The stock will need to be refinished, no cracks or chips but it has on good nick on it, see pics. $75 shipped CONUS Rocker trigger group in great shape $65 shipped CONUS Please post or pm. No trades. Thanks, Jeffrey

Hey, all Really enjoyed this gun and had some ambitious plans to try out some different setups but I'm trying to get back into competitive play and unfortunately I have to get rid of it and the accessories to help finance a new electro (I'm never getting rid of my Phantoms lol) Post before you Pm, please. Looking for $300 shipped and paypal'd Powder Coated Body 32 Degrees Frame Dye Barrel ANS Phase 2 Expansion

I have here 2 muzzle brakes fs... One is a typical Sheridan type and the other is somewhat universal that has a threaded clamping collar to secure it to the barrel... Not sure who made them and the anno on the Sheridan one was wired brushed off many years ago. Asking $15 shipped each or both for $25Attachment 662

HELLO MCB!! It is with great pride and pleasure, I release into the wild my Kraken Merlin. This is Kraken number 71/80 of Killshot Kustoms. These markers were AKA extrusions that were sold to Killshot and were cnc milled to the limited edition body you see before you. No expense was spared, no stone was left un-turned and has been a little under a one year long project. She's timed and shooting consistently in the 270's. Input pressure is 180 psi. Run

G6R w/LP Poppet (Full Oring rebuild) = $360 Shipped SFT w Replaced Board/Solenoid and Eigenbolt = $150 Shipped I have a Ninja SLP for the G6R if someone wants to pair it with G6R Thanks Attached Images

All, I'm going to be posting some markers here as an in-progress for-sale thread. Prices will be forthcoming. Offers welcome but I feel no reason to give these away. Thanks

So we have a bunch of pretty unique guns hanging in our office and i have decided to start selling them. Not too sure what these go for so i am gonna ask $750 obo.

For sale are two spire 3 220's. Green one was used for testing(never been to a field) and the orange is brand new and has never seen the field. $145 each shipped(that's the best price). No trades. Really, no trades. Seriously not looking at trades. Pics:

Okay I'm officially giving up on this project I just picked this up not too long ago and don't know what else I can do I got it it was shooting like five feet per second if that. I've tried everything I can think of to get it working now all I can get it to do is vent down the barrel so let someone else have it is how I look at it. Price is $20 shipped and I'll include a bag of snap rings the valve as they are easily lost and trying to take the valve apart

Up for sale is a RPG Triton Automag Frame w/ RPG viper tigger, G10 custom grip panels, Luke's Custom ASA offset, CP mini on/off ASA and CCM macroline fitting. I also have the original smoke translucent grip panels that are not picture, but will be included. Great over all condition. Not sure I have even used it after getting back from anno years ago. NOT PARTING. $400 shipped CONUS

I have the following three markers up for sale. All are in excellent condition with no issues. All are ready to head out to the field to get some eliminations. Prices are shipped. No trades. Seriously, no trades. No really, I mean no trades. Thanks for looking. Macdev Prime - Dark Chrome $525 Macdev Clone 5s W/Infinity drive $425 Macdev GTI W/ Extra accent kit $300 Pics below.

I have an A1 for sale with magno ram, CP barrel kit (.685 and .689 backs), Joy grips and Fly 2.7 board. It's in good shape with a few scratches and some wear at the bottom of the regulator. The marker fires with no leaks. Asking $285 shipped. I will consider partial trades with cash.

Not my cup of tea, despite my continued attempts. Shoots well and comes with extra small parts. T8.1 4 Magazines 2 Milsig Magazine Pouches 1 Tiberius Magazine Pouch 1 Tiberius Soft Drop Leg Holster 1 Kydex Holster Spare parts including extra magazine bars/ends Looking for $280 OBO

I'm too embroiled in the Phantom life and seeing as I just left my job, it's a good time to sell. Pre2k Mini (cut down from a full body) CCM Mini Kit CCM T2 Regulator CCM 45 Frame CCM Brass Auto trigger CCM Heavyweight Hammer CCM Macro Elbows Gun shoots great. I have some acrylic panels I can install instead of the Java grips if you'd prefer. Looking for $300 OBO Would love to trade for a Black ULE body

Mozak/SSC Halfblock body w/ bolt, ID bolt pin, and CP detent (no guts) - 150 Vendetta pump kit w/ black halfblock pump arm - 60 Palmers stabilizer (currently at 350psi) - 80 V3 Eingenbarrel .684 - 20 Large Carters Commando Jersey (blank on back) - 40 FS Hero 48/3k tank w/ MaxTact (born 08/16) - 25 FS Standard 48/3k tank w/ NXe cover (born 06/16) - 30 Ronin Gear mask Bag (was NOS from local shop, used a couple times) - 50 GOG hopper - 5 A

Just the Jersey, APP hopper, Mask bag, and eigenbarrel. I would sell them together for 85 shipped :) Mozak/SSC Halfblock body w/ bolt, ID bolt pin, and CP detent (no guts) - SOLD Vendetta pump kit w/ black halfblock pump arm - SOLD Palmers stabilizer (currently at 350psi) - SOLD V3 Eingenbarrel .684 - 20 Large Carters Commando Jersey (blank on back) - 35 FS Hero 48/3k tank w/ MaxTact (born 08/16) - SOLD FS Standard 48/3k tank w/ NXe cover (bo

Please read the sale, all prices are listed. Located in Canada and can provide copious amounts of feedback for shipping. Prices in USD, shipping NOT included in pricing. PayPal only. Trades must be in my favour. Hoppers: Blue Dye Rotor, v3 - $65 Red Dye Rotor, v3 - $65 Clear empire B speed feed- $25 Blue halo she’ll with a bunch of parts - $20 White halo with speed feed - $25 Carbon fibre brand new shells wi

I have a Chrome E2 frame with board, solenoid and chrome solenoid cover as well. Solenoid clicks and just came off of a fully functioning marker. Price is 150 shipped and paypal'd Pm for pictures as I still have no idea how to post them...

These are both new, so I expect a bit more from the sales. I will entertain reasonable offers. Unfortunately, as far as I know, I do not have their back blocks or front blocks sitting around anywhere, but in the off chance I do run across them, I will more more than willing to send them off to their rightful places as no extra charge. Prices included shipping, tracking, and appropriate insurance. Add an additional $10 if shipping to Canada. PayPal only.

I have a like new (if not new), Virtue OLED Ego 06/07/08 board. The plastic tape is still on the screen. I would like to trade it for either a Stock Ego 07/08 board or a Tadeo oled board that works and has a good screen. Unfortunately the Virtue mounts the switch were the optical switch would be. On a Valhalla viking can not use the optic location.

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