not one mark or sign of wear that I can find! All of the + parts were installed but they NEVER saw the field! Dye M3 marker Two ultralite backs (.684 & .688) with green UL-S tip Case w/ cardboard sleeve All stock spare parts (grease, paperwork, USB cords etc.) + BW trigger + solenoid housing

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