Carmatech SAR12C for sale. Serial #9010010745 built in 2017. Bought it used recently but need cash for truck repairs. The marker has been cleaned and lubed. Everything works as it should and shoots darts. Cosmetically it's a 6-7/10 with some finish wear and scuffs/scratches. The 13ci tank reg was damaged when I recieved it but I will include a practically new FS reg off my T15 (was replaced with a ninja) the reg will need to be shimmed to the correct output pressure (550psi). Comes with the

Picked this up about a month ago from someone who had it sitting for a while. Was leaking everywhere. That was then. I went through and replaced every single seal in it - Bolt, LPR,

The Dye SS Barrel in Pictures is Not Included But If you need a barrel, I have plenty of options for you at the end. All of these autocockers were recently rebuilt and assembled during my time of Covid-19 Quarantine. Every single one has brand new 3-way o-rings among other replaced seals. They are timed, tuned and ready to rock. Take it out of the box, put a tank on it and shoot faces. Extra information about condtion

A small Sheridan lot with a frame and grips. There is no sear or grip screws. A nice PGP bolt, PMI 1 bolt, CO2 plug and feed tube plug. $30 plus shipping. AGD frame without sear with wrap around grips. $20 plus shipping. A Maverick frame without sear with M16 grip. $10 plus shipping. Lapco Spyder twist lock feedneck, holes not tabs. $10 plus shipping. 2 green fill nipple covers. $5 plus shipping.

Lots of Angel parts up for sale. Prices including shipping/fees, OBO (some more than others). If I haven't priced something yet, just PM me. Copper/Blue fade LCD frames: $25 each Poor condition chrome chain frame: $10 A4 Stock feedneck: $15 All other feednecks: $8 each

I’ve been slacking off on making this post but I’ve found myself with a bit of time so here we go! Bear with me. 1st off ASA’s New direct: 41 (available in: gloss blue) New mount: 31 (available in: gloss blue, red, green and purple.) Used mount: 25 for gloss blk and 28 for dust blue New non on off mount: 10 (available in dust red and black) Used non on off mount: 5 (gloss red) New Cp drop forward: 8 Used drop

12” Rare SP barrel in Raptor threads. Asking just what I paid for it, $55 shipped. Thanks.

Gen4 Micro for grabs $250 Gen6 (mm2k9) Micro for grabs $600. Firm on prices for both. Gen6 comes with a rare WWA shortly barrel, Xvalve-L10. Gen4 is bone stock with an Automag valve / ANS back, L7 (I think short nosed one) Before anyone asks, the Gen6 has the body steel ring / insert, no velocity issues.

I bought these for my Evil Ehm build, but went a different route. Droid board - x2 Power/battery harness - 2x Microswitch harness $85 - board, battery and microswitch harnesses $75 - board and battery harness $150 for everything

Nothing fancy, and most certainly used, here is a classic right feed automag body and a twist lock bull barrel to go with it. If you want that "parts bin patina / sleeper" look this if for you. $40 shipped USPS.

Hello. My welding machine said poff and some smoke.... so i need a new so up for sale. SMG-68 has a home made full auto trigger that works pretty good, can ofc make it semi only again. Shoots 260 with the paintballs i had with a ninja SHP reg. Orange clips is 3D printed bore is .682 isch i think i got 17 can get some more before shipping but they will need some work. And some red originals. Clipcatcher i have made myself. Aski

Tacamo MKP-2 : $380 ($400 w/ scope) - X7 phenom Bolt assembly - Extended mag release - 13ci Guerrilla Air Tank w/ ButtStock - 4 Barrels total w/ 1 mock suppressor - 16 D-mags Trades welcome .. bring me a pump or autococker

Hello and thanks for looking. All items are in Used Condition and Sold As-Is. All items shipped USPS, with delivery confirmation Best way to contact me is to PM me or post here. Pay Pal Only or local deals can be worked out. Looking to make as few trips to the Post Office as possible. Trades: None I'm normally an XL guy. These are similar size. Clean, non-smoker, wear attempted to be pictured.

We have now reached part 3 of my summer parts clearout!! I'm almost through all of my stuff. I have today 2 autococker parts lots. All parts are in various conditions, some are new some are pretty beat up. As such, both lots are sold as is. Parts Lot #1: Autococker Tech Starter Kit

Black one is basically stock with a old style cp on/off and drop forward and NDZ feedneck. spare stock barrel and reg and original asa. $65 plus shipping and fees White XE .683 and .689 12" pipe barrel, sp q-lock feedneck, fire bolt, cp direct mount on/off, new style gog reg. delrin blade trigger. good little shooter. $125 plus shipping and fees Attached

I built this a while back, but it's second fiddle to my Diamond Labs-valved Millennium. $75 shipped. Can't find the rail for the ASA or a hose the right length, but did check velocity like this, and it's good. The mini striker and balanced valve make for a great shot. Much less cycling mass. I can toss in some other spyder stuff, including a Delrin Jam bolt. Also available is the stock ESP frame. Add $25 to throw it in, or

Chaos chip, new Delrin detent, New old stock NDZ twist lock feedneck and asa rail, CP on/off and hpr, defiant lpr adjustment knob as well as J&J edge barrel kit as pictured. It has no issues looks and shoots great. $175 Obo (because of the premium accessories) https:// https://

i was hanging onto these but never use them. first up is my ViewLoader VL2000 aka the father to the revy. Its the OG with the indestructible shells. works 100%. has some battle marks here and there. $92 plus shipping second is my Winchester winnie 50 with a locklid mod, heat shrink was put on the feedtube so it fits modern feednecks. $53 plus shipping Both for $135 plus shipping

this is a gloss black 14" freak it with 679, 684, 689 inserts and also a 12" and 14" teardrop tip. a few minor marks here and there otherwise in great shape. $128 plus shipping Attached Images

Gun looks brand new and is fully ready to hit the field! $65 shipped for gun only, $75 w/ XE body (US only)

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