Whuz good peeps! Up for grabs is a TiPX with 6 tru feed mags. It holds air and cycles as it should, going through about 2 mags off one 12 gram CO2 cartridge. Asking $230 Shipped via USPS w/ tracking

Hey peeps :) Up for sale is a Warsensor Zeus G2 in olive green to be sold as is. It cycles and holds air as it should. The feed tube wobbles a little bit, but it won't fall off. Asking for $100 Shipeed via USPS w/ tracking number

I have 2 luxe and only need one up for trade or sell

Limited Edition Virtue Luxe X Polished Gold Marker with Spire IV Hopper ***brand new. never used. perfectly packaged*** LIMITED EDITION sold out by manufacturer. ***1 of 50 made*** [i]Limited Edition Virtue ACE Luxe X Marker - Polish Gold Limited Edition Spire IV Hopper - Polish Gold $2,050 + Shipping + Fees Reply to thread and PM me

Looking to sell my white JT frames. $110 shipped and ppd. Attached Images

OG ripper with oled hk ripper frame VCOM engine 4c laser eyes Critical trigger with magnet mod Bob long barrel with 685 and 691 backs Pressure tester HK reg grip Overall in great shape, but a couple dings on the left side and a little wear on the backcap (both pictured). Will have air up and shooting video before shipping 875 shipped and fee'd Or trade for geo 4, I can add

☆G6R PRICE IS 675.00☆ ☆G6R TRADE VALUE IS 750☆ ☆☆☆ITEMS INCLUDED☆☆☆ -Gun Bag. -Dust White Dye Ultralite Barrel.(.688) -4C Eyes. -Tech Bolt. -Black Trigger. -Stock 2 Eyes Included. -F1 O-ring Kit Box. ☆&#9

$180 shipped and pp'ed http://imgur.com/gallery/uKnImSB

-For Sale- Prices Include Shipping & Fees Free Flow Rhythm Body anodized by Blizzard Space/Galaxy Anodizing 9/10 Condition/Good Threads/Drilled For Eye Includes: -Delrin AKA Lighting Bolt & Pin -Original Silver VASA -Detent $300 ​​​​​​​

For Sale: Piranha Parts = USED Misc. Parts. - -Come as is. things may leak or not be complete. Been sitting for a while. The ELCD frame worked, however the screen doesn't display. PRICE = $49.00 Plus Shipping US ONLY PAYPAL ONLY THANKS FOR LOOKING!

For Sale: 68 Automag Parts- USED Back Bottle ASA = $10.62 -Airgun Designs Branded Offset Rail for ASA = $10.62 -Lukes Custom Brand -Dove Tail ASA Mount Misc. Small Parts & Orings = $10.62 - Plastic Case Not Included Prices Do Not include Shipping US ONLY

All equipment included, 2 guns both ER2. Used once for a festival. Includes guns, one box CO2, mask, hoppers and plugs. Like new. Orlando area. Includes one box of paintballs..might be too old to use. Have pics.

I have a brand new, unused CTRL loader with NTR feed, spring ramps, & new/upgraded top shell design. Loader was assembled for photos, but can be shipped in original packaging. The rain lid will also be included. Looking to trade for a new Spire or a lightly used one with cash included.

Beautiful com autococker with E2 blade just timed by Cocker Top. 900 OBO will look at other autococker trades https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=805286496749420

Looking to get rid of my Geo4s. Color swapped, Stormtrooper and black/blue. Got a new job and working weekends. Can't play anymore, so cash only Each has ~10 cases on them. They will come with everything included stock except the barrel covers. Have a matching XL IC Carbon Barrel that can be included with either, as well as Freak XL barrels and other gear (Hopper/tank etc.) $1k Each TYD

Does anyone have an AGD Six-Pack for sale?

looking for one. if you have one message me.

If you or your buddy or your buddy's buddy has one or can point me towards someone to make an offer for it, then it would be greatly appreciated. I know they have different accent and frame colors and I don't really care which one. Here's a link for what they look like: https://www.ansgear.com/Planet_Eclip...nollielang.htm

GOG CF freak barrel ion thread and inserts. 120 shipped obo .79, .84, .87, .89 Better to pm me for a response and pics.

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