Price is 300 Obo trades accepted. Its a players gun and has some wear on it. CCM feedneck, CCM Pump Kit, I believe it has CCM internals not 100% sure. Pops asa, and a Dye reg. Last time I chrono'd it was sweetspotted at 283 +-2-3. Trades geo 3.0 with me adding.

Picture speaks for itself can take more upon request. Upgraded pretty much everything on it. Works like a charm. If looking for a modern take on an iconic gun this is for you. These rarely come up for sale but as you see I have two and don't need it. You pay I ship simple as that Trades: SL tank + cash, Spire/ Rotor plus cash, electro markers only $275

• 2005 WGP Black Magic cocker body (unsure what valve is inside, probably stock) • Dye Hinge Frame (will sell separately but it wont be cheap, seems going rate is $220) • CCM Pump with hitman • 14" CP barrel .689 • PE POPS ASA • Dye sticky grips • CP Regulator • CCM feedneck Will entertain trades in my favor - PM me to make a deal $555 shipped Or Best Offer - Will enterta

*Prices will be adjusted as items sell Everything listed can be yours for $475. You cover fees Very clean V1 Victory up for sale. Small nick on the back cap and a few small nicks on the feedneck. Missing one spring detent (dirt cheap from Bob Long, I'll work on getting a replacement). Comes with everything pictured - Supercharged engine Stock trigger and Violent trigger Pressure tester Tadao Yakuza OLED USB board (

1. Be mature. 2. Speak English. No 1337 speak. 3. YOU PAY, THEN I SHIP! It's that easy. 4: YOU SHIP, I TEST YOUR GUN, AND THEN I SHIP! If you're gun isn't working or isn't as we agreed, I will keep it until I fix the problem, and we will decide what I will be taking away from my part of the deal to compensate for any time or money it cost me to fix your gun! 5. If you ship snail mail, I will ship snail mail. I will not overnight any

I have a luxe 2.0 I'm getting rid of need money bcuz wrk is slow.. sucks to get rid of it.. will let go of tank and loader with it. Trying to do a package deal. 600$ obo has a leak but easy fix. Won't be an expensive fix at all. Look up luxe 2.0 air leak and it's really common on luxe it will show u how to fix it. Killer deal make an offer! Phone number is 636 5771691 txt for pics they won't upload!

Bought this package with the intention of trying out magfed. I just don't have the time to play paintball as often as I'd like so this package must go. What you see is what you get. There is a slight leak where you adjust the velocity on the TIPX. What you get: TIPX 4 Zeta Mags 5 regular mags Tank Marksman barrel with mock suppressor GXG Vest Custom dual remote line (can run an additional

Marker was just built, working phenomenally. Was built specifically to be a blind classic mode shooter. Body is undrilled and in great condition, it saw no playing time after being anodized. -E1 frame (rebuilt with new pins and a fresh clapper) -Chrome noid cover -Custom milled ANS jackhammer LPR -ANS ram -Stainless valve with low pressure springs -Mini orracle front block -DYE Hyper 2 regulator -CP rail and On/Off -DYE c

I am selling my favorite marker, it's a x7 Phenom with the tacamo MKP-II also have an addition box of mags with it. The Phenom has the E-grip with it and a Rap 4 barrel that shoots very true. The package comes with everything fro just $300 + shipping. (Included items: X7 Phenom, MKP-II Kit, 11 magazines, RAP4 barrel, original body from Phenom and low profile hopper) If you are interested PM me or if you have a reasonable offer PM me.

Price is "gifted" shipped USA only. You will be adding fees for standard Paypal. No trades please. ================================= AGD Airgun Designs Automag Classic RT $285

Custom Built Inception Ripper With 15 degree Asa. Only 50 were made with the 15 degree asa and only one of them is so awesome that the panties will literally fly off your girl when she sees this gun! Comes with 16" deadly wind whip tip Stella freak back no insert Stella .689 match anodized 14" front. Stella .697

So times are tough. I honestly never wanted to get rid of this thing as il probably never get one this close to complete ever again. but here it is.... my baby, Vf Signature series cocker not sure of exact year. this marker is NOT currently working as it has been on the wall for some time as i slowly gathered more original parts but it is not far off from working. im sure it will need orings in the frontblock, lpr,hpr , and ram. and then s

Selling some of my collection :tup: I just have way to many guns and I do not play as much anymore. Guns are used and show signs of play. I do not have the time to check all of them to see if they are working however the guns that I do know leak I will try to note. The prices are pretty firm. I'm not taking any trades at this time and Paypal is preferred. Shipping is on the buyer. Let me know if you have any questions or need more pictures. Please post here first then PM, Thanks Nick

I've decided to pursue my doctorate degree, and with family additions to be expected, giving up the thing I love most for life's other responsibilities is the only reason valid enough for me to have this sale. So without further ado.... My collection, legendary pegboard. __________________________________________________ _______________ Prices aren't firm unless noted. Motivated to sell :eek: 'The Gator' Concept Ironmen Matrix

Old guns that i need moved ASAP. Takes up space, and i am tired of seeing them in boxes. Guns are SOLD AS IS. I tested the Impulse, some of the Angels and they worked fine. Shocker needs screws to hold frame to body, have not aired up. I don't have the time or interest in getting these fixed. SHIPPING All guns ship out of Norway. Will cover 50% of the Shipping if you buy 2+ guns. Shipping will be around 30-40 US Dollars. Time is 7-10 Days to the US. S

fully functional, doesn't burp just works as it should!! $60 shipped and ppd or trade for a new set of grillz....

I believe these are for a VM please correct me if wrong....I believe I have a feedneck also..$30

Used vintage markers. Viking sold. Marker only, nothing else, as pictured. Price is "gifted" shipped USA only. You will be adding fees for standard Paypal. No trades please. ================================= 2004 stock Viking $285 SOLD (not sure if the eyes work, could

Got a load of vintage guns here. I have not tested any of them. Judging from the 10+ year old paint I emptied out of the pods (all one piece, looked like corn on the cob) they will need new seals/o rings. I know what a collector would value them at. I'd prefer to sell the whole lot together (they are heavy and the box will be sizable so shipping will not be pretty).