[WTS] Clone GT with Shift Kit

[WTS] Clone GT with Shift Kit

Hi y'all, ran into a weird problem where I have too many MacDev markers. Didn't know this was a thing but here we are. Wanna keep this smooth shooter but I would rather someone actually use instead of it just taking up space.

Up first is my Clone GT. Used it this last week and ran like a champion, even in the deep South Texas heat and humidity. What you see is what you get:Clone GT with four-piece Shift kit. Things to point out are the upgrade to the RXOLED board as the original one still works but the screen doesn't. I'm including it anyways, it might help someone else. The grips are solid but have seen better days as shown in pictures. Missing a grip screw and one is somehow stuck in place, a few beauty marks here and there but still in incredible shape.$480 to your door. I'm also on PBnation as sitenuker and Reddit as elnukero. Lemme know if you have questions. Thanks!







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