[WTS] Bob Long Gear bag sale

Onslaught is a great gun and shoots something around 1800 paintballs on a 4500 tank. Has more than an extra set of seals (I bought kits but never needed them).

Ninja sl 4500 is in hydro but has been retested once.

There is an LPR and HPR regulator.

Pads and clothing.

Empire evs mask

2 hoppers, one rotor, and a proto. Empire barrel kit with an apex 2 barrel. (I have added inserts)

Hk army zero g pod pack

Various other things like barrel swabs, barrel condoms etc. Lots of pods

Roll bag

Took some money off. 700 takes it

Given the size, I would rather sell local. I'm in Massachusetts.

I have confirmed trades on here and other subreddits https://imgur.com/a/mnHeLI4

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