Used but well kept Azodin KP3.5 cleaned after every game maybe has a case or less through it only one barrel back has the hitman mod a few scratches from rough play but good condition $200 only trade i would consider is an Emek

This one is actually hard to let go of...won’t be too bent out of shape if it doesn’t sell. Want to see this go to someone who will really appreciate it. It has a good number of marks but it only adds to the character. Has a super cool top cut out for bolt removal, a cool integrated sight rail, and a bad *** muzzle brake. Holds air and shoots but unknown velocity. Also includes: Turbo valve hammer and original shaved down hammer Brass trigger shoe

DAM 12 Mags Maglinks for running them in pairs Box Rotor Ironmen bolt for better box rotor performance Stock bolts Stock Case $1500 shipped or best offer. partial trades for PE high ends or CCM Just took this in trade, don't know a ton about them since I don't regularly carry DYE. But I took it out back and ran some

I have a few older boomsticks available. Only issue is, I do not know the threads for 2 out of 4 of them. The full silver one is Cocker threads and one of the 14inchers, the on 2nd from the left, is Angel threads. Silver one is 12inches, 2 14's and an 18incher. Take them all for $75 shipped or $21 for each unknown, $26 for the angel threads and 31.50 for the silver cocker threads.

No matter how many electronic markers I try, I never fall in love with them... mech is my cup of tea ;) Planet Eclipse FT1 autocker in the cappuccino color. Very nice condition with only minor wear. Some fading anno on the back block under the bolt pin. All jewels are present. No barrel, Karnivor bolt. CCM feedneck, CP rail and on/off NDZ Asa. Zero B board with excellent display (no dead pixels). Price 675 USD obo with shipping included anywhere in the world (locat

I am selling my used pgp. I have the original box and owner manual. It does leak down the barrel. The cartridge valve might need to be rebuilt. Asking $100 shipped US only.

Selling this badboy off. Works great and have some extra o-rings to go with it for a rebuild. The marker I want to use this on just eats air and makes 12 grams considerably more expensive for me for the play style I put it though. Asking $155 shipped via USPS priority.

Pricing includes shipping ConUS. No trades, no Int'l shipping. Prices are OBO 3 SAR12 Mags - 40$ for all 3 SAR12c Carbon Shroud - 30$ Gen1 Chassis Bipod Adapter. This attaches to chassis and give the SAR a Picatiny rail to mount whatever bipod you'd like. This is Free, just pay shipping and it's yours.

Have a Shell adapter and barrel for the SR1. These are gen1 shells from the original production run. 70$ Shipped Con U.S. obo. No trades or Int'l shipping 2 red shells - I don't know the size. .686 - 4 .685 - 4 .684 - 2 .679 - 2 .677 - 2

Dye Dm7 with Orange Bolt, Critical Trigger, Virtue Board, Dye Gun Bag

$350 OBO, not looking for any trades Ty Mcneer PGP with .678 barrel, ghost ring, fast changer, speed feed, custom bolt, and slotted feed tube. K frame was purchased new from Dan ~6-9 months ago. Gun worked fine last time I shot it a few months back. Only thing I am not sure about - on a previous gun, when I swapped a K frame, I needed a different length spring to get the velocity where it needed to be. I have not been able to chrono this gun with the

Hi guys, Here is my last unicorn crazy hot marker. It’s a KBA 004, that I’ve bought from llaw999 here in 2013. Since then, I have made some nice modifications to the gun stock to permit air-thru stock with 4oz CO2 bottle with an old M1 Garand wood stock and a PPS regulator. I’m getting about 80-100 shots around 270 fps. I haven’t play paintball since 2014 because life is getting in my way (mostly kids and work). It’s a shame that this piece

Not in a hurry to sell. Gun has been played with once since built, all parts are in like-new condition aside from the body. Reg is sweet spotted, gun is chrono'd at 280 and ready to play; it needs nothing. It has: -System X Dragon body -Stock internals -CCM Deluxe Pump Kit -Inception Designs 86* pivot frame w/ grips -Bob Long 360 regulator -Empire On/Off -Clamping feedneck Will include a 12" Bob long assassins barrel if you ask me

Diggers Minimag Paintball Gun: $499.99 Shipped.Rare Factory Air Gun Designs Minimag vertical feed body Center feed high rise machined down to proper size, installed PPS 7/8 feed neck directly to stainless stub. Perfect setup. Matching JJ 14inch ceramic center feed barrel Rare "Diggers" valve with engraving and numbering including 4stars Valve includes correct high pressure piston for the level 10

For sale: Spring-fed Palmers PGP Stroker. Back-bottle configuration. Comes with Ronin Gear right-thigh holster. Looking for $400. I just replaced all the seals and nothing is leaking at the moment. Gases up and fires nice.

For Sale: Palmers Blazer #375. .45 grip 3 inch drop Horizontal Stabalizer Vertical gas thru grip Shocktech LP Chamber macro lines Comes with the black 12 inch matched ported Palmer brass barrel Also - a 14 inch brass Palmer barrel, a 10.5 inch Lapco Bigshot, and an 8 inch "aluminum speedball barrel" (??) . I dont know specific bore sizes. Also comes with 2 aluminum bolts and one Delrin bolt. (2 bolt

I had this listed for a while all built up and got a few nibbles, but it seems most people want to personalize these markers themselves - which I totally get - so let's try it this way... Up for grabs is a barebones SSR with 5 magazines, remote adapter and 'cocker threading, as received from CCM, ready for you to build up and pewpew faces with. Marker has been assembled and hung on the wall but otherwise never used. Paid $665, looking $635 shipped OBO. Here's how it will co

Hey guys, Bought this from PPS on a whim for an EM-1 and never ended up using it. It has one scuff that I highlighted in the last photo. Has only been removed from the package for pictures, never installed or aired up. It has been sitting in its container for close to 2 years so a rebuild and/or greasing is in order.

Fresh anno (no scratches), No issues.

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