I buy things without thinking them through, and wound up with a bunch of stuff. I can't use it all, so I'm putting some up for sale. Pics up later tonight. Offer up on prices. Every price is shipped. Will take trades. Bunch of hoppers WGP with snappy lid - $25 WGP no snappy lid - $15 Zap with no hole except the feed neck- $8 140 rounders- lids all functional - $15 each - I'm keeping one though Rev

Up for sale is an 2k12 OLED G6r $550 - Includes PayPal fees and shipping. If you live Denver local and want to meet, we'll take off $25 for shipping. Comes with: 4c Eyes 2c Eyes LP Pop Valve Pressure Tester TechT Hush Bolt TechT Zero Ping Ram Original Bolt and Ram Original Pop Valves and Spares PUSH Marker Bag Bunch of spare O-rings Played with it this past weekend and it shoots great.

For sale is an Axe 2.0 that is very clean and barely used. I received this marker in a trade and don't use electronic markers very much so I'm looking to sell it. It has been gone through and is cleaned, lubed, and ready to go. The previously owner had barely used the marker, so it is in great shape. There are a few barely noticeable marks around the edges of the back of the bolt housing (maybe you can see them in the picture? They're hard to see up close but, in the interest o

Picked this up a few months ago and haven't gotten around to it so away it goes. It's not a factory mini so sn was milled off. It's got signs of use, has knocks and wear. Releasing it back into the wild, giving you guys first shot. Comes with everything in picture except my favorite flannel shirt and miscilaeneous bits that aren't cocker parts. $250 shipped in USA. Can take any pics you need that aren't shown except nudes of me or the misses!

For sale is a very lightly used CCM T2 in Dust Purple/Teal. It has only been shot a handful of times and the marker reflects that. It is in great shape. It comes with the tools, CCM patch, extra O-rings and a T2 dust black slot blocker (installed) to keep your lower internals clean while playing. The barrel back is .687. $560 shipped If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Pictures link: https

For those folks who proudly rock a beanie in the middle of summer and think skinny jeans are appropriate for a self respecting male especially while wearing a shirt with a kitten with rainbows shooting out its rectum while holding a taco, this ones for you! Assembled from take off parts with the fun stuff left for you to finish up. All parts for a working piece are included, even if not pictured. I'm not installing the pneumatic lines, timing it. It's not pretty, so you don't h

Hey everyone, I'm selling my stock class modified SL68 II. It's got a Palmers brass feed tube that has been fitted and JB welded onto an SL68. Mods were done by Allerstern. It's worked great the handful of time I've used it, but I just don't mesh with it well. I'm asking $115 USD, OBO + shipping. Canadians: Feel free to message me and we can work out a better price for the gun + shipping. Shoots great. No issues, It just doesn't mesh with

All parts are new and never been used. Vertical Bottle Adapter Powerfeed Plugs Bolt Bolt Springs On/Off Assembly AM/MM Sear Assembly RT ULE / RT Pro Sear Assembly ULE Rail Wingless Tac Rail* Intelliframe Groove Trigger Gas through grip Shocktech Gas through grip L10 Carrier Assembly Automag Mainbody Hopper Left Automag Grip frame *Tac Rail is new but blemished bought at AGD in Wheel

Hey all, Looking to offload some of my lesser used things today. First, a Tippmann TiPX (looking for $160)- Cycles, but leaks out the back a bit. Good condition Has a FS ready breech installed Comes with the pictures extras - case, 2x mags, barrel cover, and stock breach.

Too many projects too little time. Everything is in working condition. Has full internals. Just needs timing rod, LPR, and macro. Asking $150 obo

Gloss purple ccm 6.5 Runs awesome. 750$ shipped and pp. Few knicks on front barrel. One sizer..I think .684? Didnt use barrel when got marker. Used my tightstick instead.

For sale is a Air Star Nova 700 with the original box, manual, and barrel plug. It's in good working and cosmetic condition. Asking price is $240 shipped & pp'ed Trades welcome; see my WTB thread in my signature.

For sale is a PEC Master. It's in good working and cosmetic condition. Asking price is $140 shipped & pp'ed Trades welcome; see my WTB thread in my signature.

For sale is a Sheridan KP2 pump. The stock was refinished & trigger guard re-blued by Full Spin Paintball (link). I went through and rebuilt it with a Palmer seal kit Dyna valve after receiving it back. Unfortunately I haven't given it the love it deserves, so it's time to let it

Hello mcb! Picking up a phantom soon and can’t justify keeping this bad boy. Pmi trracer: comes with extensive parts kit (enough to replace almost every piece inside!) shoots well! Also comes with a small hopper and a barrel detent made by freedummy (this guy makes great products!) Does not come with the ICD 12g changer. Asking: 70 shipped No trades atm The good stuff: https://imgur

Hello mcb, I’ve come to sell some shooters that are undeservingly sitting in the bench. Please note that all items bought this week will ship on Friday. 1) proto pm6: all stock as I can tell (except asa). Will come with box, manual and barrel. Shoots well, sometimes the eyes fail me (maybe it was the dark shell paint but throwing it out there). asking: 120 shipped 2)LA hitmen dm6: has an lpr leak. Probably the small oring inside there. Don’t have the time or

Barnyard find, dont know anything about it, as-is $75

Just putting it out there in case someone wants to colour trade theirs for mine. Nothing wrong with it just want all my guns to match and I'd feel guilty if I ano'd anything from the 90's... Only a few little scratches - what can be expected from it's age and it being a players gun. Pics soon

This gal needs a good partner that'll take her out to the ball. Backyard dancing just isn't doin it for her. She doesn't like that I fondle the other gals in the group. I'm an addict, what can I say? The barrel is a standard. 688 stainless, Bob long reg, trinity feedneck. She puts out and wont chop your balls either and no leaks. $185 or reasonable offer shipped to your door anywhere in the USA. She doesn't have a passport so no international shipping.

Mostly new parts of randomness. 10.00 each plus shipping on the fist item..

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