Hopper LOT: (may need TLC) Empire Hopper. Sticker residue, door is off. I've never actually run this loader. Vlocity - With speed feed pretty good shape. Original lid (oversprayed) Vlicory Jr - Works ok but the shells and neck are cracked. Taped together. Extra bits shown included. LOT for $35 shipped

Empire Dfender $650 obo shipped Excellent condition. Only used for one game. Comes with everything it would new. More pics upon request. PM any questions / offers. No trades.

So i am just consolidating my old sale thread here with a few extra gems that I really, really didn't want to get rid of, but what are you going to do? Priority Shipping included on all orders over $20 (provided it will fit into a small priority box). I can ship internationally, just let me know and I will let you know how much shipping will be. I really need the cash, so if you think my prices are high, let me know. I can reduce prices for multiple item purchase

So I've decided to sell my Tipx that I picked up earlier this year, nothing wrong with it, just not my style of play. Included is the Tipx, has the remote nipple and an upgraded first strike ready breach installed. The original breach is included as well. 7 tru feed magazines 1 old style 8 round magazine (have one more that I will toss in if I can find it) 4 12 round magazines 6 milsig magholds Sold pending funds Pics to

I ended up with the remaining Impulse inventory from Adrenalin (Sorry no bodies). All of this is new old stock so it might have minor marks from long term storage. I will add more pictures and parts as I have time. If you are looking for something specific just PM me. Adrenalin Frames single and double trigger in multiple gloss and dust finishes and fades. All double trigger frames will include a blade and grooved trigger shoe $35 Adrenalin gas thru gr

For sale is a Piranha SB. Has a trilogy hinge frame. Untested, but cocks and fires. Has some gunk near the feedneck. $67 + ship Trades: Pistols (All kinds) Blowbacks(all kinds, but prefer VASA, top cocking, HPA compatible)

For sale is my old shocker sft it has an HE bolt and virtue board in it and still shoots great. It does have some wear and tear but given its age it still looks great. The front are around the barrel had some bad gouges but I sanded it out and covered it with black vinyl. Asking $150 shipped and paypaled

Well I was intending on rejoining the ranks of the Automag community but there are other toys that have taken the priority and it wouldn't be financially responsible to go down this road for the umpteenth time when I just know I'll wind up shooting my Clone anyway. The RPG parts are new, rare and out of production - so the asking price may be steep, you've been warned. Not looking for any trades guys/gals. Asking prices include shipping to the Continental US ONLY. First the primo

Up for sell is my LNIB Rustic Red Bob Long MVP, you get all pictured, MVP with 2-piece .685 barrel, BL tech mat, Original box and a 3x O-ring kit (not pictured). All is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. (SOLD.) PayPal only (No trades)

Add between $4-$7 for shipping. Shocktech - $30 WGP Delrin - SOLD Chrome WGP - $7 Silver WGP with pin - $11 Alamo City Lowblow (swollen, thus the price) - SOLD ANS - SOLD

For sale only! Please comment then PM me! Thanks! $100 shipped - BT SA-17 w/rifle kit. 684, 688, 692 sizers, silencer/barrel extender, and bottomline kit. Also comes with parts kit. SOLD - Untested SFT, I'm out of air. Board turns on, noid clicks, currently set to ramping. Qlock feedneck already sold, will come with extra asa rail. Will be cleaned and lubed before heading out. $30 shipped - Psiworx remote line with the rare and highly sought after 1/

Hey guys, got two limited edition Cowabunga vforce grillz available. Raph available Looking for $180 American each, shipped and all fees covered. I'm not at work today, so if you're interested, please email me at [email protected], I'll be able to answer faster than through here. These are both brand new, and from our shop, we just don't seem to have a big enough market to sell them.

Have this posted in the Pump section, thought it merited a cross post here. http://www.mcarterbrown.com/forums/p...o-blaster.html Asking $2400 based off blue book. Open to any reasonable offer or payments plans, just touch base. Thanks

I'm selling my Brass Eagle Rainmaker #574 upper reciever. Im not sure of the year or how rare this one is but I bought it in hopes to build it into a beast but never got around to it. Hopefully there are parts here that could help someone out with their build. Below is what's included described best to my knowledge.

Dye DM3 Good working order. Some minor wear to the body, pictured, but tough to see in photos. Shoots well and has hose mod on tophat for improved efficiency With small paint a forcefeed loader will sometimes double feed. I recommend the use of a revy, egg, or vmax with DM3 markers in general. Kila detents also solve that issue. $150 shipped. Attached

WGP Ranger in perfect working order. Some minor wear, but great shape for it's age. Comes with bull barrel in a bore appropriate for most modern paint, plus a small Lapco sizer for when paint is obnoxiously small. Comes with Earon Carter 12 gram changer and an exempt from testing cylinder, so you will be covered on all fronts. This gun shoots great and is fun to play with. There are mounting holes on the grip if you want to run a bottomline ASA.