I've got a brand new Emerald geo 4 with 271 shots on it . Looking to trade for a lv1.6 or a HK luxe x. Geo4 has zero issues and zero scratches on it , so I'm wanting the same in a trade . I will only ship first if you have an outstanding amount of feedback . I'll will try to post pics asap but I will text pics if interested. Thanks 9166026483

Hey PBNation; I'm currently in the market for an Infamous CS2 or XFactor CS2 if anyone has one for sale let me know. I'd also look at normal CS2/CS2 Pro's if the price is right.

I have this bandana I got at an event along time ago and never used it. Looking for offers or does anyone have an idea what its worth?

Title says it boys.... This is the ANS Exclusive T800 plating on a Luxe 2.0 OLED w/ Encore bolt all accessories, perfect case and Freak inserts. Will also include stock bolt as well. The ONLY blemish on this gun is a missing right eye cover. Stupid, I know. ANS sold it to me this way. Included is a dust silver cover as seen in these pics. All pics recent as of 4/18/21. I am the only owner and shot count is less than 5k!

Looking for a t2 or 6.5, msg me with offers.

Looking to trade a dust black force in new condition only lil over 2 in a half cases have been shot on it

Selling an Evolution autococker ready to take to the field. Not looking for trades at this time. Asking $750 for the marker.

Looking for Dye CF backs. Need to be red. Thanks!

I am back in the game and realize I don't use or need a lot of my stuff I hold on to. Offer up!!!! Empire Resurrection (used once) $350 obo Willing to Trade for Luxe's,GEO,CS + CASH. \

PE LV1.1 - low profile feedneck installed, stock feedneck included. Exalt marker case Both rammers PE Oil Allens (one missing) Spares bag Just rebuilt the regulator, AT pipe, and LPR. I cover shipping, you add for PP fees. Cash only (Only trade is 170R+300, or 160R+450) =====

Hey everyone! I'm looking for your broken/non working/ parts Pm6's Looking for ul framed or stock framed pm6's only

As the title states I am looking to BUY a geo 3.5 YPBF marker or a CS1. This is a long shot but...SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

I had some unexpected expenses come up, so I am letting go of a few bands from the personal collection. Both are brand new (unworn) and come with tags - I do not have the original packaging anymore unfortunately. PM with offers or for more pictures. Archie FS - $150 OBO Keith Brown SS - $200 OBO

Hello. I would rather not toss these in the trash so if anyone has any interest in these please offer up. The bottom drawstrings are pretty much unusable on all the pants. There are NO rips or tears anywhere and in overall good shape besides the staining. $15 each + shipping Invert Camo Pants - Size Medium (32-34) JT Gray Team Pants - Size XS (26-28) Proto Gray Pants - Size Medium (34-36) GI Sportz Milsim Digi Camo Pants - Size Small (30-34)

FS or Trade you add cash Asking 2450 Shipped OBO under 5k shots triggers 25 each otherwise comes with everything a brand new one does https://imgur.com/f6k7zDg https://imgur.com/hnSy1mL

Under 5k shot count 2450 Shipped OBO Triggers 25 each [IMG]https://imgur.com/i15f1JI[/IMG] [IMG]https://imgur.com/U0iWpnS[/IMG] [IMG]https://imgur.co

Hey guys, I'm looking to sell this sexy Impulse or possibly trade for a cocker Upgrades include: Eclipse trigger Jackhammer 2 LPR Mint Freak barrel with .684 insert NDZ clamping feedneck $105 shipped/PPd

I’m looking for a old school JT USA sock hat either new or slightly used and I’m also looking for a set of empire grind THT knee/shin pads I believe I need medium. Prefer new but slightly used is ok. Please let me know if you have either. Thanks

UL PM7 F/S $225 OBO Dye UL Frame Dye Feedneck Stock Proto Feedneck 2 Dye Lubes Stock Proto ASA Dye Airport ASA Proto O-Ring Kit Can add matching DYE UL for $50 more

I have a Planet Eclipse Etek 4, No leaks and shoots great, eyes working, see video I upgraded to an LV1 so this needs to go. $300 shipped and Paypaled. you pay, I ship photos https://imgur.com/gallery/wDrPiOS

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